Fall TV Cheat Sheet

I love TV. And based on the amount of tweeting I saw last night about Breaking Bad, Miss America, and The Newsroom (still dying over the finale), you do too.

This week kicks off the best few weeks of fall. All our favorite shows are returning, we’ve got lots of new pilots ready to be enjoyed (or turned off 5 minutes in), and a few that will leave you wondering, who the eff decided that was a good idea? I’m looking at you Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

So here is a cheat sheet for you. Set your DVR’s people!

Returning Shows I’m Most Excited for:

1. New Girl

Nick and Jess! Jess and Nick! I’m nervous and too thrilled about this because I fear they are going to go the way of Ross and Rachel….break them up for like 4 seasons and then they’ll wind up together at the very end. I’ll be devastated but I’ll keep watching. Because this. More, please!

2. How I Met Your Mother

We’ve caught a glimpse of the mother. Was anyone else a little like…ehh…? But as whiny and mopey and generally pathetic as Ted can be, we still want to see him happy. And it’s happening this season, people. Plus more of Marshmallow and Lily pad. The TV couple we strive to be.

3. The Vampire Diaries

In the last month I watched all four seasons of this show. That’s over 60 hours of vampires, werewolves, originals, and oh yeah, vampire sex. Season 5 kicks off soon and we get to see how Delena played out.

New Shows With the Most Hype:

1. Betrayal

The ad for this show basically does a terrible job of conveying what it’s actually about. There is adultery. That’s all I got out of it. But what I do know is that this looks like it’s the closest thing to 50 Shades of Grey we are going to get for a while. Sexual.

2. Super Fun Night

She brought us Fat Amy, the awkward roommate from Bridesmaids, and introduced me to my new favorite kind of cardio, horizontal running. And now she’s going to entertain us for 30 minutes a week. Rebel Wilson, I can’t wait.

3. Sleepy Hollow

The first time I saw this preview I was like….well that’s gonna get canceled real fast. And then it grew on me and now I’m actually interested. I like the mildly creepy but not too realistic (too realistic: Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Following). This ghost story sounds like it just might walk that line.

Any other TV addicts out there? What show are YOU most excited about?

You know, sometimes I think I should watch less TV….


Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to Tami from Friday Morning Buzz. Let’s just get this out there: Does she win the award for best picture ever or what?

Tami is a real life news anchor, which basically means she’s sort of famous. Check out what it’s really like to be a news anchor – so different than it was in my head! You also NEED to read the story about how Tim Tebow saw her boobs. I’m kind of in shock over it.  She also has what may stand as the worst first date story I’ve ever read. But hey, I can’t help but support a girl who used the “date to eat” method. Need to know where to start? Head over and check out some of Tami’s favorite posts.

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