East Coast vs. West Coast

I left California by choice and enthusiastically. You can read more about why I left California but to put it in sorority girl terms, it just wasn’t a good fit. 

And yet every once and a while, the California girl in me sneaks up. I never see her coming until she’s mobbin down the street with the windows down blaring Mac Dre and then I’m like whoaaa slow down homegirl, you’re in the burbs. 
So even I, the wannabe quintessential east coast girl, has moments of missing California. Some things they just get right. And yet I’m not there. I’m not moving back and I won’t be. So let’s go head to head, shall we? 
Had to do it. East Coast vs. West Coast. The feud continues.
The Grub

I’ve been a vegetarian for a year an a half and in just three short days, I’ll be shoving my face with In-n-Out. Yes, it’s that good.

The classic east coast response to me gushing over In-n-Out has been, “have you tried 5 Guys?” Yes, I’ve tried 5 Guys and if you ever compare that grease nasty garbage to my beloved In-n-Out one more time, I’ll hold you down and make you listen to One Direction for a solid day.

The Weather

I like weather and I want variety. Okay, okay. I could see how some of you might disagree with me on this one. But just think about this: Imagine if that palm tree picture was what Christmas looked like? It feels all kinds of wrong, people. All kinds of wrong. On top of that, no thunderstorms. Anyone who has ever witnessed the awesomeness that is a crazy thunderstorm knows they aren’t to be missed.
True story: When I met my best girl friend from high school in 7th grade science class, she had never seen snow. Did I mention that this is all wrong? 
The Lingo

If you’ve never gone hyphy and dumb then you didn’t grow up in Nor Cal. Although dear gawd I hope you never tried to ghost ride your whip. Some words just don’t work on the opposite coast. N makes fun of me every time I call the highway “the freeway”. Thanks to the gazillion tolls, it’s rarely free. So whip out your E-Z-Pass because even though you might visit three states today, it’s gonna cost ya.

The Threads

Walk into nearly any bar south of Boston and expect to be swimming in a sea of button downs. In my experience, the further south you go, the more extreme this gets. I once went into a bar in Virginia and quickly left because the sheer quantity of tucked in oxford shirts exceeded my quota for the year. East coast guys spiff it up a bit more on a day to day basis. I’m generally a fan.

Other male observations:
-On any given night in New York City, there is an 83% chance you’ll meet an investment banker
-In Philly, the button downs are flannel and there is a 47% increase in the amount of hipsterness
-Every 50 miles you drive further south, the chance of a man tucking in his oxford increases by 8%

I guess it all comes down to personal preference. Because I’ve still got a little peace lovin, California hippie in me, there’s no winner! What’s right for you might not be right for me but in just one short day, I’ll be back in my hood, soaking up all the California I can.


Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Callie from First Comes Love. Callie and I go way back. And by way back I mean to the days when we both had 10 followers and different blog names. She is one of those people you just instinctively love. Which is why I’m going to share a story.
Once upon a time, Callie met a guy named Dave. For a while, she was so blissfully happy that blogging took a backseat. Meanwhile, her friend Nadine kept checking her blog every day, wondering where dear Callie had gone. Was she on a blogging break? Was she okay? Oh gosh, did something terrible happen?
So Nadine stalked her. And she stalked her hard core. I mean found out her last name, googled it, and prayed the results didn’t turn up some horrific accident. She emailed Callie to make sure she was okay and thankfully, Callie was. And that’s the story of just how creepy Nadine can be.
So Callie is marrying Dave (soon!) and you have to see their adorable engagement photos. Want a quick story on Callie came to be the darling girl she is today? Here’s her life story. And in case you love weddings as much as I do (and everyone else with a pinterest account), Callie will tell you what kind of bride she is. I’ll tell you what kind she is: the kind whose happiness glows right off your computer screen. Go visit her. Or give her some love on Bloglovin

  • I’ve only lived on the East Coast so I don’t have much to say on these observations…except that five guys…yeah. They made me sick even when I DID eat meat. My stomach would be furious if I try to eat there. Sadly I’ve never tried In N Out but I am curious!

