Don’t Give Me A Diamond

This week has once again been proof that your twenties are just the weirdest time. Sure, we might be checking the same age box, but the spectrum of maturity and life choices is all over the place. Some people are living in the past.

Others are opting to “grow up” and settle down. Overall there’s a lot of judgement going on in all directions. My Facebook news feed is a wasteland of ring photos and red cups. Scrolling through: Oh my gawd, she is engaged? Who would marry her? Or the alternative: why is she acting like she’s still in college? 

On Sunday afternoon, I found out that the first of my friends is having a child intentionally. Intentionally is really the key word there as I have a few who have happy accidents. Still, the idea that someone my age is choosing to have a child led me to a mental ping pong match where I went back and forth between feeling way behind in life and being thrilled with my current freedoms. Isn’t that the plight of the twenty-something?
After all, I can put my child in his crate and let him chill while I go to happy hour. Or put a cone on his head as punishment for bad behavior. Do that to your human child and see how fast CPS shows up at your house. 

So with that on my mind, I came across this article called Diamonds are Bullshit. As someone who maybe has more than a few diamond rings pinned on Pinterest, I couldn’t ignore it. 


In case you needed a preview. This is what I’d choose. 

If you’ve got a few minutes, I suggest you read it, as the article goes into why diamonds are coveted in America (I’ll give you a hint, it all went down Mad Men style) and how the prices are controlled. To go all Kanye on you: That ish cray. 
So obviously the next logical step is to go on a rant to your boyfriend and tell him that you don’t want a diamond and that he’ll have to think of something else. After all, Kate Middleton has a sapphire. Halle Berry has an emerald. You can be unconventional. You can be modern. You’re a vegetarian! You’re a liberal! You’re living in sin!
So I’ve come up with a list. The diamond alternative list. Here are some things that the beau could present to me with that I would 100% happily accept in lieu of a diamond:
        1. Archie’s new little sister. A golden girl named Anchor.
        2. A savings account with a jump start on a down payment on a small house.
        3. An epic vacation to Greece, Italy, and Croatia.
I just wrote this whole post and haven’t decided if I was kidding or not. The boyfriends best suggestion? A ring pop and his undying love. Deal!

  • A ring pop?! Haven’t had one of those in years…I could deal with that = )

  • OMG You just described my thoughts exactly on how I feel about the whole intentional babies at my age is. One of my best friends just got engaged and now she is talking about starting to have babies right after the wedding. I was in shock. Like I am not even ready for marriage and your thinking of babies. I thought am I just not matter enough but seeing as how I am not the only one feeling this way. I want to thank you for making feel less like I am too immature.

  • I read that article yesterday. Part of my thinks it’s complete BS. But the part of me that wants to work in advertising and PR totally gets it. Plus there was a DeBeers grandchild at my alma mater (I hate using that phrase). I don’t know why that has anything to do with my reaction at all, but it does somehow… Anyway, I’d totes be down for an alternative gemstone. My stepmom has a sapphire and emerald is my birthstone so that’d be pretty legit. I do know that I have my grandmother’s wedding ring she turned pinky ring after my grandfather died and I’d love to use that diamond in whatever my future hubby (wherever he may be) wants to get/design me.

    Also the rest of this blog is spot on. Intentionally is the difference. Two of my friends are trying right now and getting frustrated and I’m just like, “hold up. you still get to hang out with us whenever and selfishly spend your money” (even if they are just using it to pay off credit cards – that’s cool though).

    -Frances @ Keynotes

  • Haha my boyfriend always goes the ring pop route too! Silly boys. But I am right there with you on all of this!

  • I’ve said the same thing, buy me a cherry ring pop every day and I’m happy. I’d like to see someone’s real diamond that big. Plus, it’s in good taste – ha!

  • Yes on the ring pop! And my wedding ring is amethyst and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 Italy and Greece would be so much better than a diamond too! 😉

  • We have some friends who are geologists, and she’s said for years that she would be OFFENDED if he bought her a diamond ring because diamonds are the most boring gem ever and there are so many gems that are so much cooler and more vibrant than a diamond. With all that said, I do love my engagement ring. It’s not huge, and was affordable, and it’s vintage-y and gorgeous.

    As for everything else, I had to buy a baby shower gift for a planned baby about a month ago and I’m STILL not over how weird it made me feel. SO WEIRD.

  • We wear silver bands that have no jewels at all – and I love them. People put way too much emphasis on diamonds. Some people talk more about the ring and bridal gown than the actual man that they are going to marry!

  • my best friend couldn’t afford a ring so he gave his girl one of those heart rings that come out of the little 25cent gumball games and told her he’d replace it with a real one when he could. she wears it on her other ring finger now

  • Diamonds are absolute bullshit. That being said, I love mine. But mine is a beautiful little little thing from the 1890’s. We were set on not buying a new diamond. I’ve been thinking about sapphires for wedding bands 🙂

  • haha the boyfriend keeps ‘threatening’ me saying if he does every pop the question it will be with a ring pop.

  • That ring is gorgeous!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • being in your twenties + facebook is incredibly weird. i can’t help but get really judgy when people i went to highschool with post about jobs and especially engagements. it’s so weird!

