How To Respond To Blog Comments the Wrong Way

I’ve been blogging for a year and a half.
And for a year, I was doing it all wrong. 
You see, here’s how I was responding to blog comments:

What’s wrong with that? You might ask.
Well, for one, these two lovely ladies did not get an email with my response.
But the biggest problem? 
I was missing out on the easiest way to form blogging friendships.
For some of you, this post is going to be like:
For the first year of blogging I wondered, how do all of these people in blog world become friends? 
Do they just reach out to each other randomly? 
Maybe sometimes. But in most cases, NO.
Tons of blog friendships are formed when one comment response turns in to a back and forth that keeps going and later you realize: you have a real bloggy friend. 
So how do you set up your comments so you can answer via email?
Head to your blogger dashboard, settings, then mobile and email (above).
Make sure your email is listed here.
And once that’s set up, comments will come in to your email and will look like this:
From there you respond to the comment as if it were a regular email.
See those numbers? Those are back and forth conversations, folks!
And that’s how the magic happens.
Now am I saying it is the worst thing in the world to hit reply on the comment itself and reply that way? No. But chances are, the commenter probably isn’t going to come back and check to see if you replied. You are missing out on an opportunity to build relationships!
There is a downside to replying to comments via email and that is this:
other people cannot see that you responded. Sometimes I worry that people who look at my comments think I’m a huge beeyotch who never responds. But I do, I really do!
Unless you’re a no-reply blogger.
In my year and a half of blogging, my biggest regret is 
that I did not change how I was replying to comments sooner. 
What is the one thing that you wish someone had told you when you started blogging?
Happy Friday!

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