  • This was so cute to read! 🙂 After spending an extended amount of time in California in the Spring I had to definitely laugh and nod my head at a couple of these things you shared! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    🙂 Rebecca

  • I still can’t decide where I belong! I am in the process of applying to new jobs and I go back and fourth between west coast and east coast…the two ends of the spectrum go figure 🙂

  • I wanted to go to college in California to get away from winter coldness, but I ended up staying in NY. I’m happy I stayed but I do sometimes wonder if I would be a totally different person if I went to school on the West Coast.

    I’m a vegetarian too so I guess I already have a little hippie in me…very little ha.

    Big Apple, Little Bites

  • Lol I was born in Phoenix, but raised in Ohio. My family is split in thirds. The west coasters, the mid-west/east coasters, and the southerners. I am a muddled, confused mess. I love it.

  • Great post! I’m an East Coast girl (currently) living in the Midwest and when I vacationed in California I felt like I was in a different country.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • I am such a cali girl it’s ridiculous! I love all those things about California and we even have five guys here now too!!! I haven’t been to in and out in years but I know I’m missing out so I plan on doing it soon. didn’t see snow until College and that is just fine as I’ll be okay if I never see it again. It’s just too cold.

  • You are so right about the South and button ups! 9 out of 10 guys I see down here sport a button up, deck shoes, and the southern swoop hairstyle. It makes me a little crazy!

  • love the east vs west post today! east coast girl all the way- although i’d like to see for a day what it would be like living out there! i bet its really really odd.

  • hahaha this gave me a good laugh! I am thinking west coast he casual, i can totally relate to Seth – I am from AZ and when it rains, girl you better believe I have no idea what to do so I stay inside! I do love the classy & peppiness of the east coast!


  • Even people here in Cali have asked if I’ve tried Five Guys and just can’t believe they’ve drunk the east coast kool-aid. There’s no comparison. I hear you on the weather, though. I’d never seen snow until I was 18 and went to NYC for the first time (I grew up in south Texas). After living in Chicago for 7 years, I’d had enough snow to last me a while so I moved to CA. The number one thing I complain about in the summers? No thunderstorms. I LOVE rain and thunderstorms and it blows my mind that I can’t have a little thunder and lightning on a warm August evening (but let’s be honest – I’m in SF, our August evenings are rarely warm).

  • Glad I found you! I moved from Huntington Beach to Charleston, SC 8 years ago. Can’t say that I’d rather live in Charleston than Huntington though! And you are soooo right. Five Guys is no In-n-Out. Ever. EVER.

  • A very good read!!! I have never been a Californian…but a mid western girl with alot of mid western tendencies hehe!!!

    I happen to love Five Guys burgers…I know I know, they are greasy…but I have never had an In-Out burger…sheesh I might need to venture on out there and try!

    xo Dinah @ Sunshine super glam

  • East coast is where it’s at! Well, actually more like the south for me. But–what I wouldn’t give to go out one night and not see every guy in the same. exact. outfit. Khaki shorts. Polo button down (tucked in). Croakies with sunglasses attached (it’s nighttime). Waaaaaah

  • I miss Cali like a fat kid ons diet. Wtf is 5 guys? In n out for life, yo! Are you from NorCal? We don’t say hella in SoCal 😉 And I do agree on the snow cause I didn’t see it until I moved to TN

  • my best friend lives in la. i love going out to visit her but i can’t imagine living there all the time. the traffic and high cost of living are enough to scare me away. BUT as soon as i get there, we go to in n out and i get a grilled cheese, fries and a shake. soooo gooooood.

  • Ok, ok. I don’t prefer either coast to Texas, lessbehonest, but have you tried Whataburger?? It’s the closest thing to In-n-out, which has grown on me, but their fries still need work. Frozen or not, they just aren’t that great.

  • I grew up in SoCal, but have lived in the Bay Area for 10 years, and I’ve never heard “hyphy” 😉 I do say hella on occasion though – I guess it kind of stuck! And 5 Guys? I finally tried them and was like, “Wtf is this??”

