Have I Passed My Prime?

My boyfriend is good for all kinds of things. Opening Jars. Reaching things in the top cabinets. Recommending good sci-fi shows. And fulfilling my daily quota for completely useless knowledge.

Never one to hold back some crazy thing he’s learned, he comes at me the other day with this: Did you you know that physically we are both past our prime?” Boy does he know how to make a girl feel good. Let me just whip out my eye cream now. Thanks, hun! <—Word I actually use all the time in real life (it’s the Baltimore in me)

And so I googled it. Turns out, we probably aren’t. Although he might be (based on the research). Woo hoo lady friends! We keep rockin it longer! But we are both at our strength peak. 

I couldn’t find a proper diagram for you, so I made one. You’re welcome.

Just add that to the list of reasons why I’ll never be offering design services.

So my first thought was, wait, this is as strong as I’m ever going to be? Because people, the amount of jars I need help opening is pretty pathetic. Upper body strength = Zero. So bad that I’m hiring movers to move us just so I don’t have to embarrass myself trying to carry the couch an end table.

This brings me to food. Oh food. I just can’t quit you. And obviously I won’t because that would make me…dead. I think we’re all familiar with Kate Moss’s saying “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Well Kate Moss can shove it because she’s obviously never had Avocado eggrolls. 

And wait. Food, all food. I have zero self control and owe a big thank you to my genetics for letting me love it without it affecting me much (yet). 

But I think what I’m getting at here is this: what if this is the best I’m ever going to look?

A shallow thought. Certainly shallow. But who isn’t, a little? What if by the time I get bit by the fitness bug, it’s twice as hard to get results? Essentially: Am I giving up my potential peak hotness?

It’s possible, friends. Very possible. And every time I see some mother of 3 drinking green smoothies and talking about how much she loves Zumba I want to smack myself in the face. I’ve got youth working in my favor. Oh and probably 10X more free time than the average mother. But I just wonder, is it really worth it? Though I’ve never been super fit, does it really feel that good? I’m going with no.

Oh, did you think this was going to be followed by some sweeping declaration of health, fitness, and self-control? Erm, no. 

Happy Friday!


Today I’m excited to introduce you to Nicole from Treasure Tromp.

Nicole has long been one of my very favorite bloggers. She’s a born and bred California girl who is leaving shortly for…wait for it….South Africa! She’s recently revealed the big news that she’s also engaged

One of my favorite things about Treasure Tromp is reading about Nicole’s travels. They include American and International adventures! It’s inspiring to see now Nicole takes advantage of the beauty around her and exploring what our country has to offer! 

She also knows what it means to go hyphy and go dumb (i.e. she’s from the Bay Area) and she’s big on gratitude. Hey, I’d be grateful if anyone that I knew on the east coast even knew what hyphy meant! She also just celebrated her 1st blogiversary. To celebrate, she’s having an epic giveaway with over 12 ad spaces up for grabs and $95 in gift cards and $60 in additional prizes! Head over to Treasure Tromp and enter!

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  • UGH this is so depressing. The other day I had two frappachinos (the first one was free and I had a long night ahead of me…) and I said that with all of the crazy running around I was going to do this summer the calories would burn right off. Then a co-worker was like “I used to be able to do that, but then I got to a certian age when it didn’t matter. The calories stayed. That was about 27.” So… I have 3 weeks until that kicks in. lol

  • Are you kidding me? It takes way longer than it should for me to open a tiny bag of fruit snacks. if I’m going downhill from here I’m in some serious trouble

  • I’m 24 and not looking forward to hitting the quarter-of-a-century mark next year. Woof.

  • If I’m going downhill in a couple years, I think I might be screwed…. Working out has never been my thing (read: I can’t run for the duration of one Lady Gaga song without practically hyperventilating) and I’d rather eat chicken fingers than a salad any day of the week….
    <3 Kiersten

  • At 29, I can tell you that the old “tricks” I used to do in order to look good NO LONGER WORK. I’m currently looking forward to it taking me 3 months to get back into shape (at least that’s how long it took me when I was 23…kill me now). Hopefully it won’t be multiplied by X.

    Also, yes, being fit DOES feel like a million bucks. You’ll have confidence oozing out of your nips, HAHA. Sorry, not sorry. Bonus points if you now get Google Search terms for nips.

  • ha! hahahaha! i knew i liked you for a reason. the love of food, the absence of drawing skills despite the best intentions…we have quite a bit in common 🙂

  • Oh man I will be 24 this year.. I bet get my butt moving! Ha ha 🙂 I love the idea of being a fitness junkie and eating healthy… but I love food too much – pizza, fried chicken, cheeseburgers, potato chips, any Chinese or Mexican food, corndogs, elephant ears.. I’m going to stop now before I devour my whole kitchen.

