Today, I’m Playing Favorites

Sometimes it’s nice to tell the people who inspire you, “Hey, you inspire me! Thanks for writing! Thanks for sharing your life with the internet!” So that’s what I’m doing today.

Today I'm Playing Favorites - My Favorite Bloggers |

I follow lots of blogs (hundreds) but frequently I scroll through bloglovin and only click the posts that interest me. These ladies below are the ones who I click on every time they post. The ones who never leave me hanging and who make blog world better for me. They are the bloggers who keep me blogging. So ladies, thank you for all that you do and all that you share.

Princess Burlap, The Daily Tay, Northern Belle Diaries
Serious Writing Chops – Princess Burlap

Dayna is a damn beautiful writer. Her voice is not like anyone elses I’ve ever read. She is entirely unique. Such an awesome thing in blog world where there is sometimes a lack of individuality. Dayna has been open about her love story with “blue eyes” (possibly the first cutsie husband nickname that doesn’t annoy me), her husband who has autism.

I also never miss a Toast Post, written by her neurotic pup who happens to be waiting for the zombie apocalypse. You and me both, Toast.

Will Make You Snarf Coffee Up Your Nose – The Daily Tay

I don’t remember when I found Taylor or how but she’s probably my favorite blogger. Period. I know she’s a comedian in real life but it’s really cool when humor comes through in the written form too. Taylor nails this and somehow even when she’s talking about totally normal, daily life type stuff, she makes it fun to read. I could not get through this post without laugh/crying. I expect to see her on SNL one day.

The Blog You’ll Most Want to Pin From – Northern Belle Diaries

Lisette posts so much useful stuff! From WordPress tutorials to domestic tips (like how to remove set in oil stains or how to get that stinky smell out of towels) to delicious recipes, you’ll want to pin every post! If you use WordPress or are considering a switch, you’ll definitely want to check out her resources page.

The Other Juliette, A Blonde Ambition, Betsy Transatlantically

Blogger Who is Winning Twitter – The Other Juliette

Sure, she gets carried away with the all caps but girlfriend is hilarious. This translates perfectly to her blog where it’s basically a stream of consciousness, directly from the mind of Juliette. Basically she can ramble or word vomit or whatever and it’s still amusing as hell. Follow her on twitter and try not to laugh inappropriately at your desk at work.

Best Linkup – Confessional Friday by A Blonde Ambition

When I say “best” I mean, this linkup will actually help you grow your blog. On the occasion that I do link up with Leslie, I get more page views that day from her site than I ever have from any other linkup.

Leslie also is a down to earth momma who shares about beauty, fashion, and home decor. Plus, she’s got a ten month old and baby #2 is already on the way!

Feel Smarter for Having Read It – Betsy Transatlantically

It feels like Betsy writes articles. Her posts are thought out and intelligent and she often addresses issues that might intimidate other people. She’s mature and thoughtful and I truly enjoy reading her perspective on things.

She also has shared every step of her expatriation love story that I just know is going to end in a really happy ending one of these days. Her recent post on the subject broke my heart, so I truly can’t imagine how her heart feels. I will be so thrilled for her when her husband Jon is finally in the US!

What Dress Code?, Love Woke Me Up This Morning, Mr Thomas and Me

Fashion Blogger Who Is A Real Human – What Dress Code?

You know when you see a fashion blogger and you just know that they wore the outfit just for the shoot and then took it off and put on yoga pants? I know Liz in real life and she is just as stylish on a day-to-day basis as she is on her blog.

The cool thing is though, she’s stylish in an attainable way. Check out some of her recent outfits and see for yourself. She also happens to be the first person I saw really pull of a crop top, so there’s that. I aspire to be as naturally stylish as Liz. She also throws in some delicious recipes and is a beautiful photographer.

Where I Get Book Suggestions – Love Woke Me Up This Morning

Emmy is an avid reader and I’ve gotten more than a couple of great book suggestions from her. I love reading them and then discussing them with her later via comments or twitter.

Emmy attended a small, Christian college and her post How Small Christian Universities Messed Up My View of Marriage and Happiness is a post you cannot miss. We couldn’t have had more different college (and really, life) experiences but I love how obvious it is that Emmy’s heart is in her writing. Get caught up with Emmy here.

