I Thought That Was Just a Teenage Thing

The teenage years. Such an awkward, hormonal, and downright ridiculous time. Am I right?

In fact, as a teenager you could regularly find me blasting bay area rap music in my car (which undoubtedly had 7 people in it), crying over a boy (duh), happily prancing around with my waist length blonde hair, wearing my cheerleading uniform like it was my job, and begging my mom for rims and tinted windows for my car.

But some things, well, I just thought we left some of the shenanigans of that time behind. Turns out, that’s so not the case because some stuff just keeps happening. And every time it does I’m left like…

Accidental Pregnancy.

Yeah, I went there. I kind of thought that this stopped happening after your teenage years but somehow it keeps happening. Turns out, many of the people I love were accidents by parents who were old enough to pull off the whole “we did this on purpose” thing. I keep seeing acquaintances my age pop up on Facebook with baby bumps you just know were the biggest effing oops.

Evidently this happens and will keep happening.


Damn you retin-a micro, benzoclin, clindamycine, minocycline, and doxycycline. Damn you and the 12 other things that didn’t work. I thought we were free of this nonsense once we were clear of our teens? Welp, at least now the retin-a micro is working magic on my baby wrinkles because it sure isn’t doing much else.

Spending money on really stupid shit. 

Every babysitting job I ever had went to buying $24 Abercrombie t-shirts and jean skirts. [Side note: what happened to jean skirts? Can they pahh-leeezzz come back?]

I’d really like to slap my 15 year old self for blowing hundreds (thousands?) of dollars so I could have a brand slapped across my ta-tas.

Their advertising sure wasn’t bad though.

And yet, I have bought at least 5 shades of nude/pink lipstick in the past two weeks and can’t seem to find the perfect one so I keep impulse buying more. No luck. So really, 25 year old me can’t judge 15 year old me, can she?

and on that note…


Still do it. Ever wondered how I fund my hobbies (i.e. the blog you are currently reading)? Babysitting yo. Not a penny of my salary goes toward my online shenanigans. That thurrr is the secret to blogging without going broke.

Getting sloppy. 

No comment but just know that sometimes I forget how low my tolerance is. RIP debit card whose number I memorized. Online shopping will never be the same without you. Ahem, someone never remembers to close her tab.

Getting irrationally upset about nothing or everything. 

Blame it on the hormones but I was a hot mess from 12-19. So now that those hormones have stabilized, what’s my excuse? Evidently being irrational is just part of my personality. As I’ve mentioned before, N is a lucky guy.

Loving teen pop culture.

Any music mix I listen to probably includes Selena Gomez, The Wanted, and yes, even a little J.Beibs. I can’t get enough Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, or pretty much anything else on ABC Family or the CW.

Allegedly these shows are made for teenagers and yet my twitter feed tells me that us twenty somethings are making the ratings on these.

So I guess you change less than you think when you “grow up”. What else did you think you’d left behind in your teenage years?

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