How to Get Your Instagram Photos on to Your Twitter Feed

I’ve had a couple of people ask me how I get my Instagram photos to show up on Twitter as native Twitter photos instead of just a link. Today I thought I’d share.

If you have your Instagram and Twitter linked, when you post a new Instagram photo you can click Twitter and it will give you the option to post to Twitter also. When you do this, the description of your image and a link to Instagram appear in your Twitter feed. Like this:

But what if you want those Instagram photos to show up directly in your Twitter feed as native Twitter photos automatically? Here is that same tweet, with the Instagram photo appearing as a native Twitter photo:

Let’s jump in to how to do that.

How to Get Your Instagram Photos On To Your Twitter Feed  - a tutorial for bloggers and social media users about how to get their Instagram photos to appear as native Twitter photos |

1. Download IF (formerly IFTTT – If This Then That)

IF (formerly IFTTT – If This Then That) allows you to utilize their recipes to basically link things on your phone.   It’s exactly what it sounds like – if one thing happens, IF will make another thing happen.

Some cool IF recipes include save all your Instagram photos to Dropbox, if you favorite a Youtube video it will automatically send a tweet, save your favorite tweets in Pocket, or text a loved one when you leave work. All of these thing would take place automatically once you set them up.

2. Set Up The Recipe

Here is the recipe that I use to post my Instagram photos to Twitter as native photos:

IFTTT Recipe: Post your Instagram photos as native Twitter photos connects instagram to twitter

Once you add the recipe, anytime a new photo is posted by you @YourInstagramHandle, a tweet will be posted on @YourTwitterHandle with the photo appearing as a native Twitter photo, along with your caption from Instagram.

3. Post to Instagram and within moments, your photo will appear as a tweet

It’s that simple.

Happy Instagramming! Are you following me on Instagram yet?

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