Blogger On Team Jesus Without Being Pushy – Mr. Thomas and Me

Amber and I share opposite beliefs on lots of things (starting with Jesus). She’s one of those people who talks about her faith in an inspired way that isn’t pushy. I’ve really enjoyed following along with her Milking Stool Ministry vlog series. I have never read the bible but the way she talks about her faith really fascinates me. Add on the fact that her faith seems to make her more open instead of more closed, and it leaves me wishing more religious folks were like her. Plus she is genuinely one of the most likable people in blog world. And I’d also give her an award for best eyebrows. Just sayin’.

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  • I love posts like this! It’s always so exciting finding new bloggers to love (read: obsess over), and I noticed that a few of our favorites are the same 🙂

  • Loving this list. I’m always looking for new blogs to stalk. I mean read.

  • I love these posts! I always find so many amazing blogs that I’ve never heard of before, thank you for giving me a whole load of wonderful people to follow!
    Helena /

  • Thanks dear! And now I have a bunch of blog posts to read because I always value your recommendations!

  • Nadine! What a lovely way to wake up. Thank you! I’m sending you hugs all the way from the bottom of Florida. You’re fantastic.

    PS – Can we get a Back East Reheat pin going? I know Back East is now a throwback but it changed my life.

  • Welp, my whole day is made and then some. I was looking through this list, like man I love all these people (esp Daily Tay, girl is just so good). You are definitely one of my favorites. Hello, your posts always inspire me and you ALWAYS have pin worth posts! Thank you for including me, I’m so honored!

  • This is such a fun list, I will have to check some of these out, thanks!

  • Thanks for sharing. I have never heard of some of these ladies and I’ll be sure to check them out.

  • Ugh, GREAT! Now I’m definitely not getting anything done today!
    (Thanks! You are the best! No joke! I have no idea how I hadn’t heard of so many of these!)
    *hides under desk with ipad*

  • Val

    I just love your dang face, so sweet!!!

  • I love Betsy as well. I got to met here in person here in London last week and she is just as fabulous in real life as she is on the internet! x

  • Thanks so much for including me, Nadine — hope to see you and N soon!

  • Nadine! Thank you so much for including me (even with my excessive caps lock)! I’m seriously flattered to be among the other bloggers you mentioned. Some of them I haven’t read before but I’m excited to have new blogs to read!

  • Whoa, I am flattered beyond words Nadine because your words are so kind and encouraging and make me just flattered. (See how stuck I am here? I just want to write flattered like 10239470182374 times.)

    It’s funny that I think about you often (not in a creepy way) and how much I just click with you and your writing despite how different our feelings and perspectives are. How I know we’d be friends because the way we are passionate is the same even if in different avenues. Oh girl. I am JUST SO FLATTERED.

  • I’m just so excited because somehow I’ve never even heard of some of these ladies…hooray for new blogs to follow!!

  • Thank you, thank you, you’ve made my day 🙂

  • what an honor! thank you so much – and now I feel like I need to write an essay to live up 🙂

    it’s fun to see some familiar faces here and I’m glad to meet new bloggers!

  • I love this list! So many of my favorite bloggers on here plus some new ones to read!

  • Might have to copy you and do this one of these days … except I’d probably stress for hours over how to narrow my list down to a manageable amount! & I do have to say, I miss reading genuine shout-outs like this – I very much understand the need for sponsorships, but this really is just so wonderful! 🙂

    Found a few of my faves on your list, as well as a couple of new ones to stalk!!!

  • Posts like this make me happy I am a blogger

  • interesting selection

  • This is such an awesome way to give shout outs! I’m totally stealing it. And you just might find yourself on my list…

  • Awwwww just…. awwwww! This made my day! You’re so sweet and I”m totally flattered!

  • Well you are one of my favorite bloggers and I have a list on bloglovin of the bloggers who I just HAVE to read every day and yours is one of them!!

  • Yess I love this! I recently just did a post on this as well and I swear this is how I always find great bloggers this way!

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