I Thought That Was Just a Teenage Thing

The teenage years. Such an awkward, hormonal, and downright ridiculous time. Am I right?

In fact, as a teenager you could regularly find me blasting bay area rap music in my car (which undoubtedly had 7 people in it), crying over a boy (duh), happily prancing around with my waist length blonde hair, wearing my cheerleading uniform like it was my job, and begging my mom for rims and tinted windows for my car.

But some things, well, I just thought we left some of the shenanigans of that time behind. Turns out, that’s so not the case because some stuff just keeps happening. And every time it does I’m left like…

Accidental Pregnancy.

Yeah, I went there. I kind of thought that this stopped happening after your teenage years but somehow it keeps happening. Turns out, many of the people I love were accidents by parents who were old enough to pull off the whole “we did this on purpose” thing. I keep seeing acquaintances my age pop up on Facebook with baby bumps you just know were the biggest effing oops.

Evidently this happens and will keep happening.


Damn you retin-a micro, benzoclin, clindamycine, minocycline, and doxycycline. Damn you and the 12 other things that didn’t work. I thought we were free of this nonsense once we were clear of our teens? Welp, at least now the retin-a micro is working magic on my baby wrinkles because it sure isn’t doing much else.

Spending money on really stupid shit. 

Every babysitting job I ever had went to buying $24 Abercrombie t-shirts and jean skirts. [Side note: what happened to jean skirts? Can they pahh-leeezzz come back?]

I’d really like to slap my 15 year old self for blowing hundreds (thousands?) of dollars so I could have a brand slapped across my ta-tas.

Their advertising sure wasn’t bad though.

And yet, I have bought at least 5 shades of nude/pink lipstick in the past two weeks and can’t seem to find the perfect one so I keep impulse buying more. No luck. So really, 25 year old me can’t judge 15 year old me, can she?

and on that note…


Still do it. Ever wondered how I fund my hobbies (i.e. the blog you are currently reading)? Babysitting yo. Not a penny of my salary goes toward my online shenanigans. That thurrr is the secret to blogging without going broke.

Getting sloppy. 

No comment but just know that sometimes I forget how low my tolerance is. RIP debit card whose number I memorized. Online shopping will never be the same without you. Ahem, someone never remembers to close her tab.

Getting irrationally upset about nothing or everything. 

Blame it on the hormones but I was a hot mess from 12-19. So now that those hormones have stabilized, what’s my excuse? Evidently being irrational is just part of my personality. As I’ve mentioned before, N is a lucky guy.

Loving teen pop culture.

Any music mix I listen to probably includes Selena Gomez, The Wanted, and yes, even a little J.Beibs. I can’t get enough Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, or pretty much anything else on ABC Family or the CW.

Allegedly these shows are made for teenagers and yet my twitter feed tells me that us twenty somethings are making the ratings on these.

So I guess you change less than you think when you “grow up”. What else did you think you’d left behind in your teenage years?

  • ugh! acne! I hate it! How do I get rid of it?! lol. I am also pretty irrational sometimes. Oops.

  • I am 29 and I STILL HAVE ACNE!!! Nothing more frustrating in the whole world than breaking out with zits in your late 20’s.

    I’m a West-Coaster and we also wore Hollister….I’m still trying to figure out what the difference between those two brands is to this day.

  • Ohh the 20-something unplanned pregnancy. Don’t they know the pill is FREE?

  • Ahh, the CW. I have to admit i use hulu to follow Hart of Dixie and Beauty & the Beast while Sean rolls his eyes and comments on how crappy/unrealistic they are!

  • Oh my goodness, yes to all of these. My husband and I spent the whole weekend watching Vampire Diaries. We always spend money on stupid shit. And I am wondering how it is fair to have pimples and wrinkles at the same time? I am pretty sure that is double punishment and I don’t like it 🙁

  • haha- the accidental pregnancies makes me laugh. So many people from my home town pull the “oh we’re so happy and excited” when you know it was giant old oopsie!

  • This is hilarious! For the perfect pinkish/nude, TRY THIS!!!!!! http://www.sephora.com/dior-addict-lip-glow-P236816. (pricey, but worth it)

  • Yes!! All so true. The worst is when I had to cave and start calling it “adult acne.” Being a grown up has so few perks.

  • HAHAHA I love this! So true… all of it.

  • Seriously was having one of the worst Monday’s I’ve had in a very long time and it has completely turned around thanks to this post. Hilarious.



