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Bag: Target $34.99                    Sweater: Target, $22.99                   Pants: Old, F21                   Boots: Thrift store, Austin, TX


My weekend was relaxing and lazy, just how I like it. We went to see Gravity on Friday night in IMAX 3D and let me tell you, it is a must see. Visually spectacular doesn’t begin to describe it. How did they even film it?!

Other than that, fall has officially arrived and while I’m still partial to regular coffee over pumpkin spice anything, I’m all about the slouchy sweater trend and layering. My fingers are crossed for a colorful fall and epic winter. Bring on the snowstorms!

Happy Monday!


  • Nothing is wrong with regular coffee over pumpkin spice! In my book- any warm drink is good with me. And I love your look!

    • Nadine

      Thank you! Yeah I like a Pumpkin Spice occasionally but it’s so sweet it’s like a dessert. I’d prefer the boring stuff!

  • Kalyn

    The slouchy sweater over leggings/ skinnies with boots is one of my favorite looks. Too bad it’s still in the 80’s here in AL and I’m still rocking my sandals and t-shirts.

    • Nadine

      Does it ever get super cold there? Right now here we go back and forth between fall feeling days and warm again. I think we’ve finally left the super hot days behind us though!

  • Such a cute outfit!

  • Danielle

    Girl! where are your boots from?! LOVE them! That shade of purple is my fav 🙂

    • Nadine

      I got them at a thrift store in Austin, TX so I’m not much help here. I usually buy all my boots from They have tons of really cute boots for pretty cheap and I’ve never had any issues with the quality. Check them out because they have some dupes of these boots.

  • I’m in love with your bag!!! Where is it from?

    • Nadine

      I just added a link to the post to it but it’s Merona from Target. I’ve had it for a while and I’m pretty tough on it but it’s holding up well.

  • I really want to see this movie now that everyone is talking about it!!

    • Nadine

      Do it. It was definitely a trip but so incredibly good. 30 minutes in I was like, this movie has no ending. How will they fix this?

  • Love the outfit! NC can’t make up it’s mind yet for fall…I’m hoping and wishing after today the cool weather will just stay!

    • Nadine

      I hope it does too!

  • Is it weird that because of the way your hair is I’m pretty sure that you must be on day one of your hair washing routine? I LOVE THAT OUTFIT.

    • Nadine

      It’s only a little weird but I liked it. This is second day hair. It sounds crazy but it takes my hair a long time to get greasy. I guess I’m lucky?

  • Gravity was AMAZING, wasn’t it??

    • Nadine

      Oh my gosh, YES! Everyone who I talk to about it hasn’t seen it and I’m like, I just want to talk about it with someone! How did they even film it!?

  • Love that purple on you! Cute outfit, dear.

    • Nadine

      Thank you!

  • I love your purple sweater. Where did you get it?

  • I’m also ALL about the snowstorms! Cozy times inside – yay!

  • LOVE your outfit! And I am so in agreeance with you about the “epic winter” part — Can we just have one really awesome blizzard, please!?

  • Gravity is the movie with Sandra Bullock, right? I’m sort of intrigued by it and want to watch it. Glad you liked it!! Lazy weekends are the best (:

  • I LOVE these boots and my weekend sounded a lot like yours!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • LOVING that bag. Where is it from? I recently realized that I have a serious lack of slouchy sweaters in my closet, I’m going to be working on issue asap for sure.

  • That bag is too cute!

  • Fal

    You’re adorable. Gah. Stealing that bag. Along with Archie.

    xo fal

  • Everyone’s been raving about Gravity, I must go see it! I love the arm candy!

  • I am alllll about an epic winter. Snow me in for days – i’m a happy camper!

  • Brianne Bracco

    Love the purple with the brown!

  • Ahh, LOVE the bag. So jealous of Target, it seems like it has some awesome accessories! Purple really suits you 🙂

  • I love Fall for a lot of reasons, and big sweaters, leggings and boots are a BIG part of that love!

  • Gah! I love EVERYTHING about your outfit! Just lovely!

  • Shannon

    This sweater seems perfect. Target says its not sold in stores, only online. Did you find it at a store? I’m always apprehensive to buy clothes online anymore. Sorry to be annoying…just really love this look (and all your looks really)!

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