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I’m trying something a little different today. In an effort to get back to blogging the way that it used to be, I’m setting a timer and giving myself 20 minutes to write a blog post – including editing.

I often fail to publish content that is completely written simply because it needs the little things like a photo, links, or I need to edit it. I over edit (i.e. read every post 12 times before I publish) and it makes blogging super time-consuming. It’s why I got burned out on blogging. I think it stems from insecurity. From worry that something will come off wrong or that some minor grammatical error will make readers question my intellect.

Today I’m not doing that. Plus I can blame grammatical errors on pregnancy brain!

So here are some life lately type of things. Things I thought of and wanted to chat about. Let’s go…

Smedley Street

This is one of my favorite streets in Philadelphia. It’s Smedley Street between Pine and Spruce. Isn’t it dreamy?

I read a tweet that asked people “what is the first major news story you remember?” For whatever reason, this fascinated me and I’ve started asking it to a lot of people in my life. It’s a great conversation starter. My grandma’s first was the news of the start of WWII. My Dad’s was the moon landing. Mine is, for whatever reason, the crash of TWA flight 800. I watched a lot of news coverage of this (no idea why) and it’s perhaps not shocking that I’m terrified of flying even today. For lots of people around my age (late twenties, early thirties) it seems to be OJ related (either the car chase or the verdict). What is the first major news story you remember?

I’m wearing pants today! It’s 79 degrees and I’ve worn the same 5 dresses like 100 times and it feels awesome to wear pants, finally. Also, why aren’t we all wearing maternity pants all the time? Here’s what they should make – pants that look like maternity pants but instead of the stretchy part at the top, have the top part be like spanx and suck you in. Someone make this. You’d make bank.

I read somewhere about the best work burns. How do you professionally burn someone in an email when they’ve pissed you off? Someone noted that when they’re annoyed, they sign their emails just “best,”. I do that all the time! I had no idea it maybe came off as sassy. Others noted that they attached prior emails to an email, someone else said they use “please advise” to be stern about their expectations. Do you have a line you use in emails when someone ticks you off but you want to keep it professional?

I was looking for a newborn photographer in the Philadelphia area (know anyone?) and read review of people who hired a photographer for their baby shower. At first I thought this was kind of over the top but the more I think about it, the more I would love photos with all these people I care about. Our family doesn’t get professional pictures done frequently (ever?) so our parents loved all the family photos we got at our wedding. Thoughts on if this is silly or over the top?

On the note of a baby shower, we are having a co-ed shower. I am not having this baby alone. N is just as much of a parent as I am. The gifts we receive from generous friends and family will be used by both of us to care for a child that we are equally responsible for. I realize some people think baby showers are not for men (we’ve gotten a few comments) but I can’t help but think that’s kind of sexist. Okay not kind of sexist. It’s sexist. I’m not judging others for having all lady showers (I’ve been to many and enjoyed them) but it just didn’t align with my personal values and the values we hold strongly in our marriage.

Someone told me that I’m “starting to look pregnant in the face”. DO NOT SAY THIS TO A PREGNANT WOMAN EVER. She will not take it well.

I tried yoga for the first time in like 5 years last night. It was a pre-natal class specifically and I really enjoyed it. That said, I would definitely not classify it as exercise. It felt good to do but it was not a build muscle, make you sore kind of class. Plus there was a solid 10 minutes that was basically sleeping. The cool thing was that they had all these props (foam blocks, wool blanket, firm pillow) to make it really comfortable for pregnant women. It made my brain feel fuzzy and content by the end of it.

I have never spelled the word Bureau correctly on my first try. And I have to use it a lot for work (bureau of disability determination) in helping patients with paperwork. Do you have a word like that, one that gets you every time?

Archie woke me up again a few nights ago by completely sitting on my face. I tell ya, there’s nothing like thinking you’re being suffocated to wake you up in a hurry. This is why no one has to tell us that our baby can’t sleep in our bed. We know. Because our first child would definitely suffocate our second. He has no regard for human life when he’s trying to get comfy. And we can’t just ask Archie to sleep somewhere else now (5 years later). I couldn’t do that to him.

My favorite lunch is a tomato and mayonnaise sandwich. Just bread with mayo and tomato. N thinks it’s gross. I think it’s delicious. I’m eating one right now.

Well since I asked 400 questions in this blog post above, maybe let me know your thoughts on one of them?

To recap: What is the first major news story you remember? Do you have a line you use in emails when someone ticks you off but you want to keep it professional? Thoughts on photographers at a baby shower? What word gets you every time?

Or you know, feel free to tell me I’m gross for my tomato mayo sandwiches or roll your eyes at our co-ed baby shower. Enjoy your weekend!


