Half Asleep

Sometimes late at night, just as I’m drifting off to sleep, I have these crazy nightmares. Most of the time I can’t tell if I’m awake or asleep. They aren’t exactly dreams but it’s almost like one clip of something replays in my head over and over. And it’s never something good.

These little nightmares always seem to be about something terrible happening to my family and loved ones. You know just when you fall asleep and you like twitch and it wakes you up? It’s like that. I wake up an a panic, adrenaline all rushing through my body. 

Usually I can fall back asleep pretty quickly but some just stick with me. The topics of these mini-nightmares, are always super specific. Some recent ones include:
I’m in a plane with someone I love and it’s crashing.
My Dad is cleaning the gutters and falls off the roof (random but terrifying).
I get a phone call from my Mom that something has happened to my Step-Dad or Grandma (rotates between the two).
My beau is in a car accident.
I find out that one of my siblings has cancer.
The thing is, all of these things could happen. It’s just that in my normal day they aren’t something I worry tremendously about.

I know I’m an anxious person. Or as my grandmother would call it (cause she’s one too): a worrier. We worry. We just do. About things that could happen and things that probably never will.

And although I can’t complain about much in my life (I know I’ve got it good), this little piece of me just drives me crazy. I’m not sure how to make it stop.

So tell me, has this ever happened to you?
(I might just be an anxious weirdo)
Any suggestions on how to make this stop?

  • This actually did used to happen to me too when I was a kid. I had bad dreams a lot more than most kids. It may sound weird, but I listened to some really calming tapes (yes, tapes back then in the early 90’s!!) and that helped me. Maybe try listening to calm soothing music before sleep?

    • I’m definitely going to give this a try. I think it might really help. I hope it doesn’t bother my beau though. Thanks for helping!

  • I’m a really anxious person too. These thoughts don’t necessarily come to me in my sleep, but I’ll just have moments when I am SO convinced something truly awful is going to happen to someone I love. I don’t have any perfect tips for dealing with it, except, take a deep breath and remind yourself that nothing is actually happen — and if it does happen, what can you do about it? Nothing. Tell yourself you will cross that bridge when and if you get to it.

    • Sometimes I wonder if people have always been this anxious or if the modern world has turned us into these worriers. Maybe they just worried about different things back then. I think I need to learn to meditate or something haha.

  • omg u poor thing! i would definitely try the soothing music to put your mind at ease! 🙁

    • Interesting idea. I actually have a sound machine in my alarm clock that makes it sound like we are at the ocean or something. I feel a little silly now that I think about it that I’ve never tried to use it.

  • i wake up panicing and crying from nightmares at least 2-3 times a week…my hubby says to think of happy thoughts and dreams before you fall asleep…and i try, but i guess i’m not trying hard enough!

    • Aw that sounds terrible. I’m lucky that once I’m really out, I don’t wake up for anything. But it really can make sleeping a whole different ball game when anxiety/nightmares get in the mix. We both need to work on our happy thoughts!

  • Sometimes I have worrisome dreams, too. You are not alone. In fact, I freak out about ev-er-y-thing. Case in point? Check this embarrassment out! http://likeordinarylife.com/post/22363338936/the-worries-of-worrying

    I hear ya on the anxiety front. My advice? Don’t watch the news/ scary/ violent TV before bed. That always does it for me. Otherwise, my brother and sister will be chased by a terrorist through the streets of Syria with a crazy ex-chemistry teacher turned meth lord named Walt. It never has a good ending.

    • Haha okay your description was pretty funny. I think it’s interesting that we both got our worry wart tendencies from our grandmothers. Funny how that happens. Honestly, I don’t really watch much violent or scary tv at all. I do watch Homeland though. Maybe that should only happen right when I get home from work. Thanks, Tina. Glad to know I’m not alone.

  • Kind of sounds like the dreams I’ve been having during my pregnancy! They’re always so random, weird, scary and very very vivid. I’d say to just try to relax in an “un-plugged” way before bed time. 🙂

    • Well I hope that’s not why I’m having these dreams. Not for a few years haha. I definitely need to work on unplugging. I’ve been reading before bed now which I think might be helping. I read until I cannot keep my eyes open and then I turn the light off. Thanks for sharing!

    • Um, so after I wrote this last night, I had an insane dream.. that involved tornadoes. But I always survive in the most G.I.Jane way possible. Haha! Thought I’d share

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