I Hate Your Tattoo


It seems like everyone is getting inked these days. Statistically the millenials (hey, that’s me! and everyone else born from the early 80’s to the early 00’s) are the most tattooed generation – by far. Naturally my opinion might prove unpopular. But I hate your tattoo. And pretty much every tattoo I’ve ever seen.


I’m just not a tattoo person. You might be. And that’s okay. I’ve dated guys with tattoos. I have good friends with tattoos. I have many, many family members with tattoos. Several of those people have at least one tattoo that they regret. For the record, I’d really like to know the stats on how people feel about their tattoos 1 year later, 10 years later, 30 years later, etc. I’m guessing that chart would look a lot like Lindsay Lohan’s career. Or this: \

Also, is it just me or does it seem like once someone gets one, they want another. And another. And another. It’s rare to meet someone who has one tattoo. Just one. Why is that?

The funny thing is, tattoos fascinate me. If you have one, you can guarantee that I’m bursting at the seams wanting to ask you what the meaning is behind it, why you got that specific thing put on your body for the rest of your life. I love reading the stories behind tattoos on other people’s blogs. And if it’s a good story I’ll think, yeah, I get that. I see why you wanted it. That doesn’t mean I think you look better with it than you did without it. But you wanted to express yourself. To display what is on the inside, on the outside. Like I said, I get that.

To me, I almost think about tattoos the way I think about clothing. It’s something you put on your body to try to present to the world who you are, or who you want to be.

tattoo gif
Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow….No Thanks

So I try not to judge a tattoo until I hear its story. But I promise you, if you have a neck tattoo, there is no amount of story that will make me like any part of that. Nope. If your tattoo is just ridiculously stupid, I might think you are stupid. Your tattoo was a choice. You are judged by your choices in life, by the decisions you make. If you have tweety bird on your ass cheek because you lost a bet, I can’t respect that.

Though I’d never get a tattoo, it’s fun to think about what I’d get if I did get one. Perhaps my reason for not understanding tattoos is that there is nothing important enough to me that I’d want permanently etched on my body. A picture of Archie’s face? I’m certain that I’d be the person who would love their tattoo for a year and then hate it and hate myself for getting it. I’m confident in the me I am today. I’m not confident that much of what I like today, I’ll still like in 40 years. But who knows, maybe they’ll have magic tattoo removal lasers by then.

If I leave you with one thing, let it be this: It’s your body, not mine. What matters is how you feel about it and how you feel about you with a tattoo. My opinion does not mean jack. I know that. Tattoos just aren’t for me. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one in my generation who feels this way.

  • I’m right there with you on this. I don’t think I’ll ever get a tattoo for the same reason– there isn’t anything that I feel so strongly about that I’m willing to put it on my body. I’ve even been told that I’m wishy washy if I don’t have beliefs that are that strong about something…hmmm. I see people getting tattoos and often wonder why they chose what they did to be a permanent fixture on their body. Honestly, it is rare that I don’t actually laugh a little inside when I see what some people choose. I know many people have significant meaning behind what they choose, but it all still looks so weird. I mean, people will choose some of the most poorly designed things. At least make it look graphically pleasing! (Maybe that’s the artist in me speaking.) However, it is their choice and I will not hold that against them– I just might not like their tattoo.

    On a side note, I had a 13 year old student once that had a neck tattoo. I had no words for it all.

    • It surprises me that people don’t research their tattoo artist more. I wouldn’t pay someone to draw something for me, even on paper, unless I knew they were good. Tattoo artists should be artists, people who are actually artistically inclined. When many of my high school friends went out and got tattoos, they just went to the first place the found, or worse, the cheapest place. If I ever did get a tattoo, I’d go to the expensive one. The well respected artist. It only makes sense.

      And a 13 year old with a neck tattoo? Um, where are his/her parents? So sad. If I had gotten any tattoo at 13 it probably would have been something super dumb.

      • Charlie

        One of the best comments about tattoos I’ve seen on blogs. I spent years searching for that right tattoo artist. My tattoos are like photographs and with that much detail they take more time which equates to more money. I also had to pay for travel to get to my ‘artist’ tattooist and book into hotels for a week at a time. The overall cost would have bought me a 4×4 truck, but that truck will break down over time, my two sleeves will always be with me,. they’re not on my skin, they’re a permanent part of me now. Judging them is like judging a birth mark, or disability.

        When tattoos are being judged I just wonder why. I ask people what they think about my shoes, then my hair, my clothes and my mobile phone. They’re all other personal choices I made and I ask why the person did not approach me to give an opinion on them. It helps them understand tattoos are nothing more than a choice like them.

        Will the author of this blog ask the story behind the silly clothing somebody chose to wear, will she think them stupid afterwards. What about that cheap mobile phone which can’t do anything but make calls and text, is the person dumb because he hasn’t got an iPhone?

        I appreciate the author will only think bad about people and not actually voice the opinion, but why judge people by tattoos at all,

        I’ve seen a woman on a train with a single tattoo she seemed to be very proud about. I was glad I had long shirt sleeves and a coat on. Such tattoos like that make me feel like a bully if I expose my arms. I didn’t even see properly what it was.

  • Hahaha. “But I promise you, if you have a neck tattoo, there is no amount of story that will make me like any part of that.” YES, YES, YES. And leg tattoos. My husband has partial sleeves on both arms, which I like, but if he EVER tried to get a neck or leg tattoo, I’d divorce him. NO THANK YOU.

