I’d Be A Winner

Listen, sports aren’t my thing. If I was ever playing sports, it was P.E. class and I was well on my way to a B-. If I’m watching sports, I’m in it for the nachos. And if the boyf is watching sports, well I’m in the other room watching the Kardashians.  Like I said, they aren’t my thing.

That being said, here are some sports I would totally rock at. You know, if they were actually sports.

Costume Wearing

If I’m wearing a costume while playing Pub Golf, then does it count?

Ice Dancing

Okay, if it’s in the Olympics, then it’s a real sport. And I swear, I could have been good at it. Yes, this non-athlete started ice skating at age 3.  I still practice my moves on occasion. You know, in my living room. 

Archie gave me a 9.6. He marked 0.4 off for not giving him a treat as payment for his judging services.

Speaking on behalf of Animals

In college, we had this duck couple that hung around our house. I named them Matilda and Jeffrey (though Jeffrey had a lisp so he pronounced his name Jethry).

It’s basically my thing. 

Sailor Waving

I’ll forever be a Delta Gamma. Even if a now former DG earned the title “Most Deranged Sorority Girl in America” with an email that was unabashedly cray cray.

I only get like that if I drink Tequila, I promise.

Anchor scouting

True to Delta Gamma form. I have 847 anchors all over my house. And I’m always wearing at least one. It’s like my mind is programed to find them in any and every store. I 100% could do this competitively. 

Phone forgetting

The #1 phrase I say most often:

“I can’t find my phone.”

It’s never lost. Always misplaced. I’m not sure how this could become a sport but I know I could do it in the shortest time possible.

So you see, there are plenty of things that, if turned into a competitive sport, I would excel at. Until then, I’ll wear my costumes and sit in the stands. Thankyouverymuch.

Venus Trapped in Mars

Let it be known that I’ve never participated in #backthatazzup Friday. Until now. I’m generally not a music person, if you can believe that. But since I’m writing to you from the car on hour 1 of our road trip, I thought it was appropriate. 

I present to you, a song YOU HAVE TO HEAR to believe.

Yes friends, that is a disney/rap mashup. You’re welcome.
My job here is done.


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  • OMG, that song. Crazy!

    I was a Gamma Phi Beta (a looooooong time ago) and I’m always seeking out crescent moons!

  • Boom.

  • My childhood.. is officially RUINED with that song.. but I kinda had to listen to this more than once to believe it’s real.
    I may possibly beat you at competitive phone losing though!

  • Your take on the link up is adorable!

  • Nice arabesque!

  • I spy a Kaylin! When are you going to be a West blonde for a little bit and have a day blate with us?!

  • haha yes, that is awesome.

  • This was so cute Nadine! I love your take on the link up! I also am a professional animal speaker. I sometimes use the dog to “tell” my husband things he should do so “I” don’t sound like a nag. It is a very grown up way to handle situations! And I give you props for staying true to your sorority! I’m an AOII and if there is a panda on it, I will buy it no matter how ugly it is. I can’t get into this owl decor craze because HELLO! I was not a chi o! I have to explain that to non sorority friends when we are shopping and they want me to like something owl.

  • I am also a boss at ice dancing and speaking for animals!! I failed P.E., but I’d be awesome at those things!

    xo Ashley

  • ummmm, can you pass the nachos, please?! This and your song pick are hilarious!

  • I noticed that once you join a sorority, you basically pick one of their symbols and obsesses over it. I’m a Kappa Kappa Gamma. Every time I see an owl or fleur de lis I think it has to be mine… Because it does… By the way, I would probably come in second when it comes to speaking for animals. And P.E. was my first ever C hahaha.

    Thanks for the laugh! Happy Friday!


  • You’ve been forever associated with anchors in my book! I saw an anchor thing on Groopdealz. I thought Nadine. Happy Friday girl 🙂

  • when i saw you linked up with the sports post i was like whaaaat?? but now it all makes sense. your talents are endless, my friend 🙂

  • Ahhh talking on behalf of animals! I love this! Can I join you?

  • This is absolutely adorable.

  • love this! i’m 100% sports useless, so I would have to come up with a fake sport in order to be good at anything. love archie watching your ice dancing!
    — jackie – jade and oak
    jewelry giveaway

  • I too would excel on talking on behalf of animals and phone losing. I sometimes amaze myself at how I can misplace my phone after I was just using it. Like, instantly misplace it. I may also have looked for it once or twice while it was in my hand… maybe while I was talking on it.

  • Ha ha! You are too funny! I love all of those should-be-sports.

  • Hahahahaha that song is HILARIOUS.


  • Eek! I’m a Kappa and I’m always looking for keys, fleur de lis, and owls! Love this post!



  • I love this. Hysterical.

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Haha the sport thing is surely not for me. I never been further from Tennis. You had the best judge for services!

  • Haha, love this post!! Song is almost hard to listen to and discern but I listened to the whole thing.

  • so funny!! Great post 🙂

    Leyla xx

  • Such a fun idea for this link up!! I would win at losing my keys and dropping huge stacks of paper at work.
    And I could seriously use some of your expertise when it comes to costume wearing 🙂

  • I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and I’m so happy I have! You have a seriously lovely blog, really looking forward to catching up on all of your adventures. I’m now your newest follower on bloglovin. 🙂 x


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