  • Anna Whitmore

    I totally agree about the maternity pants! I just had my baby a month ago so none of my regular pants fit yet but I am not looking forward to the day when I have to stop wearing maternity pants. Also, I didn’t realize how “pregnant in the face” I looked until I had my baby and looked back at pictures. Getting pregnant in the face is definitely real but people should not be pointing it out!

    • I feel like “pregnant in the face” is just a nicer way of saying “your face is getting fat”. Which of course mine probably is but STILL, don’t tell me! haha

    • maternity pants forever!!! foreal, just keep wearing them. I’m pretty sure I’m done having babies, but I’ve considered buying more maternity pants.

  • Hanka Richterová

    That’s such a great conversation starter! Mine was Lady Diana’s accident in 1997. Oh and my never-spell-it-right word is strength and I always kick myself about that because it’s such a basic word! I really know there is a “th” at the end, but it just takes me 10+ seconds to focus to spell this…

    • I definitely heard Princess Diana’s accident a fair number of times by people in their late twenties or early thirties. It was huge news and a pretty defining moment. I could totally see strength being one of those words that get you (it just got me, typing this!). My issue with that one is reversing the g and the n.

  • Geez, am I pissing people off by ending my emails as best? Probably. But life is too short to focus on those details!!

    Also, my first news story I remember is Princess Diana’s car crash. I remember my dad coming downstairs because he wanted to see it on the “bigger” tv than the bedroom TV.

  • Jae

    OK, that question made me think. I think the first major news I remember clearly, albeit local news in the Philippines, was the volcanic eruption + earthquake that occurred at the time my mom was pregnant with my brother. This was in the early 90s, and I wasn’t going to school yet at the time, but I remember us (Mom, her youngest sister, and I) making a beeline out of the house (to the streets) because of an ongoing earthquake!

    As with the work burns, I just reply with a one-liner sans my signature. Like no “Best regards, Jae” or whatever. Hahaha!

    P.S. I’m so sorry if I kind of freaked you out with my reply!

  • I really enjoyed this post and feel the need to answer all the questions (not at all because I’m avoiding putting away the clean laundry). Princess Diana’s accident for me too, and 9/11 is the first one I remember really clearly.
    I’m not sure how I feel about baby showers in general, but I definitely think ladies-only ones are outdated. I turned around at work and saw my (very pregnant, but only in the bump) colleague side-on and laughingly told her how skinny her legs were, and she dead-pan asked ‘What are you trying to say?!’ We get on really well and she wasn’t offended and was just teasing, but it was a good wake-up call that it’s never ok to comment on people’s bodies, especially when they’re going through fast and dramatic physical and hormonal changes they have no control over!
    I have a few words like that, but the most annoying one is Louise, which I always type and write as Lousie, and it’s my own middle name. Sigh.
    Oh, and sassy work emails… I’m excessively polite in emails normally, so if my email is short and lacking in pleases and thank yous then you know I’m pissed off.
    I think I’d prefer some cheese or something in there too, but I’m going to try your tomato and mayo before I judge 😉

  • That news question is a great conversation starter. I’m totally saving it for when I’m having an awkward “introverted and bad at people-ing” moment. The first thing that always comes to my mind is the Waco massacre of 1993. I remember having a very vivid nightmare that David Koresh was hiding out in our kitchen and it still freaks me out. But I also remember a lot about the Gulf War, Hurricane Andrew [yeah, I definitely grew up in Florida lol], and Princess Diana’s accident before that if I really think about it. But the Waco cult thing… yeeesh. That one stuck with me.

    The word I always screw up is “guarantee” (thank you autocorrect for fixing that. Again.) Is it A before U? U before A? U then A then U again? E after R? Or A? [help]

    I love the co-ed baby shower idea, and it’s quickly gaining popularity. A friend of mine and her husband just had theirs and it looked amazing. And I would maybe consider a photographer. We had our wedding photographers shoot our rehearsal dinner as well, and it was the best idea ever. Since it was smaller and more intimate, we got some amazing photos with our closest friends and family members that I almost love more than the photos from our actual wedding.

  • Saki Kuraishi

    Great post. I love these kind of blog!
    I had to think about the news question for a second. I think it’s news of gulf war starting. I was only like 3 or so, I probably didn’t understand the news back then, but my grandma explained it to me. (does this count? I hope so!) My grandma saw the actual WWII with her own eyes and her home was destroyed by it, and she was so sad to hear the gulf war news, so it was even more shocking to me, so it’s etched in my memory.
    If that doesn’t count, the first news I remember is Japanese prince and Crown Princess Masako’s wedding in ’93. It was such a big deal in Japan. (FYI, i’m from Japan.) And it was surreal to see the actual princess.
    And the word I always get it’s “exercise”. I always mix up c and s. Ugh.

