East Coast vs. West Coast

I left California by choice and enthusiastically. You can read more about why I left California but to put it in sorority girl terms, it just wasn’t a good fit. 

And yet every once and a while, the California girl in me sneaks up. I never see her coming until she’s mobbin down the street with the windows down blaring Mac Dre and then I’m like whoaaa slow down homegirl, you’re in the burbs. 
So even I, the wannabe quintessential east coast girl, has moments of missing California. Some things they just get right. And yet I’m not there. I’m not moving back and I won’t be. So let’s go head to head, shall we? 
Had to do it. East Coast vs. West Coast. The feud continues.
The Grub

I’ve been a vegetarian for a year an a half and in just three short days, I’ll be shoving my face with In-n-Out. Yes, it’s that good.

The classic east coast response to me gushing over In-n-Out has been, “have you tried 5 Guys?” Yes, I’ve tried 5 Guys and if you ever compare that grease nasty garbage to my beloved In-n-Out one more time, I’ll hold you down and make you listen to One Direction for a solid day.

The Weather

I like weather and I want variety. Okay, okay. I could see how some of you might disagree with me on this one. But just think about this: Imagine if that palm tree picture was what Christmas looked like? It feels all kinds of wrong, people. All kinds of wrong. On top of that, no thunderstorms. Anyone who has ever witnessed the awesomeness that is a crazy thunderstorm knows they aren’t to be missed.
True story: When I met my best girl friend from high school in 7th grade science class, she had never seen snow. Did I mention that this is all wrong? 
The Lingo

If you’ve never gone hyphy and dumb then you didn’t grow up in Nor Cal. Although dear gawd I hope you never tried to ghost ride your whip. Some words just don’t work on the opposite coast. N makes fun of me every time I call the highway “the freeway”. Thanks to the gazillion tolls, it’s rarely free. So whip out your E-Z-Pass because even though you might visit three states today, it’s gonna cost ya.

The Threads

Walk into nearly any bar south of Boston and expect to be swimming in a sea of button downs. In my experience, the further south you go, the more extreme this gets. I once went into a bar in Virginia and quickly left because the sheer quantity of tucked in oxford shirts exceeded my quota for the year. East coast guys spiff it up a bit more on a day to day basis. I’m generally a fan.

Other male observations:
-On any given night in New York City, there is an 83% chance you’ll meet an investment banker
-In Philly, the button downs are flannel and there is a 47% increase in the amount of hipsterness
-Every 50 miles you drive further south, the chance of a man tucking in his oxford increases by 8%

I guess it all comes down to personal preference. Because I’ve still got a little peace lovin, California hippie in me, there’s no winner! What’s right for you might not be right for me but in just one short day, I’ll be back in my hood, soaking up all the California I can.


Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Callie from First Comes Love. Callie and I go way back. And by way back I mean to the days when we both had 10 followers and different blog names. She is one of those people you just instinctively love. Which is why I’m going to share a story.
Once upon a time, Callie met a guy named Dave. For a while, she was so blissfully happy that blogging took a backseat. Meanwhile, her friend Nadine kept checking her blog every day, wondering where dear Callie had gone. Was she on a blogging break? Was she okay? Oh gosh, did something terrible happen?
So Nadine stalked her. And she stalked her hard core. I mean found out her last name, googled it, and prayed the results didn’t turn up some horrific accident. She emailed Callie to make sure she was okay and thankfully, Callie was. And that’s the story of just how creepy Nadine can be.
So Callie is marrying Dave (soon!) and you have to see their adorable engagement photos. Want a quick story on Callie came to be the darling girl she is today? Here’s her life story. And in case you love weddings as much as I do (and everyone else with a pinterest account), Callie will tell you what kind of bride she is. I’ll tell you what kind she is: the kind whose happiness glows right off your computer screen. Go visit her. Or give her some love on Bloglovin

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