    I’m with you. It’s cool if you want to do it, but I don’t, and I will judge you on how cool or how dumb they are.

    • I can’t really even picture a leg tattoo. I’m sure I’ve seen them. I’ve seen lots of ankle tattoos on women but a leg tattoo? Like just BOOM right on the thigh? Huh. Maybe those are mostly hidden. But the neck tattoos, no way.

      • I’m actually very pro tattoos (I have four and counting) but there’s only been one calf tattoo that I’ve ever liked and it just happens to be my favorite tattoo I’ve ever seen. It was this huge floral piece taking the the entire left calf of my friend and she is the only person in the world who could ever pull that off. I think it just depends on the person and whether they are confident enough to pull of a leg tattoo (or neck tattoo, which is only tattoo artists, in my opinion).

  • I love this post! Bravo!
    I follow you on Pinterest and your awesome!

    You like Doctor Who, Harry Potter and hate tattoos, yeah!


    • I’m glad someone appreciates my nerdy pins!

  • I wholeheartedly agree. I am not a fan of tattoos. If you like them, all the more power to you. I just don’t like tattoos. Most of the tattoos I’ve seen lately leave a lot to be desired, even with the story behind them. I know that if I got a tattoo, 5 minutes later I would refuse it. Not even a tattoo of Chip would make me happy.

    • Tattoos that commemorate the death of someone important or a major life event, those I get. Maybe my life isn’t exciting enough because I have nothing so crazy that’s happened that I need to add it to my actual body.

      Jennifer Aniston had a dog she loved named Norman. When he died, she got his name in tiny cursive on the side of her foot. I secretly thought that was completely adorable. I love Archie, but I probably still wouldn’t do that.

  • I have one tattoo that I stupidly got back in 1998. Just last week I had my third laser treatment to remove it, which hurts like a you-know-what! I love tattoos, just not mine 🙂 Here’s my story… http://susancoferfell.com/?p=52

    • I grew up with a stepmom who had a tattoo she hated. I’m sure that influenced my opinion a lot. To this day she talks frequently about getting it removed because she’s so embarrassed by it. She always told us to never ever get a tattoo because we would hate it later. Thanks for leaving a link to your story!

      • Thanks for taking the time to look at it! Fortunately mine is hidden 99% of the time 🙂

    • Charlie

      Most regrets are the result of snipey comments which are better ignored or stopped. Comments by people who didn’t respect your rights to make personal choices.

      I liked the tattoo. It blended perfectly into your skin.

  • Dee

    I agree with you. Tattoos are a deal breaker for me. I am so changeable that I’m sure I will definitely hate whatever tattoo I would get. I mean, I can’t even commit to keeping the same blog design for a year because I’d get sick of it.

    • Tattoos weren’t a deal breaker for me, dating wise. I dated a guy with a huge tattoo on his arm (although I did hate it, even when we were dating). I have friends and many family members with tattoos. They just aren’t for me and I’m glad that N doesn’t have one.

  • I have a friend with a tattoo that explains it this way: It’s like your favorite piece of clothing that you think you’ll love forever. But think of your favorite piece of clothing from ten years ago. Do you still love it now? No, no you don’t.

    • Excellent point. That’s exactly how I think of it. Kudos to those people who know themselves well enough to pick something they’ll still love. I couldn’t do that.

    • Charlie

      Tattoos thought about for years and eventually done by a top tattoo ‘artist’ never become hated. They generate a lot of interest in you, they’re your little secret under your clothes much of the time. I always try to let people get to know me before they see my arms, it’s important for first impressions. Later when people realise you’ve had these tattoos all the time they’ve known you they’re like, “Wow”.

      I also know opinionated control freaks who’ve heard about my arms from others and are dying to see them. I get a lot of satisfaction from disallowing it.

      You can switch your tattoos on or off with simple clothing choices. You can do the glimpse of a large tattoo under a shirt cuff by stretching an arm which is teasing. You can stand out in the crowd with a sharp suit and take it to another level with your tattoo sleeves exposed with rolled up shirt sleeves with your waistcoat when you take off the jacket, you can wear t-shirts and jeans and do the stereotypical look. You can know people for years without them knowing you have any tattoos.

      When some people ask if I have any tattoos it’s a mood thing. Sometimes I say “Yeah, a couple” or “No, tattoos are so stupid on people” or “Yeah, I have two full tattoo sleeves from the shoulders to the wrists” and not show them, or “Might have, might not, are the stars just pin pricks in the curtain of night, who knows?”