    • I get judgy when I read about their jobs. Everyday I’m all “oh my god that dude could be teaching my kids one day” but I am even more judgy when they don’t provide their job information…I just assume they’re all strippers.

  • I just found out the first of my close friends is having a baby…intentionally. This idea terrifies me. But you are totally right, this stage of life is so awkward. On Facebook your friends range from the people trying to still be in college going out and playing beer pong every night…to the more conservative folks who are on their second child. Then there’s me, somewhere in the middle. 🙂

  • Haha! Love this post. I do have a diamond ring, because I really really wanted one. However, it was more important to me to have a quality diamond than a big diamond (I actually put a size limit on it). My fiance however, did insist that the diamond be conflict-free, which was more than okay with me.

    As far as babies go, most of my friends have already had babies (both intentionally and on “accident”), so at 26 I actually feel a little behind. I’m glad that I’ve waited until I’m ready financially and otherwise, though.

  • I love that you still haven’t decided if you would be totally OK with any of those things without the diamond 🙂 I would want any 1 (OK – all) of those things…and then the vacation would come and go…or the house would be bought…and then I feel like I would want a diamond too…haha. Anyway, one word on the whole kid/baby thing… DINK. It means Double Income No Kids…I think I’ll wait until my 30s 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  • Gosh you are funny…Facebook makes life so much more difficult for me! and being in our twenties is the wierdest thing ever. I am glad you agree with me!

  • there are really many, many other things. BUT i got a ring that has been passed down in my family for generations so i do see the value. but if it puts you in debt?! skip it, it’s not worth it.

  • Try being in your THIRTIES and not have kids, a ring, or boyfriend. My Facebook feed looks like a daycare. 🙂 Any my friends have been intentionally having kids for about 8 years now!

    I am the colorful fishie in a school of minnows! At least, that is what I (try to) believe.

    Oh, and I do not want a diamond that much, either. I want my birthstone, a GINORMOUS aquamarine, surrounded by tiny non-diamonds. You know, those earth-friendly things that are cool now.

    I really hope us non-traditionalists will break the diamond market in half, would that not be awesome?!

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

  • Hello Greece! I love your alternative ideas – and love the name Anchor. Oh the woes of a twenty-something!

  • I look at the same facebook posts and think the same thing…(even though I am one of the married ones. Ha!) One of my favorite posts are the ones that say, “So happy to be single..who needs a man! Just want to have fun!” And then the next day, “Why can everyone find the one and I am having so much trouble finding a good guy?” They are too hilarious to me to delete from my friends list haha.

  • This post cracked me up! So true, every time I read FB feed I am overwhelmed by people getting married, or now celebrating wedding anniversaries, or have more than one kid… why are you having another? Or you want a family!! Geez, Here I am single, still buying 3 dollar bottle of wines!


  • I love the part about your fb newsfeed. You have no idea how similar to mine that is. Oh, the joys of being twenty something. Last year was wedding year for all our friends, apparently. I’m sure the baby posts will start soon!

  • I kinda skimmed the article. But I don’t even care, I want me a damn diamond! 🙂 My mom had a sapphire ring and always wished for a diamond. Although she’s a bit more stuck-up and always checks to see if jewelry is real right in front of the person who gave it to her. RUDE. But still, I would LOVE a diamond ring. 🙂 I’m hoping soon….. 😉

  • Surprisingly, my husband was the one to pick out my engagement and band. To this day I just want a plain white gold band, something simple. But he’s proud to see me wear what he chose.

  • Diamons are BS. Buuut, I wanted one anyway so yeah. And yes, the intentional pregnancies! One of my BFFs from high school just announced her pregnancy last month and the rest of us are just like “wait, what?” We’re in our mid-twenties, so obviously it’s not uncalled for, but still. I just wrote a post (scheduled for next week) about “the in-between” where you aren’t a kid, but you don’t have kids. Am I supposed to connect more with teenagers or their parents? I’m confused.

  • Kay

    Hey doll! Found your blog via the blog hop and I just love it! Follow me via GFC and I’ll follow you, doll. <3

  • I have to read that article, but still want the ring. The one you posted would do just fine lol so pretty!

  • (I am totally joking about this) I would love to see a parent put a cone on a human kid and put them in a crate…LOL could you just imagine!

    Diamonds are so overrated. I love my wedding rings do not get me wrong but if I had a do over I would choose something entirely different!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  • So my Facebook news feed is definitely similar… although right now it is just a TON of baby pics from all my friends who recently had kids or wedding pics from the people who just got married. I feel like life in your 20s revolves around bridal showers, bachelortette parties, weddings and baby showers… maybe once we hit our 30s it will slow down (my bank account could sure use a break!)… As for the ring thing, after 6 years I finally got mine and the fiance picked it out all on his own and it looks exactly like the pic you posted… and my wedding band also is going to look just like the pic you posted. You’ve got good taste girl 😉 And even after reading that article… I am still in love with my diamond and the fact that the fiance picked out the ring all by himself without any input from me makes it all the more special.

  • ok you already know how i feel about diamonds these days… but that cone on archie?? I’m ALL over that one!

  • Jeweler Shawish Geneva created the world’s first ‘true’ jewellers london diamond ring by cutting it from a single 150-carat diamond. Worth about $70-Million, this one of a kind ring is set to debut on 12/12/12 and will to rule them all…!

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