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I’ll begin with this: I am not one of those people who enjoys working out. I actually hate it. I have yet to get that endorphin rush feeling that makes you want to come back for more. 

That being said, I’ve still tried to make it a regular habit in my life. There have been long periods where I have failed at this. Right now I’m on a major success streak. 

Recently my work schedule changed from 8-5 to 9-6. Since then, I’ve been getting up at my normal time and hitting the gym before work. And after about a month of this, it feels so strange not to go! Does that mean I’ve officially made it a habit? I think so. 

Why I work out:
  1. I want to live to be 100. I’m serious about that. It’s the same reason I eat my vegetables. Between good genes and healthy habits, I think I’ve got a shot. 
  2. I put money in my 401K for a reason. When I finally get to use it, I want to feel young and healthy enough to enjoy it.
  3. Okay, so I’d kind of like to have and maintain a decent figure.
Encouraging factors:
  1. My company has a gym in the office, and it’s free (hey! that’s my favorite price!). It’s pretty easy to just go to work in the morning but hit the gym first.
  2. I don’t make myself feel bad about not working out on weekends. I just try to do something active like hiking, walking to brunch etc. If I get to the gym Monday-Friday in the morning, that’s good enough for me.
  3. My bf is a runner. I’m so jealous of people who are just born runners. He has no problem running 5 miles a day and he just signed up for his first half-marathon! I’m so proud. But it’s a lot easier to make working out a priority when others in your life do the same.
What I actually do: 
  1. At least two days a week I make up my own circuit training routine. I do a bunch of different weight lifting, lunges, squats, crunches, etc. with no rest time in between.
  2. Interval training- 2 minutes running full speed, 2 minutes fast walking uphill. This is probably the workout I always feel best about. Apparently it really amps up your metabolism.
  3. If I am not feeling like working out, I walk uphill on the treadmill while reading a magazine.
  4. Riding the stationary bike while reading a book/magazine. 

I found this quote on Pinterest and it pretty much sums up my feelings on exercise. Just getting there for 20 minutes each morning is better than nothing at all!

    Whats your workout routine? 
    Are you a runner? 
    Do you think you were born that way or did you learn how to be a runner? 
    Can you teach me?

    Happy Monday!

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