How To Have An EPIC Reunion Trip

It had been 3 years since I left California. Three long years. So it was destined to be epic. And it was. Let it be noted: this isn’t a trip recap. Because remember, I hate those. It’s a how to. It’s a photo dump. Here we go.

ONE. Try not to get your hopes up. But totally do.

I quickly learned that 78% of the time, the Golden Gate bridge looks like this. Oh, you can’t see it? That’s just Karl, the ever present fog of San Francisco. Karl has his own twitter.

But on day three, just when you’ve lost hope, this will happen:

TWO. Do not restrict your budget or your calories.

If my vegetarian diet suddenly included In-n-Out Burger, just imagine my decision making with regards to my wallet. I came home with enough stuff that I could not lift my bag into the overhead bin. Big thanks to the friendly gentleman on the plane who did.

THREE. Remember your time zones and use them to your advantage. Oh, it’s 9am? To me, it’s noon. Cheers.

FOUR. Remind the people who have forgotten just how ridiculous you are.

This hill is 47% steeper than it looks. Cars weren’t meant to drive on them. Trust me. I made my friends drive around them, or at least to less steep ones. This is also a sure-fire way to test how much your friends still love you. Mine obviously do.

FIVE. Plan at least one activity you’d NEVER do at home.

Kaylin and I hit up The Drybar and hell yes, I got the hair the look called “southern comfort”. Big hair, full of secrets.

SIX. Call up people you haven’t talked to in a while. If you miss them, chances are, they miss you too.

SEVEN. Anchor wave and feel no shame.

Delta, Delta Gamma, I’m so happy, that I am a.

EIGHT. Spend the most time with your most favorite.

From the moment I bought my plane ticket, I knew I’d spend 97% of my trip with Kaylin. If there’s one thing you’ll never regret, it’s spending time with your bestie. Then as soon as you get home, start planning your next trip together.

On another note, interested in finding out what the hell I’m doing in this picture?

Visit Friday Morning Buzz for a guest post by yours truly.


Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Chelsea from Crazy Bullies. I think we all know that if someone has a blog named after or about their dogs, I’m in.

Though we all know I didn’t need an instructional for this, Chelsea’s post on Spoiling Your Dog 101 describes our life with Archie perfectly. Chelsea was brave enough to write about what it feels like to be an outsider in blog world. We’ve all been there! Chelsea also lives and works with her man. I couldn’t do it but she gives some great tips about how they make it work. Are you a crazy dog person too? Then you’ll want to go meet her pups, Irene and Bubba. Want to see more of Chelsea (or Irene and Bubba)? Head on over to her blog or follow her on Bloglovin.

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