How I’m Prepping for the Wedding

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Pretty soon after we got engaged, questions began to flood in. When are you getting married? Did you pick a photographer yet? What have you done so far? As a procrastinator, my instinct was to just shrug and add “Eh, we’ve got plenty of time”. But since I desperately don’t want to be one of those brides that is like “Oh my gawd, I’m so stressed!” leading up to the wedding, I made a couple of little changes to start prepping for the wedding.

How I'm Prepping for the Wedding |

1. Upping my Veggies

I’m not good at dieting because I like food too much and have zero self-control. I’ll probably look pretty similar to how I do now on our wedding day. That said, I’d like to casually lose a couple pounds and so far I’ve been pretending to do this by just eating a ton more veggies. The hospital cafeteria has a baller salad bar so every day I fill up on raw broccoli, tomatoes, cukes, and bell peppers. Then I come home and we order takeout for dinner. I’m a work in progress.

2. Pretending to Jog

Once a week, either N or I suggest to the other that “we should start jogging.” Then we don’t. But the idea has been planted so I imagine it’ll catch on one of these days. Let’s blame the cold weather for now, mmkay?

3. Prepping My Smile

I suspect that next January 30th is going to be the most photographed day of my entire life. That said, I’m pretty much going the Ross Gellar route of teeth whitening which is basically A LOT. Kidding, kind of, but we have stepped up our toothpaste game and picked up Colgate® Optic White® Express White Toothpaste at Walmart recently.

Colgate Optic White Express White Toothpaste Colgate Optic White Express White Toothpaste

Since it has two times more of the professionally recommended whitening ingredient vs. Optic White Sparkling Mint toothpaste and you can see results in three days (just by brushing!), we could have sparkling white smiles even if we decided to elope this weekend! Don’t worry Mom, we won’t. Mostly because we can’t get our deposit back on the venue. It’s also way less hassle than whitening strips, which somehow are always brutally painful for my sensitive teeth anyway.


4. Compulsively buying red lipsticks

What’s a great way to show off my whiter smile? Red lips. Red lips all the time. I love the classic look of a bride with a red lip, so I’ve decided to be that bride. It’s a winter wedding and I’m going for a bit of a vintage look, so it works. Now I just compulsively buy red lipsticks at the drugstore. Any suggestions? My recent favorite has been the Maybelline Super Stay 14-hour Lipstick in Ravashing Rouge. This stuff lasts. I also still can’t get enough of the Hikari lipstick (shown here) in Cabernet. Gorg. Any suggestions for the perfect wedding day red would be greatly appreciated!


5. Getting Organized (sort of)

I’ve never been much of a planner kind of girl but since I’m also not great at remembering things, it needed to happen. We started to meet with vendors and it just got crazy. Add in the fact that somehow our caterer and photographer are both named Ashley, and it was just setting me up to forget something or be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I opted for a super simple planner and it’s keeping me from forgetting anything important.

So there you have it. These are the little steps I’m taking towards prepping for the wedding. Is there anything else I’m forgetting? What else do you suggest I do ahead of time to get ready?

  • I just recently picked up the Maybelline 14 Hour in Perpetually Peony. It’s a bit bolder than I normally go, but I absolutely love the quality and length of the lipstick. As for preparing for the wedding, I think you’ve got it covered.

  • Hahaha pretending to jog! I remember all the things I did to prep for my wedding too!

  • Definitely choose a blue based red and not an orange based red. The blue based red’s will also help make your teeth look even whiter!

  • Leanne

    I love red lipstick and it’s a great choice for your wedding! I’ve tried a thousand of them, and the one that I found that lasts the longest, doesn’t smudge on our teeth, or anything like that is the M.A.C. Russian Red Lipstick. Every once in a while, they do a bundle where you can get the lipgloss, lipstick and liner for a really great price, and it’s perfect! It’s a little pricey, but you won’t regret it.

  • Whitening strips definitely hurt my teeth too, but my dress was more of a cream color and that helped a lot – in addition to my lipstick. I actually ended up borrowing one of my bridesmaid’s lipsticks because I THOUGHT I had the perfect shade picked out but it actually didn’t look good at all and I went with more of a burgundy shade that complemented my bouquet and the flowers in my hair.

  • All good advice, as usual. And you’re hilarious, as usual.

  • I used MAC’s Ruby Woo for my wedding with Prep + Prime as foundation. Pricey, but worth the investment. It’s matte so it doesn’t stick 🙂

  • Moe

    I’m not even engaged or planning a wedding but I am guilty of 2/5 of the things on your list! My boyfriend’s been telling me we should go running together over the weekends, and I’ve been able to postpone it for a while now (the weather, other plans, cramps, etc.) but I can sense that the day is coming soon.

    Also, I’ve been really into red lips lately too! I’ve been more into the darker, deeper reds than the classic red that you might be interested in. And for some reason, I can imagine that classic look on you! Excited for your big day coming up! (<- that just sounded like a creeper… sorry!)

  • Samantha K

    Wedding prep is hard! Pretending to do things can definitely work for now 😉 #client

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