Absolutely nothing. The book I was reading I just couldn’t get into. I need a recommendation. HELP!


N, obviously. He’s the official parallel parker of our household and every time he parks my car for me, I laugh a little at our modern, urban romance. Because really, is there anything more romantic that a guy who searches the city for a parking spot? I think not.

Our first selfie in Philadelphia
Our first selfie in Philadelphia


To the song “Rhapsody in Blue”. I heard it on the United Airlines commercial and knew I’d heard it before but I haven’t figured out where. I’ve read that it is supposed to be about New York and I just know that it was in something I’ve seen – a movie, perhaps? Anyway, I love it.


About whether I’m going to like Interstellar when we see it today. I’ve heard it actually has a lot of quantum physics and can be very sciency and hard to understand and follow the story because of this. I’m no dummy but I’m a little worried it will go over my head.


N with my brunch menu yesterday. I took challah bread and dipped it in hollandaise sauce and cooked it like I’d made french toast. Then I put a fried egg on top and added some shredded cheese. It’s a knock off of my favorite item from our local brunch spot but I thought I’d give it a try myself. Big round of applause for me because it was heaven.



For some blog inspiration. I’m struggling right now. I feel like I have nothing else to say. My inspiration definitely comes in spurts so I’m trying to wait it out instead of just throwing in the towel.


A tunic, leggings, and boots! My fall and winter go-to. I bought the tunic through Groopdealz. I’d never bought anything from them but I’m very impressed with the quality and service.


Someone to invent some type of device that will help the parents of golden retrievers. Our house is covered. Absolutely covered. We bought a Dyson and while it works, it’s so full of dog hair so fast that it can’t do it’s job. The top of our duvet looks like we shaved Archie and left it there. And my love of black clothing is becoming love/hate, as I’m constantly rolling myself to try to look mildly presentable. It’s worth it for this though…

Could he look more cozy in "his bed"? i.e. our bed
Could he look more cozy in “his bed”? i.e. our bed


To get on my game with cooking at home. The ease of ordering takeout in the city has seduced us and has led to much higher food budgets and hardly any home cooking. But seriously, 369 places will deliver to our house via Grubhub. 369! There’s so much to try!


That on Tuesday I went for a 1.5 mile jog and was so sore the next day, I could barely walk. I also couldn’t tell anyone why I was limping because the fact that 1.5 miles of running could make me that sore is pathetic.



Good. Really good. I’m really happy with where my life is. I feel happy and ridiculously lucky.


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