The Impossible Girl and The Book of Mormon

I tend to not read weekend updates from other bloggers. Truth be told, I think they’re boring. But I had the most ah-mazing weekend so I wanted to document it here. Sorry if it bores you (feel free to click away), but this post is mostly for me (and maybe a little for my Mom).

Love for my Puppy

I went thrifting with my sister and found brand new Madewell jeans for $15. Score. Also found 2 new pairs of ballet flats (for work) at $6 a pair.

I did the ALS ice bucket challenge and donated. Check out my Instagram later today for the video, once I figure out how to post a video on Instagram (I know, I’m pathetic).

The Doctor Who season premiere was Saturday night. There are no words. I loved Peter Capaldi – which I was not expecting to based on my true love of Matt Smith and serious concern over the “darker” direction this Doctor is going. I liked that they poked fun at his age and didn’t just ignore it. I thought the story line was not as fantastic as I’d hoped, especially given it was written by Steven Moffatt, who has written nearly all of my favorite episodes. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Plus, Clara. I wanted to hate every companion after Amy Pond but who could hate The Impossible Girl? Fellow Whovians, what did you think?

The Book of Mormon

Sunday we spent the day in Philly where we saw The Book of Mormon. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. I was so prepared for it to be wildly inappropriate that I actually didn’t think it was as crude as it could have been. And wow are those some talented folks!

Pizza in Philly

We had some of the best pizza I’ve had in recent years (and that’s saying something because we eat a lot of pizza). Overall it was a gorgeous afternoon date with N. Stunning weather. Charming city. I’m wooed guys, really.

Archie Being the Cutest

And last but not least, Archie is still the worlds most precious dog.

That is all.

  • I honestly haven’t been a huge fan of Clara. It’s not really Jenna Coleman’s fault, I just don’t think she’s been written well. Her character has been boring UNTIL this episode! I actually really liked her in this last episode, which makes sense. They announce she’s leaving right before I decide I like her. Oy.

    Also, I LOVED Peter Capaldi. I think everyone was a little worried about him, but he NAILED it. I, like you, love how they addressed his age. But I also loved how he said he recognized his face, which was probably a reference to “The FIres of Pompeii”

    I don’t think the episode itself was great. I think it was a tiny bit dull, buttttt I think it was necessary for us to truly get an idea of who Capaldi was as the Doctor. I can’t wait to see next week’s episode!

  • The Book of Mormon was so funny! My mom and I saw it last year…

    I was a little disappointed with this episode’s story line – it all felt like it was pulled from old episodes, and didn’t really bring anything new. Like the dinosaur in London just reminded me of the beginning of last season with the dinosaur on a spaceship episode. And then it was basically just the clockwork robots from Girl in the Fireplace; which would have been cool if it had been somehow NEW rather than just the same thing all over again with a different spaceship. As much as I loved the throwback to 10 and Rose, it just kind of felt like Moffat couldn’t come up with anything. Also, his attempt to explain why Capaldi was in a previous episode just kind of fell flat and disappointed me – just the one instance of “huh, I recognize this face. Okay give me your coat!”

    There were definitely funny parts though, and I enjoyed the banter between Clara and the Doctor.

  • I felt the same way about Book of Mormon – I was ready for it to be SO crude but it was just a little bit!

  • I am so jealous! I had wanted to see The Book of Mormon, but I couldn’t justify spending the money while it was here in Philly. Someday, though! Also, I am a creeper and I totally know where you had your pizza! It is quite delicious there… one of my favorite spots! Glad you enjoyed your weekend and that you had some nice weather.

  • I’ve heard SO MUCH GOOD about The Book of Mormon. Need to see.

    And yes, Archie. So adorable.

  • LOVED the Book of Mormon. Like you, I was expecting it to be raunchier, but it had heart. I have never laughed so hard at a musical. I listened to the soundtrack on Spotify for a week straight after the performance. So catchy. And your golden is just a fluffball. What a cutie!

  • I haven’t watched Doctor Who yet!!!!! My sister has it on her On Demand and I’m going over to her house to watch it this week so – SPOILERS! (Which you didn’t give. Thank you.) And I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON! Probably an inappropriate amount. But I don’t work in a church anymore so it’s okay – right?

  • I started watching the new episode the other night, but I fell asleep. I miss Matt Smith. Peter Capaldi may be fine, but he’s not Matt Smith. And now Clara’s leaving at Christmas and it’s NOT GOING TO BE THE SAME!!

  • My favorite doctor was David Tennant. I think he’s hot. Haha. I love Amy Pond and I also love Clara. I’m going to watch the new seasons first episode tonight!

    If I had to watch a musical pretty soon I would definitely choose the book of Mormon. I’m so curious what’s it’s all about

  • I saw the Book of Mormon when it was in Seattle. I thought it was hysterical…right down to the fact that there were missionaries outside the theater when it was over. More than just being funny, I thought the show was so well done, the costumes, the lighting and the choreography!

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