Eventful would be an understatement

We’ve had quite an eventful week so far at the beach so far. My entire extended family is staying at two houses down at Bethany Beach in Delaware. It looks like this:

The water was crystal clear and beautiful. 

Naveed was here for the first two days of our vacay. He met the entire extended family. Everyone loved him (obviously).

My family took some professional pictures and Nav and I had a few coupley ones taken.

This walks a fine line of being adorable and vomit inducing. ha

However, the third night we had a little 4am fun. The house sleeps 12 people so legally they have to have a big time fire alarm/CO detector. It decided to go off in the at 4am so this happened:

No fire. No CO. But they still had to investigate.

Then the next day, my little sister and cousin got caught in a riptide. That’s where the water drags you out further and further and it’s really hard to get back in (especially when you’re 11). She’s a great swimmer but the lifeguards still went in after them.

Highlight of her Summer. 

Mostly I just did this.
Possibly the least attractive picture of me ever taken. But still, this is pretty much all I did. 
And this.
So far in 5 days I’ve read 2 1/2 books and used a whole tube of SPF 50.
And that’s been my week in a nutshell.
How has yours been?

  • That sounds like heaven, I’m so jealous. That’s a great pic of you and Nav! Not cheesy enough to be vomit inducing, don’t worry 😛

    • There were a few others that were just too much. We aren’t used to taking formal pictures like that but I kind of like the one I posted. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I couldn’t be more jealous right now. That looks like the best week ever. I would kill to have the time to read books! Enjoy girl!

    • It’s honestly the one week a year I get to read that much. It reminds me how much I love reading so I try to do it more when I get back.

  • Lucky gal- I’d love a week like that!!!!

    • I am super lucky, for sure. Plus my whole extended family is there which is always fun.

  • That looks like so much fun! My vacation hasn’t been nearly that relaxing. Though I’ll probably finish my book on the plane…hopefully! Have fun!!!

    • Reading just makes the days fly by! But I finished some amazing books, maybe I’ll do a review or two.

  • Love that vacation has kept you on your toes!!! Miss you

    • You were totally right to say get a pedicure after vacation. My heels are nasty. I’m glad I waited and my Sally Hansen nail polish stayed on so well! Miss you too. Also, I got you a present!

  • your blog is too cute, love it! now following 🙂
    i can’t believe your sis got caught in a riptide. that is so frightening! i am glad she’s okay!

    • Thanks! Yeah I got caught in a bad one when I was young and it was terrifying. She is a better swimmer than I was and she’s just fine. They just happen sometimes. Lucky for us the lifeguards were on it (and really nice to look at). haha

  • I love that professional picture! Your dress is perfect with the beach setting! (And I don’t find it vomit inducing). Hope you’re adjusting back to real life well. 🙂

    • Aw thank you! The picture is definitely not something we would normally do but in the situation it was fun. Now I’ve got a good picture to put on our mantle or something when we move in together. And real life is kicking my butt. I am not doing well at getting back into the swing of things.

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