Friday’s Letters

1. Trapped by cuteness      2. Surprise gift from Nav      3. Handsome creeper      4. Family photo fail

Dear Nav, We both know that you offering to take me out to a fancy dinner was a bribe. Yes, watch all the college basketball you want this weekend. But I’m getting drinks AND dessert. Hmph.
Dear How I Met Your Mother, That’s it. I’m over it. Who is the mother? Who? Just tell us at the end of this season, spend next season playing it out, and call it a day.
Dear Grey’s Anatomy, I’ll never get sick of you though. Never. 
Dear Gifs, I love you. You make funny posts funnier and you replace the need for pictures of me or 800 more pictures of Archie. I’m sure the blog world thanks you for that.
Dear Blog Friends, Is it me or is everyone getting pregnant? Who’s next? NOT IT.
Happy Friday!

Friday’s Letters

Dear Archie, For the 800th time, the dog in the mirror is you. Make peace with that. Dear Nav, Get a haircut. You’re still cute though. Dear Officer Taylor who has given me 5 parking tickets this month, Get better at your job. Or get another job where you aren’t a day-ruiner. Dear bangs, You make me feel so lucky that my hair is crazy low maintenance. This morning to give them a little refresh, I wet them, blasted the blow drier for 1 minute, and they were good as new. Score! Dear people who tell me they like the bangs, Half of you are lying. I know it. You know it.  Dear 25th Birthday, Let’s just ignore you on Monday, shall we? Dear Nav, I hope I make you feel like you’re the most special person in the world to me. Because you are. 

Happy Friday!


Friday’s Letters

Dear Archie, You’ve reached a level of maturity, shall we say. And now you are extremely attracted to my leg. I really don’t want to prove my parents right when they said, “don’t get a boy dog” so you’ve got to knock that off. 

Dear working out, I didn’t make a resolution about you this year. In fact, I didn’t make any resolutions. But you are definitely the one I knew I’d never keep. I will however, consider attempting to get my money’s worth for our YMCA membership this month. 

Dear Naveed, Yesterday you came home from work and took a 2 hour nap and then went to sleep by 10. Between that and the fact that you are more grumbly and even had a goatee recently, it’s safe to say that you’re turning into an old man. 

Dear Katie, Congratulations! I know the whole blog world is rejoicing today to hear of your wonderful news. 

Dear Parenthood, I started watching you on Netflix and wow, what an incredible show! I don’t even have kids but watching the Braverman family screw up and make up is my new favorite way to end my night. 

Dear blog friends, When is the right time to start offering sponsorship options for your blog? If you offer sponsorship options, when did you start?

Dear renters insurance, If my claim really goes through and I get reimbursed for what was stolen (which I think I’m going to), you will have truly been a lifesaver. 

Dear Nav, We just kicked off our second new year together and I couldn’t be happier. You’re my very favorite person and I feel so lucky.

Do you have letters too? Leave your link in the comments below!
Happy Friday!

Friday’s Letters

Dear Readers, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA these past few weeks. How do bloggers with kids do it? HOW? Just a puppy is making it super challenging for me. I’ve got an awesome week planned for next week so stick with me, okay?

Dear Nav, I hope you felt special on your birthday, you 25-year-old, you. I wanted to write a mushy post all about how wonderful you are and how lucky I feel. But alas, I didn’t get to it cause I was frosting your cake and trying to make sure you came home to a squeaky clean house (also a fail). I love you, mister. 

Dear Atlantic City, Will we be meeting again soon? I sure hope so.

Here’s what our last trip to AC looked like.

Dear Taylor Swift, I think we can all agree that it’s crazy weird that you are dating your second guy under 20. This One Direction kid is 18. You are 22. Find a man please.

Dear NFL, I didn’t mind you before. In fact, I used to enjoy watching a football game everyone once and a while. But living with a boy has truly ruined this for me. Football from 1pm-10pm every Sunday? No thank you. That’s called TV hogging and I’m calling you on it.

Dear Archie, You are my first born child and I love you dearly. But what is this biting thing? Can’t you be the sweet version of yourself all the time? We’d prefer that Bitey McThrasherson, your evil other half, not return to our house again.

Proof that puppies are cute but they aren’t always nice.

Dear snow, The fact that it was over 65 degrees twice this week leads me to believe that you might not be coming anytime soon. I’m not okay with this. I’m dreaming of a white christmas. And when I say dreaming I mean expecting. Let’s have a real winter, shall we?


Happy Friday, friends!

Friday’s Letters

Dear puppy, Our breeder has no power in New Jersey! That means zero updates about you or how you’re doing. No webcam, no pictures, nothing. I hope the breeder and her family are doing okay with no power!

Dear New York, I’m so sad I’m not visiting this weekend, as planned. New York with no power? No fun. Big thanks to Amtrak for giving me a full refund cause of the storm.

Dear election, Am I the only one who wishes that during elections I lived in a state where my vote really mattered? These swing states get all the attention and I wish that I knew that going to the polls could really truly change things. I’ll still always vote, regardless.

Dear The Walking Dead, I keep waking up in the night to make sure that the boyfriend hasn’t turned into a zombie. Sheer terror. Why did I do this to myself? On a pathetic note, we watched all of seasons 1 and 2 in a matter of days. 