      No, tattoos are not like a favourite shire from 10 years ago. lol

  • Ouch. Hate is a pretty strong word. Just because you don’t understand why people would get a tattoo, doesn’t mean you should judge them for doing so. I won’t be all high and mighty and pretend that I don’t judge a book by it’s cover at times, but I don’t particularly like that fact and I try my best not to judge people by appearances. My SIL thought she’d never get a tattoo..until her only brother died in his 20’s from a freak accident. She got an infinity with a heart, on her wrist, to remember him by. She only has one and she doesn’t see herself getting any more. I have a butterfly on my hip that I got 8 years ago. Don’t regret it yet and still love it. It doesn’t have any deep meaning. I just like it. I waited 10 yrs to get a tattoo to make sure it was the right one for me. I think even when I’m 80, I’ll still like my tattoo. It’s in a great spot and it will be a reminder of my younger years. I only have one for now, but I plan to get more when I figure out what I want. I’m 35 with 2 kids, married for 15 yrs. You can tell absolutely zero about me by looking at my tattoo. I know this post is your opinion and you’re certainly entitled to it. It just seems a little narrow minded. But that’s just my opinion. 🙂

    • I went back and found my SIL’s post about changing her opinion on tattoo’s. It’s a good read and she said some things better than I could have. 🙂

    • Kai

      Very, very well said. I couldn’t agree more. I think that tattoos are a form of art, a form of self expression. Are you asked to give a deep, thought out story to the music you like? To the type of books you read? To the decorations in your home? Or even to the type of clothes you wear? You just do it, because that is what you like. And I get that it may be “different” because a tattoo is permanent, but why does that matter to anyone else besides the person getting it?

      • Hi Kai,

        It doesn’t matter to anyone else besides the person getting it. I agree with you. I said that my opinion doesn’t mean jack and I meant that.

        I mentioned that I think of tattoos the way I think of clothes. It is absolutely self-expression. And that is allowed, loved, and embraced in our society. I will say that what I wore 10 years ago, I probably wouldn’t wear now. The music that I liked 10 years ago, I don’t love now. And home decor? Good god my dorm room was vomit inducing, now that I think about it. Maybe it’s just me but that’s why I wouldn’t get a tattoo. What I like now won’t be what I like later in life. As I said, they aren’t for me but it doesn’t matter what I think.

        Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

        xo, Nadine

    • Krystal G

      I actually think Nadine tried to not come off as narrow-minded by adding this: “What matters is how you feel about it and how you feel about you with a tattoo. My opinion does not mean jack.”

      She can have an opinion. If she doesn’t like them, she doesn’t like them and she has a place where she can voice that. I think disagreeing with what she says in that space is OK, but calling her narrow-minded when she purposely mentions that tattoos ultimately are a personal decision is a somewhat aggressive response.

      • Thanks, Krystal. I tried to share my opinion in a respectful way and I hope it came off that way. I guess I hope that people read all the way to the bottom of the post! My opinion doesn’t matter, but I’m still entitled to share it.

      • No one said she couldn’t have an opinion. However, using a harsh word such as “hate” and coming off as kinda judgmental, will cause people to get defensive. I did read to the end of the post and I totally get what she’s saying, but a little snippet at the end that says “my opinion doesn’t matter”, isn’t enough to make it not sound judgmental. Maybe it was my emotions talking, but narrow-minded is what came to mind when I read the post. But hey, that’s just MY opinion and it was said about this particular viewpoint, not a general judgment on her character. Nadine seems like a super sweet chick. That’s why I read her blog! 🙂 Even though I don’t agree with her, it doesn’t mean I’m not open to hearing her opinion. In fact, I like hearing the other side, BUT that doesn’t mean I’m always happy when I hear it. Like it or not, when you have a strong opinion about something that people have such strong emotions about, you’re going to be met with strong opinions right back at you. So, just as Nadine was entitled to her opinion and thoughts on the subject, when you voice that opinion on a public platform, people are also entitled to their own thoughts and feelings.

    • Hi Katie,

      You make a valid point and I thank you for adding to the conversation. Maybe I am narrow minded about this subject. I completely understand why your SIL would want a tattoo as a reminder of her brother. Those were the types of stories I was talking about in my post. Tattoos with meaning I understand, I really do.

      That being said, I do think that if a tattoo is visible, it’s likely that a person will be judged for it. When I get dressed each day and choose what clothing to put on my body, I’m projecting how I want to be seen by others. You can’t get a whole picture of who I am but you’d get an idea. It’s the reason many companies require professional dress. Whether we like it or not (and trust me, on the many days I’m shuffling around in yoga pants and uggs, I wish this wasn’t the case) people do judge us, to some extent, by what is on the outside.

      Someones tattoo is part of their story. It’s something they cared about to make it an actual part of their body. I want to hear the story! I’m absolutely not trying to pass judgement and if it’s someone I don’t know, I really just don’t care. Tattoos aren’t for me, and that’s okay.

      I want to stress what I said above: What matters is how you feel about it and how you feel about you with a tattoo.

      Thanks so much for adding to the conversation, Katie. It’s good to hear both sides of this discussion!

      xo, Nadine

      • Hey Nadine. I totally get that people judge you whether you like it or not. I tell my kids all the time, especially now that they’re getting to be teenagers, that they need to be aware of how they are presenting themselves to the world. It’s why I tell them, “no neck or face tattoos!” if they think they will get a tattoo when they’re older. It’s why I tell them they must have manners and be respectful and act a certain way. Because people judge them without knowing who they really are as people. Just because it happens though, doesn’t make it right and I guess I was just taken aback by the candidness of your post. I’m quite certain I make snap judgements all the time, but I’m not sure I’d own up to them. I don’t often voice my opinion for fear of hurting other feelings or causing controversy (I hate confrontation!). But, kudos to you though for having the balls to say, “this is my opinion” and standing by it. 🙂

  • I feel the same way- there is nothing that I like right now enough to get permanently on my body! I change my mind wayyyyyy too often to be able to decide on a lifelong image.

