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I LOVE TV. Real, honest to goodness, scripted television. Don’t give me that reality TV B.S. I want the comedy. I want the drama. I want the mystery. I want talented people writing it, acting it, and producing it. Not some no talent ass clowns being filmed just because they are 1. rich 2. pretty or 3. absurd.

So naturally, while every girl in America is like “OMG YAY Fall” I’m right on that train too. Just not because of Pumpkin Spice Latte’s or boots. It’s because my shows are back. Without further adieu….

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3 New Shows I’m Most Excited About

1. Red Band Society

“Red Band Society is a provocative, unconventional and unique coming-of-age dramedy about a group of rule-bending friends and the adults who mentor them through the ups and downs of adolescence in Los Angeles’ Ocean Park Hospital. Exploring everything from strong friendships, and first loves, to humorous mishaps and heartbreaks, the series is a story of life, with an edgy comedic tone all its own.”

As if I don’t spend enough time in a children’s hospital already, it looks like my Wednesday nights are going to be spent in one as well.

2. A to Z

“A to Z tells the story of Andrew (Ben Feldman, “Mad Men,” “The Mindy Project”) and Zelda (Cristin Milioti, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “How I Met Your Mother”) – a pair that almost wasn’t – and all that happened from the day they met.”

A rom-com of a TV show if I’ve ever heard one. Maybe this will fix the hole in my heart that was left by How I Met Your Mother (and that ending I’m still conflicted about).

3. Marry Me

“Six years ago, Annie (Casey Wilson, “Happy Endings”) and Jake (Ken Marino, “Eastbound & Down”) bonded over their mutual love of nachos and they have been inseparable ever since.

Now, after returning from a romantic two-week island vacation, Jake’s all set to pop the question. Before he can ask, though, Annie lets loose on Jake for his inability to commit. She was expecting him to “put a ring on it” in paradise and now Jake’s perfect proposal is ruined. Not wanting to spend the next 60 years talking about that mess of a proposal, Jake and Annie decide to hold off on the engagement until they can do it right. Yet if history tells us anything, it’s when we really want things to go right that they all tend to go wrong.

The only thing we know for sure is these two are destined to be together – whether they can get it together or not.”

Another rom-com. Fingers crossed for this one.

4 Shows I’m Watching Only For One Actor

1. Selfie

Because AMY POND that’s why. The premise of this show, I fear, looks a bit dumb. But my love of Karen Gillan will give her one episode. Because that’s how much I miss Amy Pond.

2. Bad Judge

Kate Walsh has to be one of the world’s most beautiful women, right? She’s back on TV a few years after Private Practice ended, this time as a judge…who is bad. Iffy premise. I’ll still give it a shot.

3. State of Affairs

I want to hate Katherine Heigl but I also kind of love her. This show looks interesting but I’m usually not that in to government/political based shows. I’ll give it a shot, especially because it premieres so late this fall and lots of new shows will be canceled by then.

4. Gracepoint

David Tennant. That’s all I need to say (to all my fellow Whovians) but in case I still need to convince some of you, the premise of this show looks pretty interesting. This is a “10 part mystery event” technically, not a TV show. When a young boys body washes ashore in a small town in Northern California, his death upends the entire community, especially when it’s ruled a homicide.

5 Existing Shows I’m Most Excited to Return

1. The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project beat New Girl? I know, it surprised me too. But I just cannot wait to see what goes down with the Mindy/Danny situation.

2. Doctor Who

This is already back on! Did anyone else watch Saturday? Definitely the best episode of the season so far and honestly, probably one of my top 10 favorite Doctor Who episodes ever. Well done, Steven Moffat, well done. I’m due for a re-watch already, that’s how good it was.

3. New Girl

Nick and Jess are the new Ross and Rachel. I love/hate it. Get together already! But then if they did, where’s the tension? Where’s the fun?

4. Grey’s Anatomy

During the World Cup (which N was obsessed with and I was underwhelmed by) I re-watched all of Grey’s Anatomy from the very beginning on Netflix. It was glorious. I’ve been watching this show since High School. SINCE HIGH SCHOOL. How crazy is that? I’m interested to see how the show progresses without Cristina but I’m reminded of the fact that when I’m watching recent seasons I don’t miss Izzy or George so there is hope it will go on and find a new normal.

5. Parenthood

Am I prepared to feel all the feelings? Probably not. This is the 6th and final season, consisting of only 13 episodes. Get your tissues out.

Which TV shows are you most excited about? If you’re a TV lover too, I’d love for you to share this on Pinterest. 

  • Jae

    This may be a dumb question, but out of curiosity, what does the color coding stand in the photo above represent for?


    • V

      Ha, I was wondering the same Jae!


  • Oh Parenthood.. I had such a love/hate relationship with it last season. Do you remember how the season before that ended so well (since they didn’t know if they were going to air for a 5th season?) and I felt like last season they had to pull at things to start it back up again. The redeeming part of last season was the last episode where we find out Haddy is a lesbian. Reminds me how much I truly love that show….. Greys, what can I say. I love it so much. Cristina was my favourite character though so I am slightly disappointed with that…. How To Get Away With Murder, can’t wait!….. Lastly, The only show you are missing which I don’t think I could live without is Scandal.. Love me some good Olivia Pope drama

  • Yay, another TV fanatic like myself! LOL, so glad Im not the only one. I have all my favorite shows in my calander as well, cant wait!!

    I am most excited about Supernatural, The walking dead, Haven, 2 broke girls, Revenge, Brooklyn Nine-nine and The vampire diaries of the existing series. But of the new ones I am excited about Selfie, A-Z (already saw premiers and very promising), Marry Me, Z-nation (saw it yesterday, very promising) and maybe I´ll also check out Bad Judge and Gotham 🙂

  • Parenthood, New Girl, & Mindy. MY FAVORITES.

