I Slept in a Bathtub, Covered in Money

The very first time N and I hung out outside of work, 
I wound up sleeping in a bath tub and he threw money at me. 
I’ll explain.
My two guy friends from work were going to Philly for another friends birthday party. I didn’t know them that well but our girl friend assured me they wouldn’t murder me. So we agreed to split a hotel room.

Note: If you aren’t super cheap and don’t split 2 person hotel rooms between like 8 people, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. College move. Still doing it.
So me and these two guy friends head out to the bar.
Dancing and Drinks. Singing along. Drinks. Drinks. Drinks. More dancing. More drinks. And who was buying my drinks? One of said guy friends: Naveed. 
Mostly I just remember his head bopping around as we laughed our asses off and danced to every song. This is the only picture from that night. Quite possibly our first kiss.

So eventually the bar is booting our butts out and we head back to the hotel to sleep. We’re friends at this time. I wouldn’t tell that kind of story on these here interwebz. 
When we get back to our hotel room we find that it is quite definitely occupado. By our other guy friend and some girl I have never seen before. You get my drift. 

Since I couldn’t sleep in the hallway of our hotel, I bolt to the bathroom and Naveed follows. Now I’m locked in the bathroom with a guy I barely know and the awkwardness if we leave will be too horrible to endure.
That’s why I take it upon myself to accept my fate for the evening and lay down in the bathtub. The whole time I’m bitching at Naveed about wanting my portion of the money back for our room. Poor guy did nothing wrong and couldn’t do anything in the situation. Naturally, I keep bitching. 
Finally, in a last ditch effort to shut me up, he pulls out his wallet and throws all the money in it at me as I’m laying in the bathtub. All $16 of it. Take your money back then! He said.

I’m so offended that I leave it wherever it landed and drift off to sleep. Fully clothed, shoes on, dollar bills all over me.
I woke up about 20 minutes later and Nav had left the room, gotten extra pillows, and made me stand up so he could line the bathtub with them so I could have a proper bed. Then he fell asleep face down on the tile.
And that’s the story. It’s actually how we spent our first night together. It took about 3 more months, but eventually we wound up dating. But I’ll always know that we started off on that extra classy note. 


And with that, it’s time to introduce you to one of my favorite ladies, Bri from Back to Bliss. I basically consider her my personal running coach after she guest posted here and shared with us How to Get into Running if You Hate Running
She’s a girl after my own heart who loves colored pants and wedges. She even shared how she was betrayed by her own daughter! Miss Ella happens to be one of the only babies I’ll ooooh and ahhhh over on a regular basis. Plus, let’s face it, Ella’s outfits are consistantly cuter than mine. 
So go check Bri out. Or, do as I do and tweet at her every time you successfully run a mile. Thanks for putting up with me, Bri!

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