How to Make Someone’s Day for Under $1

Sometimes the very best thing for long distance friendships is some good old-fashioned snail mail! My bestie in California is the queen of cute stationary and nice notes for no reason (except to make me feel special). And let’s be honest, getting anything in the mail that isn’t junk or a bill is always exciting.
Recently I stopped by Marshall’s (with my beau, who needed dress shirts) and was perusing the home good section, only to find tons of adorable stationary on clearance. Because I know I would send more “no reason” notes if I had cute stationary, I bought a few sets.

1. They even came in cute boxes! 2. Paris (and a bit cheesy)
3. Fun and quirky 4. I think these are my fave. The paper has texture.
5. Fancy flowers 6. Bargain!

Well friends, each of these boxes contains 10-12 cards. That puts each card at about 35 cents each. Score! Smack a stamp on there and send it to a loved one. I’m certain that there isn’t a person alive who doesn’t appreciate a sweet note from a friend.

Have a lovely day!

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