  • I’ve thought about this before, too! It IS pretty crazy to think/wonder that what if we are at are peak attactiveness right now and will only start getting worse? I can’t really imagine what that adjustment will be like…but I hope the change is gradual so I don’t just wake up one day feeling like an old lady!

  • And to top it all off, our metabolism apparently slows down somewhere in the late 20’s, too, so even if you ARE fit/fitness conscious, things will change. Ugh.

    I have this constant food vs. fitness vs. laziness battle, too. I manage a new exercise routine for about a week before I get bored or decide it’s probably not worth it. Even though it probably is.

  • Haaahahahaa I love this post – esp that you ended it saying you aren’t following it with some dedication to how you’re going to change your lifestyle.

    I think that we are never at our “prime.” Some people might look “better” at different ages, but honestly, I like to think that we are just constantly improving. =0)

  • Love this! Lol even though I totally am on the whole healthy/fitness wagon 🙂 Partially because of that reason! I didn’t like the idea of having to say that my body/looks peaked in high school! Lol guess I still have a couple years left

  • Your line graph is a work if art! But really the point of strength is a variable! I was probably my strongest at 25 but was it really my prime? No way. I’m a better person and stronger inside/out in my 30’s than in my 20’s. Let your man know… the best is yet to come!

  • I sometimes I think I work out or run just to eat terribly good. In the end, it’s all about what makes you feel good!

  • crap i’m 30. i’m already on the downhill slide haha. when i was 25 i worked out like crazy and ate so much shit and things just kinda worked out though i could never get super skinny. now that i’m (a little) older i feel more balanced in my eating/exercise routine which is nice. however i will say that i started using eye cream when i was about 22 – i figured it couldn’t hurt and i still get carded sometimes. so my advice to young people – use eye cream.
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  • I feel like I really had to start watching what I eat and working out right around my 30th birthday….I love FOOD SO MUCH…and back in my early 20’s I never had to worry!!!!

    I have been using eye cream since I was 23…it feels good at night when I wash all the crap off my face and I think its been a great preventative!!!!!

    xo Dinah @ Sunshine super glam

  • it’s ok my bf told me i smelled like beef jerky last night. obviously what i was going for.

  • Ummm I was JUST thinking this morning that my best year (appearance-wise) was 25. Yikes! I blame wedding planning on aging me 5 years in 9 months. Just take lots of pictures so you can use them when you’re old like me 😉

  • girrrrrl I feel ya!!! Kate Moss needs to shut up and sit down! I love food!

  • Avocado eggrolls = yes! Just had the, for the first time a couple weeks ago.
    Yep, it’s true. After 25 everything changes. But 30 is the new 20 in my book!

  • why did you have to save this for a Friday? ha. just turned 25 but life feels so good so I hope this isn’t my prime yet.

  • hahaha love the “food that tastes better than skinny feels!” So true! I’m sure you will just get better with age!




  • Yay Baltimore!! And that food looks so awesome…why did you do that to me???

  • Haha I do love a good workout but I agree with you, late Moss is cray and is obviously lying to herself. Pizza, ice cream, macaroni and cheese, it all tastes better, end of story.

  • I’ll be 28 at the end of the month and still waiting for the workout bug to bite me. I lucked out with genetics like you. Hasn’t caught up too bad, but there are definitely changes I have noticed! Its starting to scare me a bit, but not enough to put down my pizza!

  • This is crazy!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • As a pure compliment, I just wanted to mention that when I saw your post title on blog lovin’… my first thought was “Dear god, I doubt it cause you are fricken gorgeous” baha. I am only (about to turn) 21, so luckily I think I still have a few years to reach my prime. 😛


    • Well thank you! That’s beyond sweet. But who knows? Maybe it’ll all be downhill from here. The fact that I ate dominos for 3 meals this weekend probably isn’t helping my cause.

  • Love this post. Don’t feel bad about the prime thing. Some is scientific and some is cultural. Like me for example I am 22 and Albanian, and when I get asked by my relatives now that I live in my home country why I am still not married, I am like do you guys here your selves, hello I haven’t even begun to live life yet, why would I want to get married that young. I am like most people in the U.S. wait till they are at least 30. But I really like how you touched on the subject.

  • “Thanks, hun! <—Word I actually use all the time in real life (it’s the Baltimore in me)” Now I know where my Aunt picked it up. She lived in Ellicott City for several years.

    It *does* get more difficult as you age (says the 28 y.o) but I think you’ll be fine. You’re already in shape. Just do more active things like chasing Archie around 🙂

  • It’s not “hun” it’s “hon”! Hee hee 🙂
    Elizabeth ~ Girl Got Glitter (A Baltimore Beauty Blog)

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