Friday’s Letters

Dear Cardio Kickboxing class, I think this morning made it VERY clear that you have to be selective about what undies you wear to class. Overshare. I’ll leave it at that.

Dear boyfriend, Thanks for being the kitchen cleaner-upper. I always make a huge mess when I cook, as evidenced yesterday, so I’m glad you’re always willing to help out.

Dear Hurricane Sandy, What the what? Where did you come from? I had to find out on Facebook that there was a hurricane headed my way. #clueless

Dear eBay, I’m so glad I discovered that I could sell my stuff to make some extra moo-lah. Almost $100 this month from stuff I didn’t even use! I can’t believe I was intimidated by you before.

Dear Christmas, Screw Halloween. You’ll always be my favorite. I may have already started playing Christmas Carols. 

Dear puppy, I’m so excited that we get to visit with you tomorrow! After we meet you, the breeder will match us to the puppy that will be ours. I love you too much already!

Happy Friday!

  • Oh my GOD. The breeder takes these cute pictures of them? How adorable

  • How cute. Can’t wait to find out which one you get!!!!

    Hope the hurrican doesn’t mess ya up too much! 🙂

    Happy Weekend!

  • a puppy in a pumpkin? SO CUTE! can’t wait to see more of your pup!

  • Those pictures are hilarious!!! Still no name?

  • Oh my. Cutest puppy pictures ever!!! Hope the storm doesn’t hit you too hard!!

  • I can’t stand the cuteness that is the puppies!
    aaand it looks like I’ll be digging through some stuff to sell on ebay

  • PUPPY!!!! Love the letter to kickboxing. Oh…and Ebay… what are you selling? I want to sell some stuff but I am afraid to!

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