3 Steps to Fundraising Success

Hello Back East Blonde readers! My name is Autumn and I blog over at The Unreal Life, where I document my attempts to stop dating assholes, say no to strangers and use appropriate office lingo. I have a love for all things dive bar, eating strangers’ hamburgers and dream interpretation.

Since Nadine and I both work in the nonprofit world, I thought it would be fun to do a little post about the nonprofit world…Unreal style. I got my blog title from my friend Ellen, who after all my stories would let out a slow “unreallllll.” Because my life is just a little bit awkward, a little bit awesome and always unreal.

Step one: Casually bring up the event. 
Recently, I tried to convince one of my fellow graduate school classmates to attend a fundraising event with me. A fellow classmate had organized the event, and I felt like I really, really needed to go to support him. But there was no way I was going to dance to Bow Wow alone, so I needed to recruit some friends.
“Have you heard about the Black and Pink Ball? No? Well….”
Simple start.
Step two: Sell them with a unique detail. 
“Remember Lil Bow Wow? Well now he’s all grown up and DJ Bow Wow.
Yeah, DJ Bow Wow will be there.”
Step three: Finish the deal.
This is the step where I like to go straight for the jugular to the point. I mean, for real. You got things to do, I got things to do–let’s wrap this conversation up.
“Are you saying you don’t care about boobs?”
Boom. Sold. No one can deny that they support boobs! Granted, I have only known this kid for about five weeks so it was pretty much straight for the jugular. I didn’t know how he would respond–maybe he’s a butt man. But in fundraising, it’s important to act with confidence, decisiveness and passion. So I went for it.
You can read the results of my efforts here. Thank you for reading, and please stop by The Unreal Life soon! You’ll find plenty more awkward situations like when I called my date the wrong name for a month, or dreamt that I was Hitler’s girlfriend.
Have you ever had to persuade someone to attend an event with you?
Would you have been won over by DJ Bow Wow?
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