Fondue for Two

When you’ve gotten too boring to hit the bars on a Saturday night, you cross your fingers that your beau will take you somewhere nice for dinner. 
And Saturday night, that he did. 
Here’s the snazzy outfit I selected for our super rainy date:

Sweater: CAbi, gift
Tee: Old Navy Outlet, $7
Jeans: Old Navy, $19
Shoes: Steve Madden (via DSW), $39.99

Necklace: Gift from my godparents when I was very young

Rings: Stella & Dot, used to be a set of 5.

The sweater is from CAbi. Have you heard of them? It’s  a line of clothes that you buy via home parties (kind of like Stella & Dot). It’s super expensive but some of the pieces are so unique that I think it can be worth it.

Also, the rings are Stella & Dot. I have to say, I’ve been a little unsatisfied with the quality. These rings were 3 silver, 2 gold and after about 6 months, the gold started rubbing off. Now you can’t even tell which were gold and which were silver. These are the only Stella & Dot items I own and now it will probably stay that way.

Thanks for humoring me and letting me pretend I’m a fashion blogger for .2 seconds.
Now on to the important stuff. 

We went to The Melting Pot. You know, the fondue restaurant. I’m quite pleased with any restaurants that offer melted cheese as an appetizer. Also I’m a sucker for a chain restaurant. What does that say about me?

And the very best part:

Yes, that is melted chocolate. It was heaven.

Any good pescatarian wouldn’t have let her boyfriend boil his beef in the same pot as her fish and shrimp. It just didn’t even occur to me until I’d already shoved my fondue fork into the Coc au Vin and then I really couldn’t stop myself. I’m not even sorry. 

Overall I had a blast. I do realize however, that you are paying double what you’d pay in a normal restaurant to cook almost all of your own food. Hmm brilliant business model.

Now tell me, have you been to The Melting Pot? 
Do you think it’s worth it?


  • in college, my girl friends and i would have dessert nights at the melting pot every now and again. we were super poor, but splurging on dessert every now and again was fantastic! 🙂 it looks like you had fun! and you were one hot date! 🙂

  • Super cute outfit! I love Melting Pot, but will only eat the cheese and chocolate because cooking meat myself like that freaks me out. I miiight be able to do fish sometime like you, though.. it looks really good!

  • I love fondue! My favorite has got to be the dessert though. Sometimes I go just for that because I’m usually too full to enjoy it when I do the full 3 course meal.

    Love that sweater. And I’m wearing the same Stella & Dot ring set right now 🙂

  • Fun!! I’ve never been to a fondue place before. I think I would love it though…dipping my food is something I always enjoy. 🙂 Also, you should be a fashion blogger more often… your outfit was super cute!

  • So weird!! I literally just had one of my friends tell me about CAbi for the first time 10 minutes ago, and then I saw it on your blog! Crazy!! I’m looking forward to my first CAbi party though, especially after seeing your supa cute sweater.
    xo, Katie

  • I’m right there with Alyssa on the only wanting cheese and dessert. I went with a vegetarian friend, and cooking your own veggies is sufficiently lame. However, I can do some WORK on the cheese situation.

    It’s very funny to think that, back in the day, fondue parties were totally the rage. I can’t imagine sitting around a fondue pot at a fiesta…

  • you look so pretty, love the sweater! 🙂

  • what a cute outfit and a wonderful date!

  • I think it’s totally worth it for a special date every now and then! But I always leave hungry?? I don’t know if that just means I’m a hungry hungry hippo or what. But I do!

  • cute rings! I love the cheese + dessert fondue, never been a fan of the meat course.

  • We may just be MFEO after all…I’ve been reading your blog after seeing it on Erin’s and I feel like we have so much in common already! So much so that when I saw the title of this post, I realized I had a post called that too (although it had nothing to do with fondue and everything to do with that being stuck in my head and me thinking brittney s. pears is hilarious on glee) ( anyway! glad to have found your blog and I’ll be coming back girl! 🙂

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