  • I’m most excited about Walking Dead coming back in October – and it happens to fall on our anniversary. I couldn’t imagine a better night of pick up sushi, wine and Walking Dead. Come on October!

  • Haha
    I literally posted pretty much the same post this AM ( http://amie-eo.blogspot.com/2014/09/fall-television-2014.html ). I’m so excited about The Mindy Project coming back tonight and I keep hearing about The Red Band Society… maybe I’ll have to look into that too! Thanks for the recommendations!

  • Thank you for this post! I had no idea that New Girl starts tonight and I can’t wait for the new season!!

    xo Julie

  • V

    Okay, I’m totally Stumbling this. Super, super helpful chart. Did you make it? Brilliant!

    I must admit, I quit Grey’s a long time ago. It just got too cheesy and predictable. Kind of like reading the same author too much.

    Have you seen About a Boy? I loved the movie. I’m wondering if it’s anything like that.


  • I’m still mad about HIMYM.

  • I know I’m not ready to feel all the feelings. I’ll do it anyway. Parenthood, I love you.

    Also, so excited for Nick and Jess!

  • Fall is my favorite time of year- for the weather and new fashion, but mostly for football and the premiere off all my favorite shows! The Red Band Society looks so amazing.

  • Marry Me looks pretty funny- I’ll probably tune into that one!

  • I am really excited about The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD to all come back on! I am especially excited for The Blacklist though cause I love that show!

  • I can’t believe this is the last season of Parenthood….ahhhh why?! I’m also pretty excited for New Girl to start up.

  • So Gracepoint is actually a remake of Broadchurch. (Tennant was in it too!) My understanding is that the story is going to be BASICALLY the same thing, just Americanized.

    But you should totally try to get your hands on Broadchurch because it has Tennant, Olivia Colman (who was in “The Eleventh Hour” ep. of Who), Arthur Darvill (aka RORY!!), and even David Bradley (aka Argus Filch). It’s seriously an amazing show. I watched it in an entire weekend because I just could NOT get enough.

    Also, as soon as I watched this week’s Doctor Who, I thought it was one of the best of the series. I would rank it up there with Blink. So, so good.

  • All I care about is Doctor Who 😛 And I’m with you on Gracepoint, it’ll probably/maybe be only good because of him. I definitely had a dream last night that I was dating him/his Doctor and I didn’t want to wake up ever. It was a glorious dream, we were on an adventure together. Sighh…

  • I’m with you. I’ll see anything Kate Walsh is in. I’m also really excited for Gotham and the return of… SCANDAL!

  • Thursday nights I just sit on my couch with a box of Kleenex. Grey’s Anatomy always makes me cry when I watch it, well, actually, I’m not sure if this most recent season did. But when I got all caught up on Netflix, definitely a cry fest. And how can you get through an episode of Parenthood without crying. Especially in its last season?!

  • A to Z looks like it could be really cute – so excited for all the new shows! I watched the pilot of Selfie (was also hoping for a good new guilty-pleasure sort of show), but sadly wasn’t too impressed with that first episode. Maybe it’ll get better!?!??

  • I am so ready for new girl to come back on tonight! <3 & I watched the pilot to A & Z & I cant wait for it to start up. I kept checking my on demand to see if I some how missed it.

  • Kim

    My fall line up looks something like this (and as a fellow TV lover, SO EXCITED about it!): Parenthood, The Good Wife, The Mindy Project, and (begrudgingly… I got sick of these two last season) New Girl and Scandal. Later this year: Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and Suits. I’m excited to give some of these pilots you mentioned a shot!

  • I watched the Pilot of Selfie on demand and I wasn’t too impressed… It was like one of those shows I would go back and watch on Netflix when I had nothing else to watch one day.

  • God I love it when you post these TV show rundowns. I already texted all of my thoughts about this list to you, but I thought I’d hop on by to show your blog some love anyway.

    Can’t wait for Once Upon a Time, Revenge, How to Get Away With Murder and AMY POND. Sorry, had to say it!

  • I’m so excited for some of these new shows!

  • I love when I find people who feel the same way I do about reality TV! I freaking hate it so much! I feel it takes away from talented, creative people who work their asses off to create the magic that is scripted TV! I’m a season behind on both Parenthood and New Girl, I need to catch up! So excited for Mindy though, and Bad Judge! I’ve missed Kate Walsh!

  • I’m so intrigued by “A to Z” and “Marry Me.” They look cute and funny. I’m also interested in “Selfie” for one actor. I have a ridiculous crush on John Cho.

  • We are not excited about any of the same shows, I kept scrolling down hoping to see some of the ones I’m excited for. As of right now my plan for watching this Fall are: ONCE, Revenge, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, South Park, How to get away with murder, and Selfie. I am actually kind of excited for Selfie though, I’m not quite sure why but I think it is going to be funny.

  • Have you watched the preview episode of A-Z on the website?????? I just watched it this week and holy cow it’s sooooo adorable I’m outrageously excited for that one!

  • Gah I wish I had time to watch all of these shows! I seriously will have half of these on my DVR and end up watching them on Netflix in the summer 🙁 But for real real, New Girl, I loveeeeee youuu!

  • I am so so sad that this is the last season of parenthood. And it is a short season at that? Heartbroken. I seriously love it so much. I love how every episode I laugh smile and cry. Never fails.

  • Tea

    Watched the A to Z pilot … not sure what to think. Would give Marry Me a chance, but mainly because I adore Casey Wilson

    I really like the Red Oaks pilot – more my cup of tea.

  • i had to stop watching parenthood. the divorce was making me too sad and joel was being a TOTAL asshole and he was completely in the wrong and not giving julia what she needed and was being SUCH an ass i couldn’t watch it made me too mad.

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