I Don’t Pray. Do I?

At what point does a regular thought turn into a prayer?
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a religious gal.
I believe in kindness.
In love.
In making the world a better place.
But I’m not sure how I feel about God.
No, I’m not a heathen. Just a questioning person.
I’ve often searched for the alternative to prayer.
I work for a childhood cancer foundation where everyday I talk to families, 
social workers, and others affected by these horrible diseases.
And I often use the phrase, “we’ll keep your family in our thoughts and prayers.”
Sometimes, it feels a little dishonest.
Will the family be in my thoughts?
Yes. Absolutely.
Will I be wishing and thinking and hoping that their child wins the battle.
Yes. Yes a thousand times.
They’ll be in my heart every day.

But what makes that different from a prayer?
Is it that my hopes aren’t directed at God?

I’m not sure.
So what is the difference between a prayer and a really powerful thought?
This was on my mind these last two days as so many people sent #prayersforboston.
Was I thinking of Boston? Of those injured, hurt, and killed? Absolutely.
I was hoping for their recovery, thinking of the families of those who were killed, and doing my best to send my heart to them. 
And I was hoping and worrying fiercely that our nation would mourn these loses but not let these treacherous acts leave us too anxious. That they wouldn’t crush our resilient spirit.
But was I praying? I’m not quite sure.
It seems like, religious or not, when someone says they’ll pray for you it brings people peace. I like giving people that peace. For them to know that I’ll never forget them or what they’re going through. In moments like this, I want to do something, anything to help. But what is there? Sending prayers seems like one of the only ways to contribute to situations that are out or your control.
So what counts as prayer?
What else can you say to people in their worst moments?
I’m just not sure.

Have you ever read just one single line from a blogger and known you’d instantly click with the person? That’s how I felt about Rachel the moment I readI’m a fat person trapped inside a not-as-fat-as-I-should-be-but-still-sort-of-chubby body.” It’s like she took my thoughts about myself right out of my head.
Rachel’s got tons of other fun stories to share. Some make me crazy jealous, like how she spent election night at Obama’s headquarters in Chicago. In her post about her beliefs, she manages to be simultaneously funny and deep (how?). 
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You’ll love her. 

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