How to Grow Your Hair Long — Fast

My whole life, I had crazy long hair.

And I loved it. I really really loved it.

But then, boredom with that long blonde hair crept up on me. And one day, I did this:

brown hair

It was so dark. But I liked it, for about two weeks. I thought I’d look exotic. I now realize that I’m never going to look like Princess Jasmine, no matter what I do. Shocker. Note to self: You are white.

So I started the process of getting it back to blonde. It takes forever (if you want to make sure your hair doesn’t fall out).

Grammy and Nay
I know it’s super rude to throw this out there on the interwebz but look at my Grammy. She is 90! Rock on!

That was the in-between color that was a little bit red. I actually didn’t mind it. Gradually, with more and more highlights, it was back to blonde again.

And then. I went in for a trim one day. A TRIM. And left with this:

I don't always drink, but when I do, I make my boyfriend take an outfit picture of me in the middle of a party.
I don’t always drink, but when I do, I make my boyfriend take an outfit picture of me in the middle of a party.

Let’s assess, shall we? That “one inch” was actually at LEAST 4 inches. Tear. Sob.

And thus I’ve spent the last 6 months trying to get it back long again. That includes investing a good deal of money on stuff I wasn’t positive was going to work.

How to grow your hair long - fast

I’ve been taking Viviscal supplements for about 2 months now. They say you really start to see results around 2-3 months. It has 4 stars on Amazon and I read numerous places that it really can help. It’s basically like fish oil and biotin on crack. It’s also a whopping $47 a month. Yikes!

Left: Viviscal Hair Supplements, Right: Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner

Then, after I got a new hair lady, she suggested insisted that I get Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner. Normally, I hate when stylists push products on you. Come on, I’m already paying at least $130 (cough$200cough) for the cut and color! But she talked me into it, because I couldn’t get that long hair I crave out of my head.

See the results!

  • Your hair looks beautiful in all the pictures to me. If it works for you – go with it!

    • Thank you! Sometimes I think it looks shorter than other people. I want it long long long again.

    • Crystal Diaz

      Thats nice! I do olive oil and heat it up. Then i massage it on my scalp and roots i put my head upside down for four minutes .I left it in for two hours and washed it out with shampoo on the scalp and conditioner on the rest of my hair!! It really woris too

  • okay, now I want to convert over to those products because seriously, my hair has REFUSED to grow for the past 5 years. REFUSED. And then one day this summer when I broke my foot and started (accidentally, I swear) tripping on pain medication, I ripped off my extensions and now have a few good chunks of hair missing 🙁 So this stuff really works, huh?

    • Wow, thats quite a traumatic event! I’m so sorry that happened to you! I think it’s definitely worth trying. It’s worked for me. I can tell too because my roots are looking bad a lot faster.

    • April

      I told my grandmother and mother about it. My grandma has been balding for years with no new hair growth. She and my mother both have done it only two times and they are both seeing new hair growth as well as stronger hair. I am going to try it next with my husband.

  • I am addicted to pureology. My bank account hates it but my hair loves it.

    • I didn’t think I’d be a believer but I am. Pureology will have my continued business. I will say that I don’t think the shampoo lathers up as much as I’d like. My stylist told me to use a pea sized amount. I always use a little more cause i feel like I’ll only wash like 1/4 of my head since it doesn’t lather up.

  • Holy Smoke- 200.00 for a cut and color? Come to East KY and you can get a great cut and color for 60 bucks. For real!!!

    I don’t use much product but I bought a bottle of shine spray the other day that I swear by. It makes my hair look ten times healthier.

    • $60! That’s such a bargain. It is about the same here as it was in California. I also go to a really nice salon. It’s the one way I really treat myself. What kind of shine spray is it?

      • Jenny

        Are you kidding me ? Come to Canada we get haircut for maximum 20 $ (i pay 12$)

        Iv been using Nutricap pills and i swear my hair longed to at least 4 inches in 6 months, i also use
        hot olive oil.

        Nutricap pills -> 1 pack of like 24 pills -> 30.00$

  • I just started taking a hair/nails vitamin to try to encourage my own hair growth. I hate the waiting process!! Your hair is nice and long now-love it! And I do the boob test too 🙂

    • I wonder what kind you have. Let me know. I thought about taking Biotin too but I don’t know if it’s necessary with the Viviscal.

      • Jessica

        I take prenatals and biotin together, they help with hair growth but I need something to keepit from being frizzy from heat damage.

