Dear Nav,

We met in the most taboo way possible. I really hate telling people that we met at work. It doesn’t sound romantic (oh, but it was).

Remember the hours we used to spend on gchat, skirting around the fact that we liked each other? Pretending to be just friends? So 7th grade of us. It was like AIM all over again *sigh*.

You were an onion. Lots of layers. I asked you a million questions about you and I think you were surprised because no one had really tried that hard before. You had always been on the shy side.

Once we finally admitted it to ourselves, we kept it super classy. Not. Mostly we made out inappropriately in public. But how fun was that? So fun. 

And somewhere after that, we fell in love. And we’ve kept on being in love ever since. Now we live together, have our first fur-child, and really, I can’t imagine one second of my future without you.

Nav, you are the very best person I know. I don’t tell you enough how incredibly lucky I feel that you chose me. Thank you, for being my better half. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

I love you, bubs.


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