Dear Halloween candy, Your time is up. I didn’t buy candy for Halloween and I’d like you to keep your tempting little “fun size” bits away from me!

Happy Friday, folks!

Friday’s Letters

Dear boyfriend, You get up in plenty of time to get ready and be on time. Your issue is those 15 minute showers. If I can shower in less than 10 minutes, you can too.

Dear YMCA, We haven’t seen each other in over a week. I’d blame it on this horrible cold I’ve had but really, I just didn’t feel like going.

Dear hair, Really, what should I do about you? I looked at all the boxes of hair color at Target yesterday and I just couldn’t pick one. After several years at the salon, I’m worried about undoing everything they’ve done.

Dear puppy, Why are you so hard to name? I have no idea how people name their children because in 4 weeks I’ve changed my mind 100 times. But I’m kind of stuck on the name Walter. I love old man names.

Dear Goodwill, Thanks for saving all the Christmas stuff from last year and whipping it out early this year. It really put me in the spirit and I found these adorable mugs! Unfortunately they only go up to 9 Ladies dancing, as I couldn’t find 10-12.

$1 each

Dear retinol cream, I started using you at night so I could begin aging backwards (or something like that). Now my skin is so dry! Between you and my cold, all the skin on my nose is peeling off. Every other night, perhaps?

Dear Argo, I’m really excited to see you tonight. Mostly because Naveed’s parent’s left Iran right before/during the revolution. It will be interesting to learn more about what happened over there, while his entire extended family was still in the country.

Dear boyfriend, Thanks for taking me on a date last night. You’re really my favorite person to hang out with and I feel so lucky that you decided to put up with me.

Happy Friday everyone!

Friday’s Letters

Dear Hamptons (yes, “the Hamptons”), I’m headed your way for the weekend for work. Lucky me. Let’s keep the snootiness to a minimum. Please know that I shop at Goodwill and don’t own anything designer.

Dear Kaylin, I love that we talk like 10 times a week. I’m so lucky that I have you as my bestie.

Dear world, Here’s what I wore today:

Dress: H&M, hand my down from Becky
Leggings: TJ Maxx, $5.99
Boots:, $29.99
Cardigan: LL Bean Outlet, $7.99
Belt: F21, 3 for $4.99
Scarf: Aerie Outlet, $9.99

Dear boyfriend, I’m sorry you have the sniffles. Being sick sucks. Good thing I still think you’re cute when you have tissues stuck up your nose.

Dear puppy, I cannot stop watching you on the webcam. I just can’t help myself. We still haven’t agreed on your name but you are certainly loved!

Dear Dunkin’ Donuts, Why did you have to roll out the pumpkin cream cheese? Why? I cannot get enough cinnamon raisin bagels with pumpkin cream cheese. Zero self-control. None.

Dear boyfriend, I love you. Living with you is awesome. You’re my favorite.

Happy Friday, folks!


Friday’s Letters

Dear boyfriend, I’m sorry I kept you up until 1am on Wednesday discussing whether or not I should invest in a DSLR camera. After all day in the tax world, then Financial Planning classes, I bet my personal finances were the last thing you wanted to talk about. Thanks for humoring me.
Dear blog world, A lot of you are photographers. Can you help me out with the above? If I’m a beginner, where should I start? I just want to learn to take beautiful pictures.
Dear horrific storm yesterday, What the what was that??! Part tornado, part monsoon. Pretty epic.
Dear parking garage attendant, If there is a tornado warning and a girl is just trying to scrounge up 3 bucks in change, cut her a break and let her give you $2.53, mmkay?
Dear house hunting, How come I can’t start right NOW? I’m so impatient. I just want to find the perfect little townhouse that allows a puppy.
Dear Pretty Little Liars, Thanks for popping up on Netflix. I’m halfway through the first season and I’m loving it. Does anyone else get major hair envy watching this though?
Dear business cards, The fact that I have you makes me feel like a real grown up. 
Dear Becky, You teach an awesome Zumba class. Thanks for reminding me that working out doesn’t have to suck.
Hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday!
If you’re dropping by from Adventures of Newlyweds, feel free to leave a comment with the link to your letters.



Friday’s Letters

Dear weekend, I’m so excited for all that we have planned! This will be an eventful one, for sure.

Dear Prometheus in IMAX 3D, You’re going to be awesome! Am I a sci-fi loving nerd? Um, yes. But please, Prometheus, don’t be too scary. We both know I’m a huge wuss.

Dear boyfriend, I’m beyond excited to see the Beauty and the Beast Broadway show this Sunday. Thank you for such a wonderful anniversary gift! I’m glad you love Disney too. Don’t be too embarrassed if I sing along. Tale as old as time…

Dear Monday morning flight, I won’t be scared. I won’t be scared. I won’t be scared. Right?

Dear new job, I’ll gladly fly all the time if I get to continue to do work this fulfilling. I’m so incredibly lucky.

Dear bestie, Thanks for always sending me adorable snail mail. Your loopy cursive always makes me happy!

Dear blog readers, Thanks for sticking with me through this name change. One day it just hit me that the blog I intended to write wasn’t the blog I was actually writing. The name just didn’t fit. So I changed it. I brought over all my old posts, now if I could just bring over my friends too!

You can find me here now:
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