  • one time I tried taking prenatal (sp?) vitamins to get my hair to grow faster- but then my fiance freaked out when he saw the bottle.

    • Hahaha you win the award for the funniest comment. I’ve heard those things make hair and nails grow like crazy. I’ll give my bf a heads up if I ever buy them haha.

  • I so do the boob test too! Omg last time I went to get my hair cut they used Pureology and it felt so crazy good on my scalp! Not sure if all the types are like that. I swear by Redken All Soft Argan Oil.. I started using it about 9 months ago and haven’t had to get as many trims because my hair is so much healthier. It’s amazing how spending a little $ on hair products really does make a difference! On the flip side, I started using a new Dove line that has some of those oils in it which is amazing… I alternate that with the more expensive stuff to make that last longer 🙂

    • I never believed in the expensive products but now I kind of do. The pureology lasts a really long time cause you use so little of it. The one I use has like peppermint oil in it so it tingles a little which feels amazing.

  • I LOVE Pureology. My stylist recommended it too, so I bought it and then when I ran out I went back to my old stand by of Dove Shampoo… totally not the same. It’s worth the money I think.

    • I’m trying to make the first bottles I bought last a really long time. My stylist did say that I didn’t need to use nearly as much. She said a pea size amount of shampoo (which i think is a not quite enough) and a quarter size amount of conditioner.

  • I haven’t ever used Pureology but now I am intrigued. My hair was super long last summer and I chopped it and donated it. While I am happy I was able to donate it I miss it SO much! It is (very) slowly getting back to being long but has taken well over a year and it still isn’t as long as I’d like!

  • Here are some ways you can grow hair fast naturally! Read below…

    • To increase the length of your hair, nip any potential damage in the bud by getting regular trims. Trims just cut the bottom of your hair. These are not meant to cut a lot of inches.

    • You always want to use a wide toothed com b to comb wet hair. Avoid using a brush to brush wet hair fact is, when your mane is wet, it is most likely to be broken and damaged.

    • Use an aloe Vera massage on your scalp, leave it for an hour and then rinse it with warm water.

    • Another natural approach is to rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar and sage tea.

    • Boiled water with rosemary leaves used as a daily rinse will also strengthen your hair strands even further.

    * Resist the urge to cut hair or to color it as this will only hurt your efforts to grow out your hair.

    * Another good technique is to use a hot oil treatment made of natural herbs to cleanse the scalp and increase blood flow for maximum hair growth.

    Finally, If you have 2 minutes – I will share you my story “How I Make My Hair Grow Faster, Longer, Thicker and More Beautiful in 15 Days”. Read my full story at

  • Staley B.

    I read this post for my duaghter b/c she is trying so hard to grow her hair out long AGAIN. We have had some similar, and maybe even more hilarious/scary events with her hair–she’s almost 15;)
    Just want to say that I think you are hilarious! I first read your blog b/c I ran across a pin on pinterest about how to wear a maxi dress in the fall. It was about 3am and I was sleepless in Kentucky. I then clicked on to your blog and read about the royal baby and how you met your boyfriend. I was DYING laughing and trying so hard not to wake up my husband, who was snoring beside me in bed. Tears were streaming down my face, the bed was literally shaking a little b/c of my laughter AND he never woke up! Anyway, love the blog and maybe I will think about this very expensive shampoo and conditioner…

  • I’ve been looking for ways to get my hair to grow faster because it grows so slowly and on top of that I have super curly hair so I feel like it takes 10 times as long…anyway, definitely going to give this a shot as soon as I can make some room for spending money; being a college student is tough, sometimes. Found this post on Pinterest, by the way!

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  • Jessy Hyde

    I use Omnitrition’s hair and nails product and it’s amazing my hair grows so slow and I have seen a huge difference within two weeks!!! and it’s around $20-$25 bucks for a month!!!!

  • This sounds amazing!

    I wash my hair daily so I’m not sure if I want to invest in Pureology. Then again, the hard water of the South has wreaked havoc on my hair. Maybe I’ll try it.

    Great tip about the coconut oil!

  • Alise

    How long did it take you to grow your hair out again?

  • Libby

    Have you ever looked into using castor oil! its great for fast hair growth as well!?

  • Sarah

    Which pureology system did you use? And how is it with dyed hair? I have highlights and I don’t want it to change my hair color!

  • Alex

    I’m in texas do you know I where I can find this in store or is it an online thing? After my son was born my hair got confused and super retarded lol I want to try this!