    I do love me some rain though. And those nonexistent storms. *Sigh*

  • This made me LOL!

  • I grew up in So Cal and now in North Carolina, so I can relate big time. I can’t say that I have ever used the term “Hyphy”, but I always put “the” in front of the freeway number and use the term “stoked” to describe my excitment! I kind of agree with you about the weather, I think my parents are snobs for complaining about 80 degree heat, but after living through hurricanes, tornadoes, and true heatwaves (thanks Texas), I can deal with sunny Christmases and earthquakes every once and a while.

  • this little california girl does not understand the east coast. at all. It gets too cold during the winter and humid sick-nasty during the summer. give me sunshine and hyphy any day of the week. Oh, and in-n-out grilled cheese sammies.

    and now I miss home.

  • I’m not sure if you will believe me when I say this…. but we have in n out burger in Dallas …….. and I’ve never been there before.

  • hahaha this is awesome. also Sarah is right ^^^ but its very very new and i don’t eat burgers/

  • Yeah…California will have a hard time ever leaving me that’s for sure..so I will probably never move away from it. Hella..yep..typical vocab word. And I’d be damned to ever give up IN N OUT!

  • i’m from boston and now live in LA, i vote east coast everything wins (especially food!!). but west coast weather wins. 🙂

  • I’m a SoCal girl too, and live in the South now. Nothing, NOTHING will ever compare to In N Out! Everyone should just stop trying. Everything about this post is SO SO accurate. I’m going home on Friday and I’m beyond excited to be home. Loved this. Great job.

  • This made me giggle.

  • haha love it, i especially loved your ref to Mac Dre- Nor Cal (East Bay) girl here ;)And ya we finally got a Five Guys like a year ago here and I still haven’t tried it.. But have In n Out like 1x a week!

  • I am from the midwest, so I am pretty neutral on a lot of these things. But In-n-out is a bajillion times better than Five Guys. Anybody who tells you different is all kinds of wrong. My family lived in Hawaii for awhile, and I really missed the Wisconsin snow and cold on Christmas!

  • I am a girl between two coasts. Born and raised midwest so we get the things from both coasts… but like two years later. I like to think the best of boths coasts settle in the midwest? Yes? I’ll just keep telling myself that.

    Oh and I also love you times a mil for the big ole obvious reason up there.

  • i grew up in vegas and visited california a lot. my best friend is from ohio. we have the freeway/highway debate too. plus the in-n-out vs 5 guys isnt even a contest. how is there anything better than in-n-out!

  • I’m a Jersey girl and my sisters lived in Cali for some years. I always wanted to move there.. It may or may not be bc of in n out burger!!!

  • I personally love the middle-southern east coast, but once you get as far south as me you run into the oxford shirts with bowties and croakies! It gets a little extreme sometimes. And I just had a client who moved here from CA rant to me about the superiority of in-n-out over 5 guys!

  • First, anything that involves the O.C., also known as the best show ever, makes me happy. Also, I love Five Guys but my sister is in California and had In-n-Out yesterday and apparently I need to hop a plane just for that delicious burger.

  • I hated Christmas in California. Just wasn’t the same!

  • LOL at One Direction! The animal fries at In-N-Out are worth their weight in GOLD, honey! Oh, and the men in Atlanta don’t wear button ups that often. At least, not the black men lol.

  • That eCard is great, I am actually watching re-runs right now of the OC and I love all of your comparisons! And even as a New Yorker I will admit – In and Out is better!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I was a California beach babe for a while. I beach cruised through Oceanside, CA with a flower in my hair and a fringe vest without a worry in the world. I miss it, but I like being back home in Texas.

