East Coast Pros and Coat Room Woes

As this winter comes to an end, I have a bone to pick with you, my dear East Coast.

I love that I live in a house with exposed brick on the exterior AND interior.
I love the true existence of 4 seasons.
I love the history that surrounds me.
I love living so close to no less than 4 metropolitan areas.
And I even adore the snow.

But lets get real. Going out in the winter is no fun and I still haven’t figured it out. The whole having-to-wear-a-jacket-to-a-bar thing just confuses me. And I certainly don’t feel cute when I think I look like this:

(name that movie)

Then the big question…is there a coat room? And then again, does the coat room have an attendant? Or are you just leaving your jacket in hopes that no drunk girl decides to wear it home?

Being the frugal girl that I am, the thought of getting my jacket stolen (even one that I’m not in love with) makes me nervous enough that I’d sooner carry it around all night. And let’s be honest, that’s no fun. 

And it’s those times that I miss California, where even in the dead of winter it was 50 degrees and you could drink yourself a light coat and book it to the bar in a tank top. Needless to say, Netflix and Redbox got a lot more of my business this January than my local bar.

Is there a secret that you east coast ladies are withholding from this Cali girl? Or is it just something that everyone is used to and I’m the only one over-thinking it?
(wouldn’t be the first time)

For now, I’m going to embrace this beautiful spring weather and hope that before next winter, someone lets me in on the secret!


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