    • nicole

      In Texas, I have found Pureology products at Ulta. Tou can just do a store search to find the closest one and most of the time you can buy small trial bottles to test it before committing to the more costly ones.

  • I would love to have long hair. My hair is a little past my shoulders. Im also 14. My hair doesnt grow that fast but i cant afford a $57 treatment. Any others home remedie suggestions? I want to be able to try the boob test!

  • Tanya

    I have been putting Coconut oil on my eyes and face this winter, and let me tell you….My eyelashes have grown like CRAZY! It looks like I have false eyelashes. Coconut oil will definitely make hair grow. 🙂

    • Kaitlyn

      Thanks Tanya!

  • Diana

    What is Viviscal???

  • Natasha

    Which Pureology did you use? there are like ten different kinds

  • Lisa

    Found on Pinterest and I’m interested because I’m growing in from cancer treatments. Was told to use Nioxin Products. They too are expensive. I really liked your hair natural color. After having cancer, I’m opposed to pouring harsh chemicals on our heads. Its REALLY harmful for our bodies and the environment. Please reconsider! Enjoy your hair!

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  • Jenn

    How often did you apply the oil to you hair?

    • Jennifer

      As a professional I highly suggest: scalp massage, it stimulates blood circulation and promotes hair growth. Also using a hard bristle brush to brush your scalp well (never brush wet hair, causes damage to your hair) it also helps blood circulation to the root as well as removing any dead skin cells and promotes scalp health. Also recondition! Always use a good reconditioner often that has protein for strength and moisture for hydration. There are a bunch of natural reconditioners out there too. Eggs are excellent for your hair and skin. Apple cider vinegar is a great for your hair and skin as well. Eat fruits & veggies and take your vitamins. As for product, I highly recommend using professional products. There are many good ones out there for all budgets. They are highly concentrated so you will use less and they last longer and are guaranteed if purchased from a salon. Watch for sales on liter duos! Get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks to help keep your ends healthy.

      • Jennifer

        Also ask your stylist for product information and how to use them correctly. A good tip before any service is a good client consultation to make sure you are understanding each other. Ask them to show you on their comb how much their inch is/ or how much they are trimming off etc. Stylists use a comb with a ruler on the comb.

  • Denise D

    I began using biotin, fish oil and prenatal (although my daughter has serious concerns since I’m 41!) but my comment is 100% about the coconut! My hair has been “dried out fried straw” since puberty. Re pointing out I’m 41, and just since I started 3 weeks ago my hair is super silky soft. I can put the coconut oil in practically daily and my hair just soaks it up. I will try the pills you recommended if I don’t start seeing vast improvement on length. For shampoo n cond I converted to Pantene Long Lengths which has only been found on Amazon. I trade off weekly with Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shamp/cond by Organixs.

    • Lauren Marganski

      Pantines long length is made to length your hair? That would be great have to try it 😉

  • Stephanie

    I just wanted to ask when you started using the Pureology? I went to the amazon link you posted and read some of the reviews, it seems that Pureology was recently bought by one of the big companies and was reformulated, so the shampoo is nothing like it used to be. A lot of the older reviews loved it, the newer ones not so much.

  • Heather

    I was wondering how many months you used Viviscal before it started working?

  • Meagan

    When you used Viviscal, did you use the old formula in the black box? Or did you use the new one in the pink box?

  • Shannon

    I’m sorry I’m late to the party, but I just have a couple of questions. I looked up the Purology shampoo and conditioner on Amazon and there are multiple kinds – volumzing, hydrating, anti-fade (for colored hair), super smooth, etc. Which did you use or recommend or are you leaving that up to the needs of the user like me who colors their hair but already has a lot of natural volume?

    Also, is Viviscal a gelatin supplement? I’ve always heard to use gelatin to grow hair and nails. AND will it also promote growth on facial and leg hair at the same time it promotes growth in the hair on your head? Just curious.

    Thanks. for posting this! I’m super excited to get started because I really miss my long hair!

  • The Coconut Oil thing sounds awesome – definitely going to start doing that! I cut my hair sometime last year and now, trying to grow it again, it’s at that awkward stage and it SUCKS.

  • Miriam

    This has worked for me started seeing results within the first 2 weeks!

  • Tanya

    I used to wear extensions… You can spot them a mile away

  • Lauren Marganski

    Trying to. Get my hair to grow longer…any suggestions? Hydrant shampoo and conditioner? What Brand is the best. I use organix….Help I want to grow an inch a month

  • Lauren Marganski

    What is it…to be so espensive?

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