I’m a Bad Vegetarian

It’s truth time.
As you may recall, I became a vegetarian on a whim.
I saw a squirrel get hit by a car, then, half alive, 
pull himself to the sidewalk with just his arms – to die.
It was horrific and yet people still make fun of me because the reality is,
we don’t eat squirrel meat.

But it really brought to my attention that animals pain is real pain.
They suffer.
And I didn’t want that to be a part of my daily life.
Originally I thought it would just be for a little while,
in honor of that tragic squirrel.
But then I just never started again.

Unfortunately, I’ve proven to totally suck at being a vegetarian.
On no less than 5 occasions I have accidentally eaten meat.

Scene: Family Barbecue
Me: Does this baked ziti have meat in it?
Resounding answer: No
Two bites in, oh yes, it most definitely does.

Panera Broccoli Cheddar Soup is not vegetarian.
Who knew?
I didn’t. The two times I’ve eaten it since giving up meat.

And lastly, to my favorite pizza joint:

Half pepperoni, half mushroom pizza does not mean that for the two slices that touch that there should be BOTH toppings. No no. Half means half.
I’ve definitely consumed at least a couple bits of pepperoni unintentionally.

I figure, my heart is in the right place though.
So I don’t beat myself up about it.
But I know a REAL vegetarian would not let things like this happen?
Or do they and they just don’t admit it?

  • Being a vegetarian doesnt have rules; it’s a choice you make for you for your own reasons. It’s very difficult to go full vegetarian (soups have animal broth in them, so many sweets contain gelatin which is an animal by product) but that doesn’t mean you are “cheating.” If you choose not to eat a burger because you dont like to look at the meat and think of how a cow died then that is your mission and do it for you. Don’t let others tell you there are rules for this kind of thing. They are most likely hypocrites and also its none of their business what you eat.



    • I like this, a lot. You put it right out there. You are right, it is my choice. Thank you!

  • I was a vegetarian all my life up until a few years ago and would definitely eat that Panera soup all the time. I had no idea!! Oh well. And don’t worry, the vegetarian police aren’t going to come get you for a few bits of pepperoni. That is so disturbing about the squirrel, though.. poor thing 🙁

    • The squirrel was definitely disturbing and I just didn’t get over it, I guess. And yes, from everything I’ve read online, Panera soup has chicken stock in it.

  • None of that is your fault. You’re a good vegetarian, Nadine. Promise!

    Luckily for me, no one has ever tricked me into eating meat.

    Also, what do you mean the Panera Broccoli Cheddar Soup isn’t veg? They put meat in it? What?

    Also, being vegetarian is different from vegan. Meat is the key. Eggs, dairy, etc. aren’t exactly off limits for vegetarians. I’m borderline vegan, thought I hate titles altogether! Do what works for you. Your choice. Hell, there are even Pescatarians who don’t eat meat expect for fish. To me, meat is meat, but that doesn’t matter. They can do what feels right to them!

    • I’m actually a pescatarian! I do eat fish and seafood cause I just can’t give it up. My family is from Maine and Maryland so many family events include lobster and crab.

      I actually discovered that Panera soup was not vegetarian by accident. I saw a recipe for a Panera soup knock off in the crock pot on pinterest and I got excited before realizing that it contained chicken stock! I realized that maybe Panera soup is actually made with it too. Though they don’t have the ingredients on their website, every site I found that does list the ingredients includes chicken stock. No more brocoli cheddar soup for me!

  • I have a lot of friends who went vegan – then kind of went vegan vegetarian because it’s so hard to be a vegan, especially when eating in the cafeteria at the college at which we work. Did you know Oreos are vegan? Chyeah! My friend Katie had similar issues with people telling her there wasn’t meat in something when it used animal broth or actually had meat in it. What matters is that you try! We have meatless mondays in my house and I eat mostly vegetarian lunches now! I think what matters is where your heart is 🙂

    • I don’t think I could ever give up eating fish or eggs. I’m technically a pescatarian. I definitely don’t think anyone has intentionally given me meat. I think they really thought there wasn’t meat in it. To be truthful, it really didn’t look like there was but you could taste it. And I know my heart is in the right place so I don’t beat myself up about it too much. Thanks for stopping by!

  • You are a good vegetarian – it is not like you sought out meat! Don’t worry, we vegetarians still accept you 🙂

    • Haha thanks I appreciate it. Accidents happen!

  • Awww, the story of that squirrel is heartbreaking! I would never make fun of you – it probably would’ve traumatized me, too!

    • Plenty of people laughed at me a little bit. It’s pretty obvious that I could never ever go hunting.

  • Your squirrel story makes me want to cry 🙁 I’m one of those people who grew up eating meat as the main portion of every meal (I’m from the south), and I literally don’t know what else to base my meals around. I have to put the thought of what happens to the poor animals I’m eating out of my mind. Which is not really a great solution…I just feel like I could never stick with the vegetarian thing!

    • I definitely grew up in a family of meat eaters. Steak and potatoes all the time! But I actually never really liked meat. I never used to eat steak simply because I didn’t like the flavor. So it wasn’t too difficult for me to give up but I certainly do miss it on occasion.

  • I have a similar squirrel story that haunts me, I don’t even share it because it is Just. Too. Sad. (!) I have a funny “no meat” policy: I eat it if I know where it came from and that it had a natural, as God intended, life before it met my chicken pot pie. Needless to say I eat a lot of salad now…

    • I do think that is a wonderful idea. I’ve given that a lot of thought because I don’t intend to make my children be vegetarians but I want to make sure that I’m being responsible about the meat I do buy (this is all years in the future). I think about it a lot when buying meat for my boyfriend. Maybe I should look for only free-range type meat? I’m not sure where to get it most of the time.

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