Too Many Good Things Are Happening

I can confidently say that this week has been one of the best weeks of my life. Perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket because it feels like luck is on my side right now and I can’t stop smiling. So enough with the vague updates, let’s get on with it.

Ritas Frozen Custard
I call this nail color “Tardis Blue”. Blue nail polish and rainbow sprinkles really say “I’m an adult”.
    • If you follow me on Twitter, you know that my car broke down. It does that sometimes because I refuse to buy a new one because I’m not a car person and I don’t care that the paint is peeling off. I was fairly sure that I was facing a hefty repair so when I got a call that it was only a blown tube and would total $135, I was beyond thrilled.
    • At 2:03pm on Wednesday, my whole world changed. You see, I’ve been vague about some of the things going on in my life, and I know that’s been annoying. At 2:03pm, Lisette was in the middle of setting up my new blog design. I had a ton of work to do, switching over social media profiles and writing an introductory post. And then my phone rang. I received a job offer for a job I really really wanted. I happily accepted. So while I kept refreshing my blog page with excitement, my heart was also bursting, knowing that I get to continue to do work that I care about, working with kids. And hey, my blog looks damn pretty too.
    • Immediately after hearing all this in a 12 hour span, I was fairly sure I was going to die. If every single thing falls in to place all at once, something bad is bound to happen, right? N rolled his eyes when I told him this and then took me out to a glorious sushi dinner.
    • I got so excited following the phone call and had to rush out to a work event. Doing your makeup while calling every member of your family is not the best idea for someone who isn’t stellar at makeup to begin with. And that’s how I wound up with double the amount of cream blush that any human should wear ever. And of course the work event involved a lot of smiling and picture-taking. Lovely.
    • But since it can’t be all sunshine and rainbows, I should tell you that I’ve fallen out of love with my short hair. It’s been rainy and I can’t curl it and really, I’m just over it. The humidity  is not helping. I miss braids. But aside from that, I’m feeling on top of the world!

I’m headed to the beach this weekend. If one more good thing happens to me, I’ll cry and implode. My heart can’t handle all this goodness.

  • amazing! So happy for you, Nadine! When do you start your new job?

  • What an amazing week! Congratulations!!!

  • Congrats Nadine! I am so happy for you! The new blog design looks fab, though I’d expect nothing less from Lisette! xo

  • congratulations on the job!!! that’s always sooo exciting.
    also, i LOVE the new brand and design!

  • Hooray! Good for you! All that Friday the 13th mumbo jumbo worked out to your benefit! And I’m loving the nail polish, both the color and the Doctor Who reference!

  • Awee yayfor amazing things! You have me craving an ice cream cone so hard….
    ps- is it August yet? I need some new DW in my life right MEOW.

  • Congrats! !

    I don’t think any bad luck will befall you soon, but I often think the same (ie: something horrible will happen) when a lot of good things happen. Glad I’m not the only one!


  • Congratulations! I’m currently in the midst of a relocation and job hunt, so I know how excited I would be if I get the gig that I’ve been eyeing. Congrats!!!

  • Congrats on your new job!! And I totally feel you on the hair. I chopped mine back in march and I want my long ponytail and pigtail hair back. 🙁 In time…

  • Yay! Congrats on your job offer! So happy for you! I agree. Your blog looks pretty darn good! 😉 Awesome job!

  • Ahhh so many wonderful things! Congratulations! So happy for you. xo

  • Okay I totally had no idea who I was reading I was like who is east&? But now I get it and I love it and congrats on your new job!!! Amazing!! Soooo happy for you!!

  • Heart full of goodness and joy is a good way to start the weekend!

  • CONGRATS! Enjoy all these good things and have a great weekend. The new blog looks great, I love the story behind East &

  • Cat

    Congrats on the awesome week! I love it when everything just falls together perfectly — Your blog design looks gorgeous!

    Unrelated: I desperately want an ice cream cone now. With extra sprinkles.

  • This is all so exciting!!! Congrats! And I am diggin the new blog so much!

  • Ah thats so exciting. I recently got my hair cut short also and I’m having issues even getting the curling iron to work because my hair wraps around like once. I like it usually but its just my bangs that have been a pain in the ass Im trying to grow them out and for some reason my side bangs just are not working. Ah the life of a girl….

  • EEEEEEEEE!!! Congrats! All great things and I can’t wait to hear more about the job.

  • Congratulations on the new job!! And sometimes good things just happen – don’t worry about anything else and enjoy the moments of awesomeness that you are experiencing!! Have a great weekend!!

  • Ahhh congratulations!! So thrilled for you 🙂 But I disagree – I think you can handle a few more good things!

  • LOVE the new blog design and congratulations on the job!! Happy for you. 🙂

  • Yay!! That’s so awesome!!! Congrats!!!

  • 1. Woo! Congratulations!

    2. That nail polish truly is Tardis blue. I’m in love. What kind is it?

  • Congratulations! New blog and new job – what a great week!

  • Congratulations on the new job!! If it’s something you love, I’m sure you’ll be amazing at it!! I recently started a new job myself, and I’ve been absolutely loving it, so I hope the same happens for you 🙂

    Congrats on an awesome week – enjoy the beach this weekend! Hopefully it’s not as rainy as it is here in PA.

  • Awwwww! I’m so excited for you!! Enjoy the weekend at the beach!

  • I love TARDIS blue!! That sprinkle cone looks so good, I could eat one now. Yay, congratulations!!!

  • congrats on the new job!!!!
    glad that you get to work on something that you love.

  • Samantha

    Wooooo congrats!!!

  • glad you had such a great week! I lovvvved my short hair for about a month and then it grew out a tiny bit and it has been annoying ever since. I just want to put it in a high pony but it all falls out. so sad. haha

  • Congrats on the new job. That is very exciting!

  • I am so happy for you, hope the job is all you expect it to be and yeah you blog looks pretty

  • Kait

    If you’ve fallen out of love with your short hair, I’ll take it. You rock it better than anyone I know!! I’m annoyingly growing mine out for the wedding…I can’t wait to chop it!

  • Congratulations on the job offer and the gorgeous new blog design! Sounds like things are going wonderfully for you 😀

  • Congrats!
    And now I want Ice cream! 🙁

  • Your post is bursting with positive vibes and happiness which made me smile – it’s definitely contagious!! 🙂

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