Grandma Nails and Conference Tales

Whoever read Wednesday’s Ativan fueled post from the airport and still wants to be friends, 
you’re awesome.
I’m a super wuss but my flight was fine and I was asleep for both legs of the flight.
In fact, on the first flight, I only woke up when the wheels touched the ground. 
Now only 2 more flights left to get home!
But for now, I’m in Indianapolis.

So far, Indy is beautiful.
I knew it would be but I was shocked by how flat it was when we landed.
The other thing is, everyone is so nice!
Seriously. Everyone.
It’s super awesome.
So thanks, middle America.

I should mention, I’m in Indianapolis for a HUGE conference.
I had to speak last night in front of hundreds, if not thousands of people.
In preparation for all of the schmoozing and handshaking I’m going to do,
I got my very first gel manicure.
Here’s how I feel about it: meh.
I think it’s the color I chose.
It’s neutrally-pink. I thought it was going to be pale pink.
It’s very “grandma”.

See? Professional, but kind of grandma-y.
And not to be a complainer but, she didn’t even massage my hand at all!
I’m I crazy to expect a mini-hand massage?

The good news about being at a conference is,
I get to play dress up in my professional wardrobe.
Since then, I put my business clothes in plastic tubs in the basement.
But I’ve dusted off the ever classic black pencil skirt, 
and last night I even enjoyed wearing heels.
For about 37 minutes.

The conference has been very social, to say the least.
Everyone is shmoozing and drinking and I’m like
uhhh aren’t we supposed to be working?
I miss my boys and I can’t wait to get back home to them.
On a positive note, Nav tells me Archie slept through the night!
Happy Friday!

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