  • I got a tattoo in college. It’s white, on my left wrist and says creyente. And I love it. Will I get another one? Probably not seeing that my husband has the same views as your post. But I am proud of the one I have and still love it. Maybe because it is white and not an obvious tattoo? Just a daily reminder of what I want to be.

    • A bunch of my sorority sisters got white tattoos in college. They kind of looked like very dainty scars and looked pretty cool. They, of course, got silly stuff and didn’t think it through much but I like the meaning behind yours.

  • I will never get a tattoo either. I just don’t get the appeal. And a lot of my friends don’t have them either. It’s just not something that is important to me or something I feel I need. And the idea of having a needle plunged into your skin over and over and over just makes me cringe.

    • I am a huge wuss and won’t even get the actual flu shot. I get the flu-mist up my nose! Any kind of needles or blood gives me the heebie geebies.

  • I also HATE tattoos. Many people that I know that got tattoes 5 years ago are getting them covered up with more tattoos. You are such a wise mature lady…. the reason why I almost come back to read more of what you have to say!

  • I agree with every single thing you said and I think we are definitely the minority. Sometimes I like certain tattoos, but the thought of getting it permanently on my skin just seems crazy to me.

  • I don’t agree with you, BUT I totally understand your opinion. I actually really like tattoos on people, but well done ones. Then again, it’s not my place to tell someone what they can and can’t do with their body, so I usually just let it go when I hear about the tweety bird tat on the butt. 😉 I have one small tattoo on my lower hip and I plan on getting one more (also in a hidden location), but they both mean something to me. I could never get something tattooed on my body that didn’t mean something to me, which is why it took me years to decide on my first one and it’s been almost 5 years planning for this next one. It’s interesting to hear another person’s POV, though. It’s true – not many people who don’t like tattoos are vocal about it, but people that love them talk about them all the time.

    • Thank you for being respectful of my opinion. Perhaps I went to high school with a lot of dumbasses (quite possibly true) but I know so many people who turned 18 and went directly out and got something random they found on the tattoo shop wall. I’ve seen horribly done tattoos, tattoos that just make no sense, tattoos that are spelled wrong, and tattoos that people almost immediately regretted. I swear, half my cheerleading squad had either stars or butterflies somewhere on their body before graduation.

      I also didn’t mention this in my post but I grew up with a stepmom who has a tattoo that she got when she was young and now hates. She hammered it into our heads that whatever we like now, we’d probably hate later. I’m sure that influenced me.

      As I said in my post, I do love hearing the story behind meaningful and well-done tattoos. Thanks for taking the time to comment and for being so respectful!

  • That’s totally okay! I have two that I just got a few months ago (which I think you knew that…) but I don’t have any desire to get any others. I had thought about what I wanted for a really long time and I’m happy with them. But I agree that some people’s tattoos are dumb. (Like the neck thing you mentioned. Or if they get them on their face or something. UGH!) But, I guess if that’s what they want… :-/

    • LET IT BE KNOWN that when I saw your Harry Potter tattoo I thought, YES, I TOTALLY get that. And I secretly loved it. I wouldn’t get a tattoo but trust me, if I ever did, it would be hard to not incorporate something HP related into it.

      • Hahaha I love that you love my HP one. I love it too. Whenever I look down at my foot I smile. I thought about doing something not Harry Potter related, but the thought made me sad so I knew I had to go for it!

  • First of all, hello! I found your blog recently and love it–and love how obsessed you are with Archie, because I can definitely relate. 🙂

    More importantly, I definitely agree with you. I change my blog layout and design so often because what I like one day seems like a terrible idea the next, and I can’t imagine getting something like that etched permanently into my skin.

    Having said that, one of my friends suffered from pediatric cancer as a child for a good number of years, and she now has the date of her remission tattooed on her wrist. I personally think it’s a fantastic tattoo–adorable, meaningful, and always relevant.

    • I was actually just thinking that the only tattoo on a celebrity that I really really love is Jennifer Aniston. She had a beloved dog named Norman and when he died, she got his name tattooed on the side of her foot in tiny cursive. I secretly loved it because of how obsessed with Archie I am.

      As someone who works for a childhood cancer foundation, I’m so glad to hear that your friend is in remission! I hope all the kids I work with get to have tattoos like that someday 🙂

  • Haha, yikes. I have three tattoos, and one on my neck. Technically? It’s behind my ear, but my fiance says that still counts. I love tattoos, but I in no way expect my friends to love them too. Actually, I’m the only one out of the four couples we hang out with that has a tattoo… Well, me and my fiance. We’re THAT couple. And we’re all millennials. I got my first tattoo when I was 16, my mom signed off on it and I had some alcoholic ink it to my shoulder forever. He did a pretty bad job, but I still love the tattoo because of the meaning behind it. And I’ve since had a different artist go to town on it to make it look a little better. The meaning it held when I was 16 has changed now that it’s been almost a decade, but it’s still important to me because it represents a part of who I am. I can respect your POV though, because you’re entitled to have it- just like I’m entitled to have my tattoos. They’re a part of me, and I honestly cannot imagine myself not having one.

