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I’m trying something a little different today. In an effort to get back to blogging the way that it used to be, I’m setting a timer and giving myself 20 minutes to write a blog post – including editing.

I often fail to publish content that is completely written simply because it needs the little things like a photo, links, or I need to edit it. I over edit (i.e. read every post 12 times before I publish) and it makes blogging super time-consuming. It’s why I got burned out on blogging. I think it stems from insecurity. From worry that something will come off wrong or that some minor grammatical error will make readers question my intellect.

Today I’m not doing that. Plus I can blame grammatical errors on pregnancy brain!

So here are some life lately type of things. Things I thought of and wanted to chat about. Let’s go…

Smedley Street

This is one of my favorite streets in Philadelphia. It’s Smedley Street between Pine and Spruce. Isn’t it dreamy?

I read a tweet that asked people “what is the first major news story you remember?” For whatever reason, this fascinated me and I’ve started asking it to a lot of people in my life. It’s a great conversation starter. My grandma’s first was the news of the start of WWII. My Dad’s was the moon landing. Mine is, for whatever reason, the crash of TWA flight 800. I watched a lot of news coverage of this (no idea why) and it’s perhaps not shocking that I’m terrified of flying even today. For lots of people around my age (late twenties, early thirties) it seems to be OJ related (either the car chase or the verdict). What is the first major news story you remember?

I’m wearing pants today! It’s 79 degrees and I’ve worn the same 5 dresses like 100 times and it feels awesome to wear pants, finally. Also, why aren’t we all wearing maternity pants all the time? Here’s what they should make – pants that look like maternity pants but instead of the stretchy part at the top, have the top part be like spanx and suck you in. Someone make this. You’d make bank.

I read somewhere about the best work burns. How do you professionally burn someone in an email when they’ve pissed you off? Someone noted that when they’re annoyed, they sign their emails just “best,”. I do that all the time! I had no idea it maybe came off as sassy. Others noted that they attached prior emails to an email, someone else said they use “please advise” to be stern about their expectations. Do you have a line you use in emails when someone ticks you off but you want to keep it professional?

I was looking for a newborn photographer in the Philadelphia area (know anyone?) and read review of people who hired a photographer for their baby shower. At first I thought this was kind of over the top but the more I think about it, the more I would love photos with all these people I care about. Our family doesn’t get professional pictures done frequently (ever?) so our parents loved all the family photos we got at our wedding. Thoughts on if this is silly or over the top?

On the note of a baby shower, we are having a co-ed shower. I am not having this baby alone. N is just as much of a parent as I am. The gifts we receive from generous friends and family will be used by both of us to care for a child that we are equally responsible for. I realize some people think baby showers are not for men (we’ve gotten a few comments) but I can’t help but think that’s kind of sexist. Okay not kind of sexist. It’s sexist. I’m not judging others for having all lady showers (I’ve been to many and enjoyed them) but it just didn’t align with my personal values and the values we hold strongly in our marriage.

Someone told me that I’m “starting to look pregnant in the face”. DO NOT SAY THIS TO A PREGNANT WOMAN EVER. She will not take it well.

I tried yoga for the first time in like 5 years last night. It was a pre-natal class specifically and I really enjoyed it. That said, I would definitely not classify it as exercise. It felt good to do but it was not a build muscle, make you sore kind of class. Plus there was a solid 10 minutes that was basically sleeping. The cool thing was that they had all these props (foam blocks, wool blanket, firm pillow) to make it really comfortable for pregnant women. It made my brain feel fuzzy and content by the end of it.

I have never spelled the word Bureau correctly on my first try. And I have to use it a lot for work (bureau of disability determination) in helping patients with paperwork. Do you have a word like that, one that gets you every time?

Archie woke me up again a few nights ago by completely sitting on my face. I tell ya, there’s nothing like thinking you’re being suffocated to wake you up in a hurry. This is why no one has to tell us that our baby can’t sleep in our bed. We know. Because our first child would definitely suffocate our second. He has no regard for human life when he’s trying to get comfy. And we can’t just ask Archie to sleep somewhere else now (5 years later). I couldn’t do that to him.

My favorite lunch is a tomato and mayonnaise sandwich. Just bread with mayo and tomato. N thinks it’s gross. I think it’s delicious. I’m eating one right now.

Well since I asked 400 questions in this blog post above, maybe let me know your thoughts on one of them?

To recap: What is the first major news story you remember? Do you have a line you use in emails when someone ticks you off but you want to keep it professional? Thoughts on photographers at a baby shower? What word gets you every time?

Or you know, feel free to tell me I’m gross for my tomato mayo sandwiches or roll your eyes at our co-ed baby shower. Enjoy your weekend!


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