  • I tried California living for little over a year while my husband was stationed out there with the military. Long story short, I was not impressed. After living on the east coast for all of my 20+ years of my life until then with weather (all kinds!), my friends, my family and basically my whole life- California did not impress me! I did indulge in In-n-Out a small handful of times but, how did I miss those cheese fries? love me some cheese fries!! And I have actually never been to Five Guys, there’s always something I enjoy to eat more than a burger which isn’t at the top of my food list anyways around their locations. The way the timing worked out I did actually end up out there for 2 Christmas seasons and you’re right, palm trees, sun, and rainy drizzle just does not say ‘Christmas is upon us’ to east coast gals. Weather…where the heck is the weather? Not that I’m a fan of extreme cold & snow(just being honest) but I am down for a good thunderstorm every now and then! Needless to say, I sure was glad when that enlistment was over and we could get the heck outta dodge and back to the east coast where we belonged, both of us came from Ohio! No plans to ever return to California except to visit at this point in my life…

  • Oh how I wish I could say something witty and relevant to this post but alas I have nothing since I and neither and east or west coast person…………oh hang on I have grown up on the east coast of Australia does that count………….no……….oh well………

  • I’m a little late to this party, I found this post from another blog. I’m a Philly/Jersey girl (south jersey, not to be confused with the dick biscuits on Jersey Shore and RHONJ) and I adored this post! I’ve spent a lot of time on the west coast, and you completely hit the nail on the head! Except, I do love me some Five Guys, but there is MUCH better. Have you tried Red Robin? Yummmmmmmmm!! All of my east coast friends who were Cali transplants for awhile moved back east. I guess that’s saying something!

  • I’ve always lived in the south! When I tried Five Guys though, I was like “wait, what? this is supposed to be amazing?” I mean, it was okay, but it wasn’t the end all of cheeseburgers by any means.

  • I haven’t been to either but I could deal with both of them, you’re lucky to have been able to experience both and LOVE the pic of Biggie and Tupac
    x Natalie


  • West Coast Insider

    People on the West Coast are thin and people on the East Coast are fat. The West Coast is wealthy and the East Coast is poor. The West Coast is smart and the East Coast is dumb. There are jobs on the West Coast and no jobs on the East Coast. The West Coast is pro Asian and the East Coast is not. Guys on the East Coast have small dicks and the guys on the West Coast have big dicks. The future of the United States is on the West Coast and there is no future on East Coast.

    • claire

      Actually, the West coast is dumb and the East coast is smart. Vermont is the smartest state in the U.S and all the other smart states are in the East. The West coast has some of the dumbest states. My state, Arizona, has the worst education in the country and it shows. Almost everyone at my high school is dumb and uneducated. They can’t tell time, can’t read at a high school level and don’t know many words that anyone else would know. I’m Romanian, and whenever I tell people that they say ” Oh, you’re Roman”? They think that I’m Roman even though Rome is a city in Italy and not a country, therefore nobody can have it as an ethnicity. They don’t even know what Romania is so they automatically think I’m Roman just because it sounds similar. They don’t even realize that Rome is a city and your ethnicity can’t be a city. Even if they don’t know what Romania is, everyone knows Rome isn’t a country so they should realize that no one can be Roman. But they don’t know, which shows how uneducated they are. I’ve heard this so many times and it gets really exhausting. So, no the West is dumber than the East. But, there all dumb people all over this country so it’s not really a coast thing. As for your other points, both coasts have money. And considering that so many people live in the east, and the president and everyone that runs the government live in the east, I’d say the future of the U.S is in the East. I’m not sure why penis size is relevant to anything, but I’m pretty sure people of all sizes live all over the country, not just a certain coast. I kind of agree with you on the jobs thing though, all my teachers are from Michigan and they came out to Arizona because they cant find jobs where they live. But there are jobs everywhere, so yeah, not really a coast thing . Overall, both coasts have good and bad things about them. You can’t say one is better than the other because it’s opinion, not fact. I’ve always wanted to live in the East and plan to move there when I get older and I think I would like it there better than the West coast. They have better education, snow and rain ( we get none in Phoenix so I always crave it ), lots of history and a lot of cities I would like to visit. But anywhere in the U.S can be a nice place to live, a whole coast isn’t good or bad and every city there is good or bad, it depends on where you live.

  • jenn

    loving this post! i’m an sf girl moving to boston in a few months so i’m trying to get an idea of what to expect =)

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