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Sometimes I miss when he was little.
And then when I remember that he used to crap on himself, I don’t. But I still like to get all mushy over pictures of him when he was small.
And today.
Hasn’t he perfected his smile?
Sometimes I think he looks at us and thinks, “how did I get stuck with these amateurs?”
It’s all trial and error folks. With a lot of error.
And for the record, I took 7 pictures of him with my cell phone as I wrote this post.
We love him.

  • oh, i’m always posting pics from when our pup was little, but that doesn’t mean i’ve forgetting the horrendous MONTHS of biting we went through! i much prefer his “maturity” (ahem, very loosely using that word) now to then! archie is such a cutie, glad i’m not the only obsessed dog mom!

  • what a cutie!! This made me want another puppy…but not really because then I remembered all the shoes my dog Fred chewed when he was little 🙂

  • hes adorable. you are too. that’s all!

  • what a little nugget!

  • What a cutie pie!!!

  • His smile melts my heart! (And I’m so jealous you have pictures of him from birth!)

    Check my post today for an idea on how to spoil that little bugger!

  • jsfhyfsfnophfnlfo[NFL;N!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, that giddy over these pictures. You’ve seen Finding Nemo I’m sure… the scene where the dentist tells his niece he has a surprise for her and she gets all spastic in the chair? Yeah… that’s me.

  • Gosh, so cute! I want a pup so bad, so this is totally pulling at my heart strings. He totally smiles, too!

  • I am not usually a dog person, but this REALLY makes me want to get a puppy!! He is beyond adorbale!

  • HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!! I just love him.

    Also, in the 4 weeks old picture, I can’t decide if he’s eating the other dog or making out with it (badly). lol

  • Aww, your dog was so cute as a puppy!! And it’s cute now too, but big! I love dogs, but I think if I were to get a dog, I’d have to get a smaller one than that. He’d be bigger than me, if I got one that big! 🙂
    Just discovered your blog via ‘Mish Lovin Life’. I loved your post about ‘finding what adventure means to you’, ‘finding a job you care about’, etc. It was a good read, and it made me head over to your blog! 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, this makes me want a puppy so badly. My mom has a golden retriever who is the sweetest dog in the entire world, but we got him when he was already 3 since we saved him from a shelter. Cuddling with him is fun, but sometimes he thinks he’s still a lap dog.

  • What a cutie! We have a photo from Malcolm’s breeder that looks similar. He’s surrounded by all of his brothers and sisters and it’s basically a mound of puppies in the grass. Adorable.

  • I’m dying of cuteness. This makes me miss my dog so much!

  • What a cutie! I have the same feelings on my little guy. He sure was cute way back when, as long as he wasn’t peeing on something.

  • He’s so handsome! 🙂

  • Kim

    Hahah my dog makes that exact same face when I pick him up. Just like “seriously, what am I doing up here?” I love these pictures!

  • This is soo cute! Sometimes I miss when my Oliver was a puppy but it was so much work!

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  • He is the cutest and just seems like the friendliest dog ever! Every time I see pics of him it makes me want a puppy even more.

  • I love these!! The one of you holding him is awesome and that last one is practically perfect. Nothing like dog love! The puppy stage is so cute, but the older they get the more they learn and it’s so fun. Your dog posts always make me smile!

  • What an adorable pup! He looks like he’s smiling in a it!

  • He’s just so adorable. Mwwaaaaaaah!

  • D’awwww! He’ so precious! Those eyes make my heart melt 🙂

  • You probably have one of the most photogenic dogs that I have ever seen! He is adorable!

  • Love this! You know I never tire of puppy pics!!

  • Aww, I love his big smile! What a cutie-pa-tootie! 🙂

  • Love this! Bring on the fur baby pics!

  • I WANT ONE. SO BAD. Do they shed a lot?

  • yay love this! they are sooooo cute when they’re tiny but so so bad. i always say that god made puppies cute so we’d put up with their badness. and i love a good photo of a dog smiling with his teefers out. (as i call them). i have hundreds of photos on my phone about about 98% of them are of the dogs. they’re the best and we’re lucky they allow us to live with them!
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  • The four week old picture is killing me with it’s cuteness! 🙂 Treasure Tromp sent me over!

  • OMG soo cute!!! Look at that cute, little puppy (that six weeks face).. and now he’s grown and handsome! Ah, love!

  • OMFG….I just wanna kiss him! My doggy would love him…she looks similar only she’s super red/gold!!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  • Hahaha I love that you still pick him up!! I miss Bronx as a puppy too, but then I remember that we hadn’t really sleep trained him yet and he would wake up at like 6 every morning. Now he’ll sleep all day if I do!

  • I think my heart just melted into a puddle. How does he smile like that!? What a prince!!

  • nothing beats a fresh puppy. though i will admit they’re kind of creepy when first born…just like the little alien-looking human ones 🙂

  • Aw he is so cute!! and his smile just melts my heart!!

  • awwww. I could cry. Reminds me of my first dog maybe years ago. I think he passed when I was Preschool. So 23 yrs ago. He really did grow. It’s amazing how fast they grow.

  • I am dying over the smiling pictures! He is so cute. And I take an embarrassing number of pictures of my dogs each day too.

  • ah what a sweet boy!!

  • ohmygosh I LOOOOOVE the 3 and 4 weeks! Om nom nom!

  • I’m dead. Died of cuteness. Holy moly.

  • I die a little every time you post these pics. He is the cutest thing ever! And I just KNOW he’s the sweetest baby. So so sweet.

    p.s. the last picture is straight out of a catalog, right. RIGHT?!

  • i love goldens because they actually smile – archie has got it DOWN! 🙂

  • He is so cute! Now I miss it when my “kids” were still puppies. Who am I kidding, they still act like they are 6 months old…crazy dogs. Thanks for sharing!

  • The pictures of you picking him up make my heart melt. Hands down the happiest dog I have ever seen in my life!!

  • I love this! (For obvious reasons)

    McCoy was born in September, Dave got him in early November, we met in late December. So I never got to see little baby McCoy. He was still a puppy when I met him at only 3 months old, but I wish I had been a part of “picking” him.

    Cherish these pictures. They are precious and I love them!

  • what a cute dog!!!! I had a golden growing up and she was the best dog ever!! Cannot wait to get my own in a few years!
    sent over from Treasure Tromp!

  • Soooo cute!! Ugh I miss puppies, but I don’t miss the trouble!! Lol

  • How CUTE is he!!! I have always wanted a golden retriever…ever since watching Homeward Bound!!

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