Guest Post: Kaylin from Stay Blonde, Ski Local

Today is a guest post from Kaylin at Stay Blonde, Ski Local. She’s my RL bestie! She wrote the post below for me to post while I was on vacation at the Delaware beaches but because of some technical difficulties, I was unable to post it. This post really shows why I  love her. It’s sassy and it is Kaylin, to a T. It makes me miss her more!

I am Kaylin, Nadine’s West Coast bestie. I started blogging after she said she was starting a blog. So in the weirdest of ways we are on this ‘journey’ together.  
Here’s a little about me: I probably spent more nights with Nadine in college then anyone else.  I also am probably responsible for 50% of her college drinking.


Our favorites things to do together are: Drive down the freeway blaring Rascal Flatts, go to the 24 hour Wal Mart at 2am, and eat food (out or homemade) together.

 Because she’s back on the East Coast we don’t have the daily bestie relationship. 

The things I miss most are music sharing, outfit consulting, and random adventuring.  I have come to love her life on the East coast, because I always knew she’d go back, but I am admittedly anxious for our next reunion.

She’s in Delaware at the beach and asked me to guest post (Nadine’s note: fail on my part), so I am finally going to get this post out there for everyone to read.
 It’s a little blunt, honest, and real.  But that’s me.  I wrote this a couple weeks ago, and have been too scared to share it, but none the less. 

It’s here:

It’s not your happiness

. So, go ahead, judge away.

 Here’s the deal folks, people are always going to judge.
 I am VERY guilty of this, as I am sure if you’re being honest with yourself you do too.
 As much as I try not too.  I fail. Often. And I am okay with it.  As long as I am constantly working on it!

Because when people judge me, I sometimes get frustrated.

But then I remember. 
It’s not their happiness.

In High School…
I was judged for not taking AP classes 

for voluntarily choosing to go to college in the same town as I grew up.

for sewing my prom dress 

…I am glad I didn’t 

…I loved my College

…I think this is such a lost art

In College…
I was judged for working too much 

Joining Delta Gamma

Being able to travel so often

…I got great work experience

…I loved Delta Gamma

….traveling was my treat to myself

At Work…
It’s been said I am a brown noser

I am too young for my position

Have a ‘very flexible schedule’

…I have a strong work ethic

…I am fulfilling all aspects of my job, and excelling 

…they can trust me, I’ll get my work done

After College
I was judged for moving home for a three month gap period

For moving in with my boyfriend too fast

And for buying myself a nice car

…this time strengthened my relationship with my parents

…I just felt right, and it’s been working perfectly for seven months already

…I bought the car, and it’s MY money, so deal with it

But if you want to JUDGE me, GO RIGHT ON AHEAD.
 I am too happy, healthy, and motivated to even worry about what you think.

I have made decisions in my life, and it’s mine.
When I need advice, I seek it.

When I want help, I ask for it.

When I can’t, I find a way to ‘can’

So I am a small town girl, so I didn’t buy the most expensive prom dress, so I was a sorority girl, so I like my job and work hard. 

Deal with it.

I’m happy, honest, and genuine, and happy to meet you all!
If you’re happy with the decisions you’ve made; If you have no regrets. 
Don’t let the judging get to you, because here’s the real deal:

We’re all doing the same thing at the end of the day.
 Living and loving the life we have created, and working hard to every day.

Go over and visit Kaylin at Stay Blonde, Ski Local
You’ll love her just as much as I do.

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