Honey, Lovie, Pumpkin, Hot Stuff

No, we don’t call each other any of those names.
Someone please kill me if we ever do.
Nicknames are a funny thing, aren’t they?

Somewhere along the way of dating, they start to happen.
And then one day you realize that you rarely call your significant other by their actual name.
Huh. How bout that?

To me, he is:
(no idea how that started)
(but I call my siblings this too)
(because we pretend we are fancy, and I like to speak in a British accent)

To him, I am:
Pretty Lady

Okay so it’s clear that I’m the main offender here. 
But they just happened!

So help me out, I know I’m not the only one.
What is the most embarrassing thing you call your man?
Does he call you something so adorable we’d all just melt?

Do share.

  • Umm… Kind of embarassing, my husband and I actually have our own language!! Too complicated to explain, but we always call each other “Doogie” not very endearing I know, but we started it about 4 years and haven’t stopped. I actually called him by his name yesterday without even noticing, he thought I was mad at him or something – haha!

    • haha thats so funny! I love that. It makes you closer as a couple. Too cute.

  • We call each other “bear”. Long story- ha!

    • Aww I really love that nickname actually. That’s cute and not too mushy to be super embarrassing.

  • i call bryce bub-hub, or bubby. 🙂
    it started as hubby, and then bryce+hubby=bubby….and then bub hub just happened.
    nicknames are the best!

    • Thats really cute! And it evolved naturally which makes it more endearing. Thanks for stopping by!

  • shmoopy, snugglebear, sugar lips.

    we dont have really any nicknames… except maybe “ellie” (my name is ellen), and i call him keegs (his last name is keegan). nothing too endearing. lol

    love this post! xoxo

    • Hahaha Shmoopy? I’ve never heard that but it’s a pretty hilarious one. Some people are over the top nicknames people and some aren’t. I like to pretend we’re a happy medium.

  • It drives my hubby crazy because I refer to him as Daddy! It’s not intentional but when I’m talking to the kids I’ll say “Isn’t that right Dad?” or something of that nature. Maybe we are getting old!!!

    • I think it’s pretty cute when parents do this. I had a friend in high school though whose parents still exclusively called each other mommy and daddy even though the kids were pretty much adults and it got a little weird. I think it’s normal when they are little though, right?

  • Oh dear me… I call my husband Stinky & Joji. He calls me Crazyface and Jamma. Strange, I know but it really fits us! I think it’s okay to have nicknames for each other.

    • haha these are the quirkiest so far. Take that as a compliment. Love it.

  • I call him babe, love, sugar love, boo, dearest, and Ars-Ann (his name is Arsen). He pretty much sticks with babe and CeCe, and very rarely Cel. I am also the major offender in the relationship 😉 I’m even worse with my dog! She has a bajillion nicknames!

  • My husband is bubs too!

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