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Food wise, I tend to become obsessed with one item and will eat it way too often until I become disgusted with it because I’ve eaten it so frequently. Does that happen to you?

Here are a few of my recent obsessions:

Häagen-Dazs Mango Sorbet – I’m basically always on a sorbet kick, the flavors just vary. This week it’s Mango. The Zesty Lemon was my jam for months. I’ve also tried the Blackberry Cabernet and it is absolutely amazing, and I’m not even a wine lover. This also isn’t a diet killer as it has only 150 calories per serving with 20% of the Vitamin A you need for the day.

Trader Joe’s Tom Yam Soup – I have no idea what originally prompted me to buy this. I usually just like to try random stuff. This soup is spicy (you can choose to add additional peppers if you like some extra kick), a bit creamy (in a miso soup way, if that makes sense), and the spinach-mushroom dumplings are delish. My last trip to TJs, I bought three bags. You can find it in the frozen section. At only 240 calories, it’s diet friendly too! 

If I haven’t already raved about my love for Trader Joe’s, I should have. The prices cannot be beat and although the produce section leaves much to be desired, their pre-made foods are generally preservative free and incredibly yummy. They also have a lot of meatless options.

Homemade Paneer Butter Masala – I love Indian food. Only recently have I learned to make one of my favorite dishes at home. Paneer, which is cottage cheese cubes but with a tofu type of texture, has become a staple in my diet since I’ve given up meat. Cooking at home also allows me to keep it relatively healthy (no cream, like they use at restaurants).While it is a bit labor intensive, it’s definitely worth it and always makes at least 4 meals worth of food. Perhaps I’ll post a tutorial. Now if I could just master the rice. How is that always the part I mess up?

And in case you were wondering, yes, I did finish off that Mango Sorbet as I wrote this.

Happy almost Friday!

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