How to Lose Weight the Stupid Way

I wish I could say that when I lose weight I do it the healthy way.
Eating right and working out.
If calories out > calories in you lose weight.
We get it.

I’ve lost a couple pounds recently.
Other people wouldn’t notice but I do.
It makes me a little happy to see the number on the scale decrease.
But I know in my heart I’m not doing it the right way.
(No, this isn’t some eating disorder confession, promise)

Totally unrelated photo of the worlds cutest dog. Doesn’t he look like he’s smiling?

I haven’t worked out since 2012. True story.
So last month Naveed and I paid $84 to not go to they gym one time.
Hey, if neither of us goes there’s no judgement, right?

I work 11-6, straight through. I’m a lucky duck, eh?
The hours are great but somehow I’ve never gotten into 
food groove since I left the corporate world.
So here’s how to lose weight the stupid way:

Drink coffee all morning.
Two to three cups minimum.
Hang out with your dog, watch Kelly and Michael, and of course, read blogs.
Then at 10:30, run around like a crazy person to get to work on time.
In a desperate moment before you leave, grab these items (or items like these) from your pantry:

  • entire box of cereal
  • applesauce cup
  • 3 caramels
  • 1 baby can of Coca-cola
  • 1 bottle of water
Not quite healthy and balanced, right?
Then munch on something like Quaker Oat Squares on and off all day.
And ineveitably, when you get home you will be ravenous.
Then go ahead and whip up something fast, easy, and way too decadent.
(Think cheese, cheese and more cheese)
Pizza anyone? How about grilled cheese? 

The thing is, eating like this makes it hard to get enough calories.
And I swear, after a certain point of hunger you just stop being hungry.

The bottom line: I forget to plan to eat.
And as a result I just haven’t been eating enough.
So hey, I’m down a few pounds.
But I’m not necessarily happy about it. And I’m not proud of it.

There you have it. How to lose weight the stupid way.
I don’t recommend it. 

And here’s where you can help. Do you have any quick grab and go meal suggestions? 
Is there some item I should just keep in my fridge at all times?
Help a girl out!


  • I am so glad you posted this! For real! This has been the skeleton in my closet that I haven’t let out. In some ways, I feel like it’s the ONLY way to drop pounds even though I know it’s unhealthy. When I think about eating healthy, small portions and balanced meals all day, I think it won’t work for me. Such a vicious cycle.

  • I try to make sure that on the weekends I stock my fridge with snack foods (and I pre-package them into smaller portion sizes) like carrot sticks, apples, celery sticks, that way I can take them with me anywhere I go. I also do the same with some unhealthy snack foods too like cookies and chips and pretzels lol. But I find that I eat more if I plan on the weekend for the week.

  • This weekend I made bacon and omelet muffins! Twice because husband and I went through them so fast. I found the recipe on Pinterest and plan on sharing it sometime this week on blog. But all you do is line each cup with bacon, stir 8 eggs and had whatever ingredients you’d add to omelet. Then pour the egg (and whatever else you added) into the bacon lined cups and cook for 30 mins on 350. Quick, easy, and protein filled breakfast on the go.

  • Oh have I been where you are. For a few weeks in 2011, I lived on Flamin’ Cheetos and Sugar Free Red Bull with a few take-out chinese meals thrown in. For a long time the only time I lost weight was when I worked 2-4 jobs and didn’t have/take time to eat. This is the first time I’ve ever lost weight by choice/healthily (word?). I’m almost 20 pounds down from June!

    The fella and I (it’s just the two of us, so we’re pretty similar to you guys) cook supper almost every night. Our go-to meals are usually spicy chicken pasta (fry up some chicken, peppers, onions, broccoli, etc. pour in 1/2 and 1/2 enough to cover the chicken and veggies, season with cajun, garlic powder, basil, salt, and pepper, throw in noodles, let sit for awhile to thicken *seriously, my favorite!), rice and beans (rice in the rice cooker, throw in beans, top with cheese, sour cream, and lettuce), fried venison (or beef) with peppers and onions and a baked potato.

    I think the key for me is that as soon as I’m (or he’s) done cooking, I throw some in a tupperware for lunch the next day (works best if you have access to a fridge and microwave). I’m a teacher so I’d rather do that than eat school lunch (ick!…except on mashed potato day). Anyway, this was long, but I’m really proud of what we’ve been doing. I feel much better than I used to and the weight loss is delightful! It’s nice having something ready so when I am scrambling out the door I can just grab it and go!

  • I have never had this problem- forgetting to eat is a total foreign concept to me, ha! I always put the food out that I am going to eat the night before or the day of- maybe that would help?

  • Psh I wish I ever forgot to eat! I pretty much forget to not eat lol. Maybe just try and plan your meals ahead of time and go ahead and package them to take with you so you can just grab them in the mornings?

  • Oh man! I never forget to eat!! Hahaha 😉

    That photo. I died. Too cute.

  • This post was greatness

  • Giiirl! I’m glad you know it’s not the healthy way lol! Time to change that! You should take some time on Sundays to meal plan and go grocery shopping and prep. I follow the Eat Clean “diet” which is 5-6 meals a day: breakfast-am snack-lunch-pm snack-and dinner. Most of your nutriton comes from fruits, veggies, lean meat (I think you dont eat meat though), complex carbs and little to non processed food. And 2-3 liters of water a day! It may seem overwhelming at first but it takes 21 days to create a habit! Once you get in the swing of things you will be feelng so good! Meal planning takes the guess work out of it! Tosca Renos Eat Clean Diet is a good book to get. It’s not really a diet but a way of living. Hope this helps I know I didn’t give you quick grab meal ideas lol but I’m working on adding recipes to my blog so check for those 🙂

    and THAT dog I just cant take it! SO cute.

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