How to Get Into Running If You Hate Running

If you clicked this and thought I was about to educate you about doing any physical exercise, you were wrong. I know my limitations so I recruited someone much better than me to write this: Bri from Back to Bliss

I asked Bri to help me get the ball rolling on achieving one of my 30 Before 30 goals by writing about how to get into running. I’ve always hated running and to say that I lack proper form is a gross understatement.

Still, it’s a skill I’m envious of and I desperately want to learn how to love it. In honor of this post, I even tried to go for a run yesterday. It was about 3 miles and only one mile was running. According to Bri, that’s a good start! *pats herself on the back*

Take it away, Bri!

Hello, Bri Bliss here! I blog over at Back to Bliss & Nadine asked me to talk to you today about how I got into running.

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Let me be clear, I never imagined myself as a runner. Correction – I imagined it… but I was never willing to put the work in to actually make it happen. After I had my daughter, I knew that I needed to do something drastic to get back into shape. Before I knew it, I was signed up for a 5K and committed to running 3.1 miles. 

At that point, I was determined to finish it without walking and my time goal was 33 minutes, or an 11 minute mile. I ended up crushing that 5K and then went on to sign up for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon (less than 3 weeks away! eek!) I’m by no means an expert on running, but I have learned a lot through trial and error over the past 8 months. So without further adieu, here are my tips on becoming a runner…

Start Slow

Every other time I had tried to become a runner, I went out fast & hard. Mistake! The easiest way to start running is to do intervals. I started with 2:30 of running, followed by 2:30 of walking. As I built my endurance, I gradually increased my running time & decreased my walking intervals. I celebrated every accomplishment along the way – running for a mile straight, running for 15 minutes, completing a 5K. Everything was an important step.

Invest in Quality Gear

I’m always looking for an excuse to shop & a new hobby/lifestyle is a great reason! The most important piece of gear is sneakers. I started out in Nike Free Rides, but now that I’ve increased my mileage, I run in Mizuno Wave Riders. Here are some of my other running gear essentials:

Nike Free Ride 4.0 // Lululemon Pace Skirt
GapFit Breathe Shirt // GapFit gFast Capris

The best way to get motivated is to sign up for a race. I’m not sure if I’d have stuck with it if I wasn’t signed up for that 5K and I’m positive that I wouldn’t be running 10 miles on Saturday if it wasn’t for my upcoming half marathon!

Read Up

I’ve learned A LOT about running from reading blogs. It’s a more personal way to get training tips & to get introduced to new products/events. I started by reading Skinny Runner & then met her BFF, Monica. My favorite is Hungry Runner Girl though, because she has a daughter who is only 10 days older than mine and shares just as many pictures! 

Bask in the Results

My last tip is to bask in your results! If you stick with it, running will transform your body! I’ve lost 15 pounds, dropped a pants size & have more muscle than ever. Seriously, my legs are almost as sexy as Carrie Underwood’s & who doesn’t want that going into shorts season?

September 2012 // March 2013 

What are you waiting for? Get out there & run!

And don’t forget to go visit Bri! I’m sure I’ll be thanking her when I’ve got some sexy Carrie Underwood legs too.  


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