Dog Lover in my DNA

Last weekend was the last weekend that I’m no ones Mom.
Even if he is a puppy, he’ll rely on me, just like a child.

These past few weeks I’ve really thought about how I became the dog lover that I am.
I once read that 30% of households have dogs.
But what takes a person from just having a dog around, 
to a true dog lover?

For me, it all started with Chelsea.

See that sweet little black poodle, all curled up right next to me?
(Yes, that’s me)
She was the first dog who ever loved me.
And vice versa.
Cagney is also pictured. She was a doll.
But it was Chelsea who truly took me as her own.

If age is any indication of how well a dog has been taken care of, 
then our dog were treated like queens.
Both of these ladies lived to be about 15.
EDIT: Official edit via Mom “Nadine, Cagney lived to be 16 and a half. You gotta fix that”

Alright, my brother was definitely cuter than me.
Let’s move on.

My mom and step-dad married and we inherited
Jane and Austen.
(Get it?)

Here’s Jane.

Some dogs are just meant to have kids of their own.
Jane took to us like white on rice.
She let us dress her up, put makeup on her, and she even learned to smile.

Unfortunately, Austen was taken from us far too soon.
And with that, the balance of power had shifted.
Two little dogs and only one big dog?
No, that just doesn’t work. 
So along came Emma.

Mee-Moo was half Black Lab, half Husky.
She was a runner and a total fur-ball.
And for years and years we had those four.
When Chelsea and Cagney left us, my mom had no little dog for about a year.
She missed her little ones, dearly.

And then one day, at a 99 cent store parking lot we got a $65 dog out of a box.
That’s Bella.
AKA Boo-lita, Belly-Bean, Bella Mia.

But she too, needed a friend.
So along came Pim.

When Jane left us, Emma needed a buddy.
I left for college and my family replaced me with  another blonde, Juliet:

Who thinks she’s a human.

And Jules really showed us that Goldens are the very best.
So tomorrow, when we pick up this guy:

Olive boy! By tomorrow night, he will be our Archie.
I’ll know exactly why my heart has been empty without
a fur-ball for so long.

Special thanks to my parents for making me this way.
You guys rock.

  • Such cute dogs, all of them! But that sweet little puppy face is adorable!!!

    Can’t wait to see him more on the Blog!

  • Agh I love this post so much! And all of your dogs! I can’t believe only 30% of homes have dogs! I LOVE my dog and have always been in a house with a dog and cannot imagine not having one! Can’t wait to see more pictures of your puppy!!

  • aww. Total dog person here, also.

  • Such a cutie pie!! I bet you are so excited. Don’t listen to what people tell you about not getting any sleep. Ours was only fussy the first night and then he was fine. Enjoy the first weekend!!

  • Oh that sweet puppy face. I just want to kiss his nose. Congratulations!! 🙂

  • I love this; congratulations on your new addition. Dogs enhance our lives tremendously. You have so much fun and love in your future!


  • I’m so excited for you that you finally get to bring your baby home!!! I can’t wait to see all the pictures and hear your new puppy mom stories 🙂 Congratulations!!

  • I love this! We always had dogs growing up too. Good luck with your new baby, he’s a cutie!

  • Aww! Pets are the best. They don’t talk back and are cuddly.

  • I love love love dogs. I’ve had dogs as long as I can remember, but I’m pretty sure it’s much more common in Spain. Actually, most people here have dogs, instead of cats. I don’t know why that is, but… we’re dog lovers, mainly.

    Your little guy is SO BEAUTIFUL!

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!! All those pictures make me think of all the dogs that I have had in my life and now thanks to you I want to go out and buy me 8274382 puppies lol

    I am looking for guest bloggers next week {especially doggie lovers!} and I would love to have you AND your new pup guest post one day next week! Maybe trials of a newborn lol Let me know what you think!!

    You can email me at

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