  • Haha! Hilarious! I actually lucked out and didn’t have too much acne in high school but then I turned 20 and hello! I’ve actually finally found something that works (not prescription!), even for the hormonal stuff if you are interested!

  • Right?! How am I so obsessed with PLL and VD like the world will end if I don’t watch a high school based drama. I thought I’d be graduated by now, so there’s that.

  • oh i know a few adults who have gotten pregnant and i wonder, “how?” it’s not that hard to not get pregnant, but things all work out for the best so it’s not for me to judge. and you know i love me some pretty little liars. it’s just so bad good.

  • Please tell me WHY we fell for Abercrombie?? That was the biggest rip off store in the history of all the world.

  • I see accidental pregnancies all the time on Facebook. And babysitting is still my favorite thing to do. Perfect way to get a little extra spending money!

  • Lol…the accidental pregnancies one is the best. I can’t judge toooooo much, because I myself fell victim to the oops when I was 20. That being said I am now 28, and at this point if you’re oopsing…you’re too old. Just saying. We’ve all been to the gyno by now. I have it on good authority that the target demo for The Wanted goes all the way up to 25 so I don’t feel too bad. A lot of that other stuff I actually watch for my job. Yay corportate retail demographics research!

  • I started breaking out MORE once I graduated. Wtf hormones?! And I’m right there with you on CW/ABC family. guilty pleasures to the max

  • Hahahaha my pregnancy was accidental and I am definitely old enough to know how that shit happens.

  • LOL! This post is hilarious and yet, so true! Thanks for the Monday laughs, sweet girl! Have a great week!

  • All so true. If only I could have all that money back that I spent on shirts with brand names on the boobs. WHY!?

  • Vampire Diaries all the way! I can’t get enough of it. And so much money spent on stupid things…. it’s awful!

  • Oh my gosh this is hysterical! The Schmidt gif is the best.

  • Was Teen Mom 1 or 2 your first clue?? Haha..yeah teen pop culture craziness and the emotional outbursts happen from time to time…but spending $40 for a shirt at A&F? I GLADLY left that shizz back in with 10th grade memories..I gots bills to pay now. #grownupstuff

  • Okay…teen music and shows are awesome!

    My husband thinks its ridiculous that at age 27, I watch shows all about 17 year olds. I can’t help it though!

    Why do they make them so good?

  • Ahh i saw that pic of Schmidt and immediately started cracking up. I knew your post would be good since you started there. You would think in my *cough late twenties cough* that I wouldn’t get acne anymore…but nooooo. I’m praying it’s the change in my environment and the fact that I forget to wash my face after a day spent slathering sunscreen on. And as for getting irationaly upset about anything and nothing, that’s going to continue happening, we’re women. I apologize to my husband all the time because it’ll come out of nowhere and then be gone in minutes. Cray cray!

  • Accidental pregnancies – BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! OMG! YES!!!! So freaking true. I see it all too often!

  • I will be 30 next month and I live in a frat house. It’s not an actual one but it clearly feels like one.

    I wear aero because they carry an XS.

    I get drunk all the time because the closest bar is a half a block.

    Everyone delivers in LA and there is an app.

    I also play the True American game from New Girl.

  • Ladies, I’m 36 and still have acne. It’s the worst!
    I always thought the friend drama would be done after highschool and college, but it never ends! Some of the drama is more middle aged problems now, but some is the same old, same old. (You didn’t call me, you’re better friends with her, you kissed my old boyfriend from 10 years ago…)

  • I had terrible acne as a teenager and was glad to see the back of it……….loud music well that I had playing till I was like 45 yes 45 I loved my loud music and yes it was rap at times.

  • Any post that uses a gif from new girl is a winner in my book. But seriously, YES to all of these things.

  • Oh dear, I remember the Abercrombie phase very well.

    Also I swear as soon as I started working, I started breaking out. I don’t understand. My skin was normal all of HS and college (which I do realize I should be grateful for and I am), but about two months into working my chin decided to break out. I’m trying to just be thankful I didn’t have to deal with this too much in HS, but I feel like breaking out as an adult is almost worse bc everyone else has outgrown it!

  • HAHAHA! This cracked me up. So spot on! I guess some things never change…

  • the advertising from A&F was always nice… not going to lie, I still look when I go to the mall

  • i think that the way we were born (as babies, in diapers, feeble) is the way we will eventually end up (old, in diapers, feeble) so it’s really us just coming full circle!

    Vodka and Soda

  • Definitely watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix right now. On my fourth straight episode of the night … no shame. 🙂

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