Happy Humid-day!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. Mine was spent pretty much like I’d spend any normal Sunday (did it feel like a Sunday to you too?) except that it ended with fireworks. And it was so humid that we all were sweating profusely the entire day. That part wasn’t my favorite. I did get a chance to take my siblings to the playground to goof off for a bit. 

Handsome Gavin. Side note: I took this while swinging! How talented am I? 

What happens when you give an 11 year-old the camera. Not bad, actually.

Cause we’re grown ups.

Sisters. She is the live version of Merida from Brave.

My handsome fella.

Have you tried this recently? It’s 100 times harder as an adult. In this photo I
make it look like I’m going to continue across but really I fell right after this. ha

In the 10 other versions of this photo, you can see up my skirt. Fail on the outfit choice, Nadine. 

I love these two and they are a constant reminder of how not ready I am for kids any time soon. 

That’s really the only reason I posted the photo.

Obviously the 4th wasn’t complete without Smores.
From the looks of some of these photos (and the 100 others that I’m not in), I’d have to say my photography skills are slightly improving. One of my 30 Before 30 goals is to by a DSLR camera and learn how to use it. Right now I’m using my beau’s Canon point and shoot. It does the job but I can’t wait to learn how to take truly beautiful photographs. 

So tell me, how did you spend your 4th of July?
Did it not really feel like a holiday to you either?

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