First Trimester Recap

I wrote this post week by week in Evernote (where I do all my drafting) to track how I felt as it was happening. In my second trimester I’ve really fallen off the wagon with tracking things because I mostly feel totally normal. It’s already amusing to look back at how I felt early on so I’m really glad I jotted these notes down.

Here’s a picture that’s pretty indicative of my first trimester. Snapped by N from our staircase. I was probably watching my 10th episode of Parks and Rec or something.

First Trimester Recap

3.5 Weeks – Took a pregnancy test because I had a weird rash/breakout on my face and I didn’t know why. I had not switched any products so a lightbulb went off. Took a test and saw the faintest 2nd line. OMG we’re pregnant. It’s so great we know so early! Wow! I feel exactly the same. Also, I don’t believe the test. So I proceed to take one every morning for nearly two weeks (not an exaggeration – you can buy them in bulk on Amazon).

4 Weeks – Knowing so early is torture. Why did I pee on that stick? Why?! I don’t get to go to the doctor for HOW LONG? The message boards on every app are terrifying me. Everyone has miscarriages. Everyone. There is no way this is going to stick. Trying not to get too excited.

5 Weeks – Still freaking out but now cannot stay awake and also no longer like any of the foods I normally like. Survive on plain Cheerios and saltines and I always feel like I might be about to yack (but never do). Also new bedtime is 8:30pm. This is not an exaggeration.

6 Weeks – We saw the heartbeat! It’s there! It’s a good sign! I calm down a bit. Continue eating mostly Cheerios, saltines, rice, and taking naps when I get home from work. Have also failed miserably at working out. You know the difference between level 1 on the elliptical resistance and level 10? It feels like life is on level 10 all the time. Walking is hard.

7 Weeks – Everything still feels hard but I’m getting better at being chill. But I guess it’s easy to be chill when you’re pretty much a couch potato who goes to bed before the sun goes down. Most foods still unappealing. Smell of my prenatal vitamins makes me feel sick so I switched to gummie pre-natals.

8 Weeks – ALL THE CARBS. One day I had a bagel for brunch and a bagel for dinner. Also suddenly have no appetite for vegetables. Still not feeling super normal and still don’t like the foods I normally love. Don’t feel as nauseous though so that’s a bonus. Also have never spelled the word nauseous right on my first try. Ever.

9 Weeks – Thought I was starting to feel slightly normal but then NOPE all the RAGE. I’m not an angry person but this week, everything pissed me off. On a bright note, I feel slightly less exhausted although not completely back to normal. Still hate vegetables and most foods I normally love (like Indian food! Why do I not like Indian food all the sudden?). Also had no idea that having to pee all the time would start this early in pregnancy – apparently not caused by the size of the baby but by the uterus expanding.

10 Weeks – Feeling pretty normal. Naturally, this terrifies me because I’m worried it means things aren’t going right in there. UNTIL we have our 2nd midwife appointment and she immediately finds a super strong heartbeat at 165 beats per minute. Go baby go! In other news, am not nauseous but can never think of food that sounds good to me. Takes hours to figure out what I want for dinner.

11 Weeks – I feel normal! Totally like my usual self! But then I got pink eye and that sucked. But feeling normal is so fantastic that I barely care! Also bought my first maternity clothes. Have no need for them yet but a friend told me that I should buy a few things before I need them because I might need them quickly and not fitting into your regular clothes can throw you for a loop. Noted. Thanks sale. Still don’t have a hearty appetite. Pretty sure I actually eat less than before I was pregnant.

12 Weeks – I relax a little because all signs point to us being in the clear at this point. Starting to like the foods I used to like again. I realize that my exhaustion has really cut in to my half-marathon training so I work on increasing my running this week.

13 Weeks – Feeling good. I get out of breath easier than I used to, which is annoying since I walk to and from work each day. Other than that I feel like myself. Told my boss and coworkers that I’m pregnant and shared the news with more friends and extended family. It feels a little weird telling people because I don’t look pregnant at all.

Woo hoo! First trimester over! And I didn’t even take a single bump picture because there was no bump in sight. I feel like I escaped the first trimester relatively unscathed. I’m having a fairly easy pregnancy (knock on wood) and for that, we’re incredibly grateful.

How does this compare to your first trimester? I’m especially curious for those having or who have boys vs. girls. The old wives tales say that my minimal morning sickness was because Baby B is a boy. What do you think?

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