Fearless Fashion Friday

Those of you who are around these parts often know that I don’t do outfit posts much. It’s honestly not  because I don’t dress reasonably cute. I think I do. I’ve got my fair share of statement necklaces, chambray, and colored jeans. I try to keep up with the trends; I certainly don’t set them.

I just have no one to take pictures of me wearing said outfits. 
All you lady fashion bloggers, who is taking your pictures? WHO? 
Because by the time my beau and I are both home we’ve lost the light outside and everything goes to crap.

I’m not one to shy away from a trend. 
Case in point: I just got bangs.

But here’s something I want to try but am a little nervous for:

Floral Pants


I love them. I’ve seen them at Target, Urban Outfitters, and all over fashion blogs.

But I can’t bring myself to dive in and buy a pair. I’m usually not into investing money in something that is going to go out of style in 2 and a half seconds. 

But I keep coming back to florals. I bought this floral scarf and I just can’t get enough. Seriously, I wear it with everything. You can enter to win one here!

The case of the disappearing bangs. Dang you, wind!
Using funky prints as an accessory is my safety zone. I’ll buy all kinds of crazy patterned scarves or bold statement necklaces. But underneath those accessories, I’m always rockin’ something super basic.

So tell me, should i take the plunge and buy invest in floral jeans? Are they on their way out and I just don’t know it? Or worse yet, am I too old for them?

Thanks for hosting a great link up, Kelly and Lindsey!

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Happy Friday!


  • I agree with you on the floral pants! I can handle colors, but floral I’m not on the bandwagon quite yet 🙂 Your scarf is a fantastic alternative!

  • I am kind of on the same page with you, I’m obsessed with floral pants but haven’t purchased a pair.

    xo, Courtney

  • I’m the same way, I like bright accessories to wear with my basic clothing because when it comes down to it in the morning I don’t have time to think of a creative outfit to put on. I also don’t understand the picture thing… I don’t even see the light of day this time of year for more than 5 minutes in the morning! I guess people take pictures over the weekend??

  • Grab some cheapies at F21 to try them out, would be my advice. I like ’em but I’m not sure I have the thighs for them, ya know?

  • I just don’t know about the floral pants thing. As long as you buy some cheap ones, at least you won’t lose out on too much.

  • You would look freaking adorable in floral pants!!!! They have some great ones at forever 21 that aren’t too pricey, bc I’m totally with you on not spending a lot of money on a trend like that. I think you’re going to like this months MINI project too……thank you So much for linking up!! I hope you do more!!

  • I just bought some floral jeans at an outlet mall. I’m not sure how I will wear them, but I’m a little nervous! Haha. I think I will wait until spring officially starts.

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