    • I wrote a whole response to this post and then my site didn’t load it when I clicked “post” 🙁 Blogging fail.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion. I will say, I don’t consider behind the year to be a neck tattoo. Behind the ear is both obvious and super hideable. I don’t really think of one on the back of the neck as a neck tattoo either. I’m talking about the ones on the side and front of the neck. I’m not a fan. You don’t usually see them on women though. Where I live it’s usually a guy with a woman’s name on the side of his neck. Those, I hate.

      Thanks again for sharing the other side of the story!

  • Wow, I didn’t expect to be in the minority in the comments here at all. I grew up not really understanding tattoos and the point of them and then I got my first one when I was 20. I got my second when I was 23, and my third when I was 24. I’d like to say I’m done now, but I can’t say for sure. I respect your opinion and I totally get your reasoning for not getting one, but I’m proud of mine and what they stand for. They are all representing different parts of my life and different people. Heck, I have a matching tattoo with my Mom and my Dad has several as well. That might have something to do with it too, because I was raised with rules obviously, but my parents also let us know that we had the freedom to do what we wanted with our bodies and I took that to heart and used it to express myself.

    • I remember seeing the one you got with your mom and I liked reading about it. I get it.

      See, I have the opposite story, parenting wise. I grew up with a stepmom who has a tattoo that she hates and is super embarrassed by. Growing up, she stressed to us over and over again never to get a tattoo because what you like at 20, you’ll hate at 50. She still hates it and has been putting money aside to get it removed. I’m sure that she influenced my opinion on this.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and share the other half of the story. I hope I presented my opinion in a respectful way (I think I did) and I’m grateful for people like you who share their opinion in a kind way.

  • I have 3 with plans for 2 to 3 more.

    I will say that I hate any and all neck and feet tattoos. Oh, and hand tattoos are also gross. All of mine can be covered.

    • You aren’t the first person to mention hand tattoos and weirdly, those don’t bother me. haha to each their own.

  • Obviously I respect your opinion and everyone is allowed their opinions but I have 2 tattoos and would like to get more. The thing about me though, I, possibly over think, my tattoos. I don’t want something that I will hate in 10 years or will be embarrassed about when I’m a little old grandma.:) I have my son and daughter’s names on each foot and the flower that is representative of their birth month. Obviously, I will never hate or regret these. Also, I work in a County Office so I like to be able to have my tattoos hidden. I know people who regret tattoos also but I don’t necessarily judge people by their tattoos either, even though I really don’t like facial tattoos and can’t understand why anyone would get one. But I guess, to each their own.

    • Thanks for leaving a respectful comment. Overthinking a tattoo is a good thing! I think I know wayyy too many people who didn’t think through their tattoos enough. I mentioned this in another comment response but I swear, half my cheerleading squad graduated from high school with either stars or a butterfly somewhere on their bodies. I understand tattoos that have meaning. Thanks for sharing yours!

  • I have one teeny tiny one, that now needs to be redone because it is fading and that makes me so angry! I don’t regret getting it, but I definitely wish it didn’t need to be redone. My fiance has three, which can’t be seen unless he is at the beach, but those I probably could live without! I can’t believe some of the things I have seen people get though – neck and hand tattoos just horrify me…it is basically accepting that you never can work in a truly professional environment.

    • I know that tattoos are much more acceptable in the workplace these days, particularly in creative fields. As our generation ages, it will become even more so. I like when people have one small, meaningful tattoo. But I do feel like you are the rare exception. It seems like once people get one, they always want more.

  • They aren’t for me either. My sister has a million! No thank you. You can get them removed but it’s painful and super expensive!!!

    • My stepmom has been wanting to get hers removed for years but it is super expensive. I’ve heard it’s actually way more painful to get them removed than it was to get them put on in the first place.

  • I’m one of those rare birds with just one single solitary tattoo, and I love it. I got it 12 years ago and I love it just as much now as I did then. In fact, I’ve thought about getting it retouched to make it pretty again (it’s just black & white, but the black has faded to a dark navy blue over the years). It’s very meaningful to me (my husband and my best friend are the only two who know the full story behind it) and I thought about getting it for roughly 5 years before it actually happened so i know it’s something I’ll continue to love as the years go on. I know plenty of people with just one or two tattoos and most of my friends don’t have any. To each their own! Like you said, what someone chooses to put on their body, whether it’s meant as self-expression or in remembrance of someone/something, it’s their choice. My husband has one (and only one) tattoo and as much as he still loves it after 14 years, he occasionally mentions “possibly removing it sometime in the future.” I don’t think he ever will because I think deep down he really does love it, but it definitely reminds you how permanent such a choice is. I don’t see myself getting any other tattoos simply because there’s nothing else I want as much as I wanted this one, but if I DID decide to get another, it would not be a hasty decision. No emoji cat tats on the inner lip for me! (Oh Miley …)

  • Respectfully, I must say that the title of this post is a bit offensive and comes off as very “judgey”. At least it is to me, personally, as someone with 6 different (small) tattoos on different areas of my body. But also to me, personally, someone who has deep meanings behind all 6 tattoos and how they’ve picked me up through harder times in my life. My tattoos aren’t like my clothes, they weren’t designed to be trendy or stylish, hell they’re not even *really* an expression, more like little pieces of my story displayed where I can’t miss them, to keep me focused and positive. Actually the comparison of clothes and tattoos, alone, is more comical than offensive, to be honest. The two have no relation, as far as the tattoos on my body (and many of of the “millenials” I know, as well) are concerned.

