Friday’s Letters

Welcome back for another edition of Friday’s Letters!

Dear breakfast, I really gave you a shot this week. I had oatmeal (TJ’s steel cut frozen oats), a TJ’s Fiberful fruit leather, and a cup of coffee every morning. Somehow though, at lunch I was just as hungry as if I had just had an apple and a coffee (my usual). I’d like someone to actually tell me how much breakfast I have to eat to “jump start my metabolism”. Otherwise I’m going back to my usual.

Dear Mr. Awesome McAwesomepants, We’re coming up on one year. Go us. Finding old gchat conversations in my gmail today made me giggle. It’s was fun to look back on the very beginning and to read our flirty chats, skirting around the fact that we liked each other. Even today you are still a true romantic. Take our conversation yesterday:

Me: I wish we had a really good love story. I read so many on blogs and they are all so epic. Ours is like, we met at work.
Nav: If you want, we could pretend like we don’t know each other for a day and then re-meet.
Me: Aw that’s romantic. Where would we meet?
Nav: Chili’s

Outside the theater, about to see The Avengers

I died laughing. You’re the best. Joke or no joke, I will take you up on that Chili’s, mister.

Dear pothole so big that it dented his rim and popped his tire, What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks are my tax dollars paying for? I get the potholes happen but really, that’s just unacceptable.

Dear Katie, Thank you for everything. Seriously. I’m so sad to see you go but so excited for you! I can’t wait to hear stories about life in the big apple (I bet no one actually calls it that there).

Dear Allure magazine, You know, I really just got you because my siblings were selling magazine subscriptions for a school fundraiser. Turns out, you have samples galore AND awesome coupons. I seriously think the magazine pays for itself just in coupons. Well done, and thanks for the $2 off Revlon concealer.

Dear age 24, You are kind of an awkward age. Some people are stuck in a college mindset and some have jumped ahead to adult life. I don’t really want either. I’m not a girl, not yet a woman (Britney Spears reference, anyone?).

and on that note,

Dear Britney, Maybe I’ll actually watch The X-Factor now. I still love you, crazy and all.

Happy Friday, friends!


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