Easy Braided Hairstyle – Perfect for Fall

I’m not big on washing my hair. I could lie and say that it’s because it’s good for my hair but really, it’s because I’m lazy. Instead of washing it, I’ve come up with what is essentially a schedule for my hair that goes a little something like this:
Day 1 – Down
Day 2 – Down, top half clipped back (sometimes with braid or twist in front)
Day 3 – Some type of braided updo
Day 4 – Fully up, lots of dry shampoo
I posted a picture of me with this hairstyle on Instagram and was surprised that people thought I was an amazing braider. I’m decent at best. It’s definitely one of those things that looks way harder to do than it is. I also think it’s a bit easier to braid slightly dirty hair. Here’s how I do it:

The key to this is that instead of doing a traditional french braid on each side, you only pull new hair into the braid from around your face (steps 4 and 5). Once you’ve finished both braids, loosen them up a bit (steps 7 and 8). Then last, you pin them criss crossed (step 9) and loop the ends around to tuck them in (step 10) and pin some more.

If you can’t french braid, I’d bet this would look pretty cute with two regular braids pinned back as well. This style was great for keeping my bangs back and hair out of my face during the summer but it will also be great with a cozy scarf in the fall.

See? Dirty hair for sure. Happy Friday!

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