    While I understand everyone has their own opinions on everything, I just think it’s a bit drastic to use the term “hate” when describing your opinions on something so many of us not only have, but deeply treasure and feel passionate about. Not trying to stir the pot here, this is just my two cents on a topic close to my heart.

    • Hi Whitney,

      You’re right. The title is a little shocking and the word hate is strong. Maybe I should have worded it differently but I hope that the entire post did not come off as judgey. I guess the right title would have have been “I probably don’t love your tattoo unless it has meaning to you and then okay, I get it but I still wouldn’t get one myself.” But that just doesn’t work for a blog title 😉 It was not my intention to be judgey, just to share. I mentioned that I love reading tattoo stories and I’ve loved reading yours in particular.

      I mentioned in some other comment responses that I grew up with a stepmom who has a tattoo that she got in her 20’s that she now hates. She is embarrassed by it and has considered getting it removed many times. I think her influence and her reminding us so often that what we like now, we may not like later, really shaped how I feel about tattoos.

      Obviously I’m in the minority in my feelings about tattoos. I’m okay with that. I have many people who I love who love tattoos and that’s totally fine. As I said in my post, what matters is how you feel about it and how you feel about you with a tattoo. My opinion does not mean anything.

      Thanks for adding to the other side of the conversation!

      xo, Nadine

  • Being that I am about 50% covered in tattoos, I am totally used to being judged… My opinion, I got it for me and not for them… If you are super sensitive, don’t get tattooed because people are going to ask, to judge and to try to even touch them… It’s totally not for everyone… I sooo want a neck tattoo but I promised my mommy… LOL

  • i feel 100% the same as you do. i’ve said “oh i don’t like them on me” but really i don’t like them. never have.

  • I can say that the title was arresting. Especially considering I have a half sleeve of my own that’s less than a year old and something I’m learning to grow into (especially because I did it ALL at once and live in a very small, conservative town). But, isn’t arresting titles what blogging’s about? YES.

    I don’t think you hate them. Not at all. Because to hate tattoos would not allow space for appreciating them as art (which you said you do), as stories (with meaning), and as a lifestyle preference. I think, yes, they aren’t for you, just like plugs in the ears and purple hair aren’t for me. 🙂 The important part is realizing, no I don’t want one, but yes other people -women and men alike- can rock them because some of the response I’ve received says I hate you because you have tattoos. That sort of ignorance is so sad to me.

    Mine are laden with meaning. Mostly because my dad is dying and him, my brother, and I all have matching crosses (mine just happens to be a bit more feminine). Never did I imagine myself with a half sleeve, but life takes crazy-wild turns and three years ago I knew it was what I needed for my own story. And my husband said no. Then, two years later, he said he knew it would be beautiful. So I researched (because WHY WOULDN’T YOU) and then I went and got it. I’ve never looked back.

    I appreciate you for this. The dramatic title and all. 🙂

    • Amber, I have to say, my first, second, and third draft of this post all included links to your posts about your tattoos. I have loved reading about yours, really and truly. I hesitated to include them because I didn’t want you to be offended by the title and then having several links to your blog on that post. Your tattoo makes so much sense to me. There is so much beauty in it.

      The post you wrote about the little girl, OH my, that was really incredible. And I promise I would never say to someone (and I honestly probably wouldn’t think it either unless someone had tattoos all over their face) that they “ruined” themselves. I remember that post too and being so shocked by it.

      Thanks for seeing the title for what it was. It was a little shocking, true. I think if people took the time to read through the post, they’d see what you saw. I didn’t want to offend anyone but tattoos aren’t for me. And that’s okay.

  • I’m also one of those people that are fascinated by tattoos, but don’t think I’d ever get one. I’ve flirted with the idea, but I know how strongly I need change in my life + I don’t love/like anything anything so much that I’d want to put it on my body at this point in my life Tattoos are lovely and I have a deep admiration for them and the stories behind them, but they’re just not for me and I’m not sure they ever will be!


  • Melissa

    That title… I must say, it worked to get me to click, but I was already a little taken aback before I started reading your post. I just feel the word hate is so strong that it comes off very abrasively to those of us who may not feel the same way. Reading through the comments as well as your post, I see that you mention you didn’t mean the title to be that way so hey, at least it works for clicks!

    Respectfully though, I must say I don’t agree. I myself have well over 10 tattoos (probably closer to 25 now, depending on how you count them) and of those, two are actually 10 years old. Surprisingly, I got my first two at age 15 – my dad actually did both of them for me. While there is certainly the potential that I will one day regret them, I don’t think that will be the case. Each has a story behind them that I will happily share if asked, and each of them represents something that has very much shaped who I am today.

    I think you made a lot of great points, there are certainly tattoos that I got based on something I deeply love now and perhaps one day that will change. Just wanted to share the other side!

    • Thanks for seeing the title for what it was. Sometimes a shocking headline works in blog world. Then you get the rest of your blog post to clarify what you actually meant. I hope I managed to do that.

      I’m loving reading peoples stories about the other side of this discussion and I thank you for contributing to it in such a respectful way.

      I know tons of people get meaningful tattoos that they will never regret. Maybe I just happen to know a more than normal amount of people who do regret their tattoo choice. I know that I don’t trust myself enough to get something tattooed on me but the fact that you know yourself well enough that you know you’ll still like it in 10 years, that’s an awesome thing.

