Here’s what went down during Franken-Storm these last few days
(also known as the most boring vacation that I actually didn’t want).

I set a world record of the longest amount of time spent in a single pair of yoga pants.

We ventured out right before the storm hit to buy a pack of playing cards at the gas station and to hit up the liquor store. This was what I looked like when I got back, minus one umbrella which broke within two blocks from the wind:

Ironically, the roads were only to be used by “essential personnel” and yet the liquor store was open. I like their definition of essential. The drugstore however, was closed.

We attempted to play Gin Rummy but I remembered that I forgot how to play. I then learned that Naveed had never played Go Fish. What was he doing on car trips as a child? Isn’t this some kind of childhood requirement? #fail

We watched all of seasons 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead. I am now scared of my own shadow.

I made not one but TWO more quiches. Dang those things are good. This last one was tomato and smoked gouda.

I washed my face 4 times a day as I was constantly in fear that the power would go out and I wouldn’t be able to wash it. #OCD

And finally, our living room reached a new low point. After not moving from the couch for about 26 hours straight, the coffee table was littered with empty Pringles cans, leftover pizza, white cheddar cheeze-its, 12 coffee and tea mugs, and a lifetime supply of empty water and beer bottles. It was disgusting.

After being in the house for 2 days, we ventured out and there was a lot of this:

And even more leaves:

Hey, where’d the sidewalk go?
We never lost power and we were about 6 hours away from going stir crazy.
I moved back to the east coast partially to have actual “weather”.
I sure got it.
Hope you all stayed safe!


  • Thats what my neighborhood looks like too… just a lot of mess. Happy Halloween.

  • I’m glad you didn’t get hit too hard.. it looks about the same around here. We were going stir crazy too, especially because we don’t have cable/internet yet in our new apartment. I was actually ready to come to work today to get online! Ha!

  • glad you made it through safe! I got serious cabin fever after, like, an hour.

  • haha your “hurricane vacation” sounds a lot like how mine normally do! besides from boredom, I’m glad y’all were okay! 🙂

  • AVY

    I feel the same, I hate the weather in LA.


  • Glad you’re safe and sound and a world record holder.

  • Glad you were safe! I was praying for “storm days” but we didn’t get any. LoLo and I were all excited to sit around and play Uno by candlelight!

  • Glad you are safe! I’m on the east coast too and luckily we didn’t get hit too hard!

    I’m a new follower from Friday’s Letters! I’m happy to follow along! 🙂

    Hope you can stop by and say hi sometime!


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