How To Double Your Fall and Winter Wardrobe

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I have discovered the way to get all the latest fall and winter styles and spend $0. Unfortunately for you single ladies out there, this doesn’t apply to you. Recently I’ve been enjoying the wonder that is my boyfriends closet. It’s chock full of oversized (on me) sweaters, button downs ready to be belted, and slouchy thermals. All the fall styles are hanging right there, in the hall closet.

The hall closet, you ask? Why yes, I’m that girl who takes up the entire bedroom closet for her own stuff and forces her boyfriend to keep his clothes in the hall. And then I steal said clothes. Aren’t I a gem? He continues to be the sweetest and romantic guy on the planet.

See? Modern day romance, right there.

Dog Portrait

He also humors me when I swear that being a dog photographer is my true calling.

  • love this idea! i’m always stealing my boyfriends t-shirts, but recently i also discovered my dad’s closet – he has the best vintage-y sweaters and cardigans, although he’d probably be super offended if he knew i called them vintage. also loving the side braid!

  • This may sound weird….but I’m also a big fan of my father’s closet. His oversized sweaters from stores I’ll never be able to afford paired with $10 leggings >>>>>

  • I’ve been preaching this for years. When I worked at Express, I would always buy stuff from the men’s side 🙂

  • Love the outfit. I love to layer up fall/winter. Lol especially bc I live in WI.

  • I love this idea… and those booties! I will definitely be raiding my boyfriends closet soon!

  • Great idea! My husband just got a sweater with elbow patches–that is going to be my first steal:)

  • Love this outfit! I’m assuming the cardigan is yours- where from? My bf doesn’t own anything worth stealing until I want to broadcast that “Strippers love my pole” or that I love boobs. So frustrating.

  • I do the same thing to my dads closet he has the best plaid button ups that I love to steal and even has awesome warm sweaters too that I steal and claim them as my own all the time. Luckily when I pair them with my things he doesn’t always notice that I stole stuff.

  • hmmm I may just have to buy my boyfriend some cute sweaters for this reason

  • BAHAHAHAHA, I think I would look crazy wearing my husband’s sweaters! I am only 5ft and he’s a foot taller than me!!

  • Lol – the shirt looks great on you by the way. Good work.
    Claire xx

  • Love it! Your boots are the cutest!

  • The other day my boyfriend was wearing this black and white flannel shirt and I told him that I was planning on stealing it to wear one of these days and he looked at me like I was crazy. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  • Love this! You look super cute!

  • Loving this idea…now to just convince my boyfriend to wear something other than American apparel hoodies…

  • Love the color scheme here- you look so “fall”!

  • Samantha

    This has been my go to while being pregnant this fall…. his clothes fit better than mine and I’m not even mad about it. You look adorbs!

  • You my friend are a genius. I knew I liked you (I kid).

    And really, dog photographer? Best idea ever. I mean, could Archie be any cuter???

  • This sweater is gorgeous!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Don’t discount that dog photographer thing! My mom paid big money a few years ago to have professional pictures taken of our dog before she got too old. And she even had some pictures taken with her as well!

  • Haha, this idea would work for my if the majority of my man’s closet wasn’t old high school football tees. Geez 🙂 Love this though, pretty!

  • we were at H&M and my husband asked me what color beanie he should get. Of course I picked what color I liked best because I knew I would be stealing it ; ) Bravo

  • Haha, I’m literally lol-ing over this post because I would totally do the same thing. My bf has a great sense of style and I now I feel compelled to go through his closet…

  • I loved the idea of stealing the BF’s clothes to add to my wardrobe! Looks like I will have to try this out!

  • Borrowing my husband’s clothes is the best! 🙂

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