      Thanks for sharing!

  • It’s really rare these days to find someone who doesn’t have ANY tattoos. I have them, pretty much all of my friends have them. And yes, just like you said, I want more. Personally, I LOVE tattoos. I like them on me, I like them on others, I LOVE them on guys. I totally get why someone wouldn’t want them though. It’s a BIG commitment and if you don’t absolutely LOVE it, you shouldn’t get it.

    Yes, there’s one tattoo I have that I regret getting. And maybe one day I’ll get it removed or cover it with another tattoo….but thank GOODNESS it’s nothing embarrassing. So I can live with having it for now.

    xo Denise

    • I wonder if our children’s generation will be as in to tattoos as the millenials are. I know a lot of time the next generation swings the other direction with things like this. I know so many people with tattoos. I dated a guy with a half sleeve in college and honestly, I hated it, even when we were dating. Sometimes it’s fun to take a step back and realize just how different every person on the planet is. So fascinating. Thanks for taking the time to add your two cents!

  • This is crazy – we are absolutely on the same page! Love this perspective!

  • At the hospital I used to work at I had a patient, she was a young 20-something year old girl who came in with flu-like symptoms. She was an artist and had recently gotten a tattoo (not sure if she did it herself or had it done), which got infected and was causing her symptoms. Long story short things escalated quickly, she ended up on the vent, and they had to amputate both her legs and her hands… all during the time period she was unconscious. So basically when she woke up, which she was lucky to even do, she found out she had no legs or hands and could no longer do her art. True story and I tell everyone I know who is thinking about getting a tattoo.

  • Kim

    I guess I would just echo what others have said here : it’s really the title of your post that is off-putting. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and while I personally can’t understand why people even give a second thought to other people’s tattoos whatevs, to each his own. It seems like you just don’t understand/ are apathetic towards tattoos… But then again I’m sure the title was because it was provocative and bc you knew it would draw traffic and it did so it worked.

    • I know, it was off-putting but now it’s too late to change it, you know? I wrote in a comment above that the correct title would have been: “I probably don’t love your tattoo unless it has meaning to you and then okay, I get it but I still wouldn’t get one myself” but that’s a little long for a title 😉 Thanks for adding your two cents!

      • See, you had me until you commented this. It’s actually never too late to change the blog title. But hey, anything for traffic.

  • My boyfriend is not a fan of tattoos either and wasn’t too happy when I got mine but I love it. It is nothing really special and the only real significance behind is that I got it with our exchange student but other than that it’s just a fun tattoo. But I agree I love hearing the background story on someones tattoo it is so interesting to me.

  • Elizabeth

    I don’t have a tattoo and never will. I consider my style & personality as classic/timeless. Some have call me old-fashioned (which is also a judgement, but that’s for another day).

    I’ve seen regretted tattoos (dated a guy who had Buddha tattooed on his back and then converted to Christianity) and I’ve seen tattoos that have meaning. Just because I don’t have any doesn’t keep me from having close friends who do!

    I know I’d personally regret getting one. That’s my own choice. Just like getting one is another person’s choice.

    You have guts, girl! And good for you for standing up for what you believe even if it isn’t the popular choice. If nothing else, people should respect you for that.

  • I got my tattoo 14 years ago, I was 20. It’s an angel, on the small of my back, I now know they are “tramp stamps” I wasn’t one of those I just at the time thought a tattoo would be cool. I hate it now. I am always trying to cover it up so people don’t judge me as a bad mom for it now.
    I will be honest I did think of getting another tattoo to cover it up though cause I hate it that much. There isn’t an interesting story behind it except I wanted it at the time.

  • I love this!!!! I have 4 tattoos. I got all of them when I was 18 and I regret all but 1 of them. (You actually might like the one I don’t regret…it’s on the top of my foot and looks great when I am wearing a chic pair of pumps!). I am actually in the process of looking into getting the 3 I hate removed (Thank God they are all super small)…But you want to know the funny thing? I actually want another one! And it is an ode to my pet. Crazy, I know. I don’t know if I will actually ever go through with it though…but the want is still there. Kelly Osbourne (who is getting her tattoos removed now) once said the only part that you crave about getting another tattoo is actually getting the tattoo..in a weird way you crave the pain. And I couldn’t agree more! Great post!

  • PS – I sometimes have a reoccurring nightmare that I got a face tattoo! The horror! The first time I had the nightmares was around the time I was coming to terms with my tattoo regret. haha

  • How funny, I have 2 neck tats. One of them along with the one on my ankle I’m getting removed. Not because I regret getting them, but because society still hasn’t accepted them enough for me to continue to not get jobs because I have them. Unfortunately people with a more extreme way of your thinking are preventing people to be embraced for who they are on the inside as opposed to what they see on the outside. It’s the same as judging someone because they wear skinny jeans or gaudy jewelry. You’re still judging them, and that’s not very fair.

  • I don’t have any tattoos ANSI thought I would never gets but now I want to get one in remembrance of my mom.

  • I love your honesty on the subject. I share your feelings completely I see so many people around me getting tattoos because they are on trend and I think it’s so silly because nine times out of ten you hate the image in five yeArs… Thanks again for touching on a subjects that goes unspoken. 🙂

  • I really want to comment but I’ve got too much to say, so check out my blog post on this!


