How to Use Buffer for Your Blog

A social media presence is critical to blogging. In fact, I’ve definitely connected with more bloggers on Twitter than I ever have from just comments and emails. Tweeting someones post is the easiest way to compliment them. Twitter is also consistently on of my top referring sights. 

But managing social media can sometimes be hard for me. Because uh, I have a job. And when I’m at work I don’t like to be distracted. Here’s my secret: I use the Buffer App.

How to Use Buffer for your Blog - Using the top social media scheduling tool to make your life easier! |

Here’s how YOU can use it to make managing your social media a whole lot easier. First, go to and create an account (it’s free!). Connect your blog Twitter and Facebook. No, I’m not giving you directions for that part. If you need them,  I don’t know how you’re using social media in the first place.

When you’re all set, you’ll get to the home screen:

Do what it says and get the browser extension. That means it’s going to put that little button in the top right corner of your web browser. I use Chrome but they have one for Safari and Firefox. You can find all the buffer extensions here.

Now click on the Schedule tab:


Make sure it’s set to the right time zone. Mine was originally set to London and man, does that screw things up. 

The list of times is when your scheduled tweets or Facebook posts will be posted. I do about one an hour from 9am-6pm with a few more in the afternoons. Do however many you would normally tweet. 

Now let’s get to buffering!

Surf the web (I used that expression the other day and N made fun of me. Who says that anymore? Me. That’s who.) or visit your favorite blogs. If you’re like me, open every one of your sponsors pages in a different tab and go through them one by one.  

I’m using Grace for Gayle as an example because Gayle and I were chatting about Buffer and she asked for some direction.

When you find a post you want to share, make sure you are at the URL of the post and not just the main page of the blog (i.e. click the the post title). Then click the Buffer button in the corner of your browser.

When the buffer box pops up, the top is the Tweet and Facebook description and the bottom is the preview for Facebook. I usually change the tweet/description slightly (but leave the link). Often I just use Twitter so I unclick the Facebook button. 

When you click Buffer, the tweet or Facebook post will be added to your Buffer queue. Remember those times you selected above? It will go out at one of those times, based on how many Buffered items are in front of it in the queue.

And that’s it!

I tried Hootsuite before Buffer and Buffer is definitely mores suited to blogging. Sometime in the morning, I go through and visit all my favorite blogs and Buffer the posts that I want to share. It is my firm belief that if you love a post, the best thing you can do for the author is tweet about it NOT just leave a comment. Buffer also makes the management of your sponsorships super easy!

Please feel free to comment below with any questions! Did this help you? Then by all means, Buffer it!

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