  • I actually wish that we had pictures from my bridal shower and our rehearsal dinner, so I support the idea of photographing your baby shower!! Such a special moment to share with people you love. The news question is interesting – I think that mine was the first bombing of the World Trade Center 1993ish? I remember thinking that it was in Dallas because there’s a WTC building here and asking my dad about it.

  • I love the idea of a coed baby shower!! My bridal shower was like my wedding reception in my hometown because I got married in my husband’s city so in order for all my family friends and friends from back home to meet him, my husband was at my bridal shower with me. And I loved it!!

  • Madeline Mihaly

    I like the idea of the co-ed baby shower as well! and I’m probably going to have to say 9/11 for the news story!

    xo, Maddy

  • Tamara

    The first major news story I remember is the Columbine shooting. I can remember exactly where I was and what was being shown on TV! I completely agree with you about a co-ed baby shower. I had the same request for showers before my husband and I got married… it wasn’t just me getting married and setting up a household, but both of us!

  • Lauren Harrelson

    Co-ed baby showers are seriously the way to go. For EVERYONE involved. And the first major news story I remember is i think the OJ chase. I definitely remember watching THAT….

  • Kelly

    I am a HUGE component of a professional photographer for your baby shower – DO IT! Also, I love the idea of a 20 minute blog post, I need to try that!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • My first news story (that I remember) was the OJ Simpson trial! Also, I think if you can afford it and pics are important to you, hire a photographer for a baby shower! Or at least ask a guest (who has a DSLR and knows how to use it) if they mind snapping some candids of people. Personally, I’m not sure if it would have been worth the money to me since I wouldn’t be making a whole baby shower album, but for some people the pics would be really great to have! Also, I really, really wanted a co-ed shower but we were limited on space so that killed that idea. I thought it was great to get together with just ladies (because I love my girl time!) but think it would have been equally as fun as a huge party with the guys! Phew, okay that was a long comment… whoops!

  • Jessica Mullins

    We did a co-ed baby shower and it was a lot of fun! We had a photographer at our son’s first birthday party and I’m glad we did. I knew that the first birthday party was really going to be more for our families to celebrate than our son celebrating, so I figured it would be a great way to get nice photos of everybody together. I’m very thankful that I did! I think having a photographer at a baby shower would be similar.

    And yes to maternity pants forever. I wore mine post-pregnancy until they couldn’t stay up anymore. Then I secretly missed my baby belly.

    • love the first birthday photographer idea. I had a friend that loves taking photos at my first child’s party so we got a lot of pictures. Not sure what I’m going to do about my second child’s first birthday coming up next week.

      I wore maternity pants after my first child for 2 years… I got one of the ones with the wide bands (not full panel) and I was always getting compliments on them even post partum. For my second pregnancy I had the side panels and those never stayed up.

      • Jessica Mullins

        What did you decide to do for the birthday? Where did you get the pants with the wide bands?

        • I’m making my man take care of the pictures for the birthday. I had him do that for one of our previous parties and he liked the distraction from having to socialize. If I give him the nice camera, he does a pretty good job of documenting everything.

          The wide band pants I got were from Gap (I they were like these: They’re on sale now, but the full price would totally be worth paying. I wore them almost everyday when I was pregnant and then for almost 2 years afterwards before they wore out in the thigh. They worked well throughout all the stages of pregnancy and only really got uncomfortable the last week or two of pregnancy. I’m really bad about taking care of my clothes, but I was super impressed at how nice these stayed for so long. I would DEFINITELY recommend them… even if you just had your baby. they’re perfect post partum because you can still ‘dress up’ but not feel guilty about your mom-bod. AND I wore them after a csection and they didn’t hurt my scar.

  • Oooh, great topics. I think the first major new story I remember is 9/11 or probably something about the Clinton/Lewinsky trial. I remember watching the news a lot when I was younger (before 9/11), but I don’t remember any of it.

    I do the attach an email in my email thing… like “as I stated earlier…” I’ve been told I’m not good with the fluff, so I probably don’t sound very professional most of the time. **rolls eyes**

    Definitely make sure you get photos. I gave my sister the camera and still didn’t get very many. Wish I had more pictures from those parties, but I’m happy with what I have. I love the idea of a co-ed shower. I would have loved to do that for mine, but it would be all my family anyways so I doubt it would have been fun for my man… that being said, he uses more of the baby gear than I do because he’s a stay at home dad.

    Two words I always want to spell differently: University and Physicians… which stinks because I work for University of_____ Physicians, so I use it frequently. I always feel like it should be univercity which I know is dumb.

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