  • I’m SO late to commenting on this because I haven’t been on my laptop much but I have to say I applaud your total honesty on the subject! While I have a tiny tattoo on my wrist that was inspired by my love of HP, I’m kind of a hypocrite in that I don’t generally like a lot of the tattoos on others. I know that each tattoo’s meaning is tailored to the individual but I feel like there are also a lot of really stupid ones out there that weren’t really gotten with a lot of thought behind them. But ya know, each to their own! One reason I’ve always liked your blog is because of your honesty on different subjects & this post is no different. Hope you had a great weekend!

  • Kait

    I think that even if I wasn’t afraid of needles, I wouldn’t get a tattoo. I can’t think of anything I like enough to have it permanently on my body! LOL
    Dane doesn’t have any and he feels very strongly about them as a whole. I won’t say hate because it is such a strong word, but I tend to agree with him. It’s an unfortunate reality that people judge you when you have them. I have my cartilage pierced and it was one of the first things an employer noticed–and referenced–during my first ever job interview!

  • I don’t understand why people are so offended by your title. If a person has a tattoo that they love, why do they care if someone makes the blanket statement “I hate your tattoo?” Did they get the tattoo so that others would love it? I certainly hope not. People love or hate tattoos, and that’s just a fact of life. If you get offended over someone hating tattoos, then I think there are issues that run deeper than the tattoo itself that need to be worked out.

    • I get offended by people saying they give a blanket statement saying they hate a specific thing or specific group of people who have a specific thing when they specific thing is not inherently, objectively, evil or wrong. You don’t think that’s deep enough?

      There is no black and white love or hate, as you describe. There is grey in everything.

      • *the specific thing

        I should add I have zero tattoos. Not that that matters but it appears that fact bears some weight around here.

        • Her title didn’t say she hates people with tattoos, just tattoos. Everybody hates something that other people love. If I got offended every time someone said they hated working out or hated reading I’d spend all my time being offended. People are personalizing this waaayyy too much. Her post right before this is titled “7 Reasons I’ll Never Get a Masters Degree.” I actually have one of those. Am I offended by her post? Not in the slightest.

  • Cayla

    New follower 🙂
    I’m with ya on this one girl. I try not to judge, and like you, like to listen to stories and the meaning behind them, but it’s one of those things I’ve never been “on board” with or completely understood. My husband got one drunk in college and he tells me all the time it’s his biggest regret. He actually hates having to explain to people about it. Love the blog!

  • Brittany

    I cannot with these bloggers. I’m confused….I thought the point of a blog was being able to discuss your feelings and beliefs as you see fit? I wasn’t aware that there was some code of honor that you were supposed to tailor your personal beliefs so as not to “offend” others. I love this post. I have several tattoos and love them, but to each their own. The reason that I love this post is because it’s honest. If you HATE tattoos, like the title of your post says, more power to you girl! Don’t sugarcoat it on our behalf! The rest of the post was wonderfully and sensitively written and people that are crying in a corner or writing passive-aggressive posts on their own shallow blogs about it are simply doing it for their own clicks.

    Proud of you! Keep it up and don’t feel bad about your opinion OR how you chose to express it! 🙂

    • Jen

      YES! I couldn’t agree more and I couldn’t have said it any better.

    • Thank you so much for this comment. I hoped when I hit publish that I wrote it in a sensitive way. I try not to judge and I have many people I love who love tattoos. We have different opinions and that’s okay!

  • I’m totally with you. There are the rare few tattoos that I see that I’m like yeah, that’s something cool to have on your body forever… but that’s few and far between for me. I’m not a big tattoo person myself. I don’t judge others at all though- if that’s what you want on you then whatevs. I have had nightmares about getting massive tattoos on my back that were really messed up by the artist hahaha… so I probably won’t ever get one 😉

  • kelly wearstler

    I hate tattoos, too. They are awful. I cannot wrap my brain around ever getting one-EVEN IF it has significant meaning to you. And I have dated guys with sleeves. But, for women, tattoos are trashy. Sorry, but the word trashy still exists, and tattoos are the epitome of trashiness. There I said it.

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  • Joe G

    I hate tattoos and not sure why. There are very things where I use “hate”. As a 51 year old gay man, I am surprised by the numbers of gay men my age who have them. Some designs are horrible, what about the ones with misspelled words? Those of us who don’t have them have to act like they are cool. I don’t get it. I work in consulting and I rarely see others in corporate America with them.

    I agree with all the posts that point out good reasons not to get them. They are expensive, may cause regret, expensive and painful to remove, and many times they turn out ugly. But even the smaller, discreet, artistic ones do nothing for me.

    I have images of Holocaust victims being forced to have numbers tattooed against their will. Maybe that has something to do with it.

    It’s ironic because piercings usually don’t bother me (except the ones through the nostrils). With piercings I am indifferent, so does anyone have any idea why I truly hate tattoos?

    Many of you have pointed out that since they are now so mainstream, they don’t suggest that someone is on the fringe of society or a general badass.

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  • T.B.Told

    As George Carlin eloquently stated “Tatoos are stupid why would you do anything to your body that would make it easier for the police to identify you”?

    After seeing some of the tattoos women tend to put on their feet these days I would be inclined to agree with him. They are now being called “Footzillas”.

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