Our Cozy 3rd Floor Walk Up – Home Tour

Isn’t cozy just the kindest way to say teeny tiny? It is, it really is. But I swear, our new place is the coziest place I’ve ever lived. It’s also the smallest.

There are nice things, like the updated kitchen and bathroom, hardwood floors, and oversized windows. And there are quirks, like the second staircase which I’m fairly certain is going to collapse one day, the bedroom doorknob that doesn’t turn, and the sketchy fire escape that we are supposed to throw out the window and climb down in a fire (Yeah, from the 3rd floor. Um no.).

But here it is, our place.

KitchenCoffee NookLiving Room - Couch and IslandBonzai TreePictures on WindowBookshelf and PlantLiving Room - BookcaseStylized Bookshelf

I’m no interior designer. I’m nostalgic to a fault, a book hoarder, and (to quote N) I like trinkets. But the good news is, it may not be perfect but it feels like home.

  • LOVING the space! Downsizing probably next felt soo good! I’m a trinket hoarder myself 😉

  • By NYC standards, that kitchen is amazing!! Enjoy city life- you don’t need too much space when the entire city is your playground!

    • I totally agree with this one LOL
      Lovely space though! It looks so warm and lived-in already.

      -E @ amie-eo.blogspot.com

  • Nice Exploding TARDIS print 😉 Please tell me you’re watching this season!? I curious to know your thoughts on everything. Without spoiling last week’s episode, let’s just say it got me right in the feels. 😛

  • Mary-Keith Piasecki

    I LOVE your bookshelves! Your place looks so cozy. but not small. Just welcoming!

  • It’s darling!

  • Love it! What a cute space!

  • I love it! I especially love your book shelf/rack thing. and the white curtains are cute too!

  • JC

    That is tiny? your kitchen is double the size of mine at least! if not triple. However our living room is definitely bigger. I would trade it for a few more full sized cabinets. At least you made it yours. It looks good!

  • Awww, so glad to finally see the place! I think it looks adorable! 🙂

  • Haha I’ll start calling my apartment “cozy” it’s 550 square feet! But you’ve convinced me that I need some plants – and a bookshelf!!

  • You have the most beautiful kitchen! I have a similarly “cozy” apartment, and I would give anything for a kitchen like yours. I have to admit, I’m coveting your dishwasher.

    I love the way you’ve decorated! It seems so light and airy, and even though you like trinkets, it doesn’t seem cluttered at all.

  • LOVE IT. It’s perfect! Cozy is sometimes the best. 🙂

  • It really does look home-y and cute! I hope you’ll enjoy living there to the fullest 🙂


  • I am so jealous! I miss my Philly days, and the cozy feeling of very close walls. I remember when I moved to a row house in South Philly, and we had the whole house, I felt like I was living in a mansion. Enjoy city life, especially Philly life 🙂

  • So cute! I live in Chicago, I totally get making due with what space you can afford in cities!

  • Cute and cozy! I like it!

  • I love the space! I think you’ve utilized it so efficiently and I’m head over heels for your bookshelves!

  • It’s gorgeous!

  • I love it! Your kitchen is so clean. I’m jealous.

  • It’s adorable! And I think you did a great job at decorating!

  • Space often we don’t feel like we have enough of it, I am forever hearing that we don’t have enough room in the house

  • Nadine!!! I love what you did with the place – it looks so homey and lovely. Happy that you guys are enjoying city living 🙂

  • Kelley

    Thanks for showing this! My husband and I are building a house and will be mounting our tv above the fireplace. I don’t want the satellite box or anything else on the mantel so he ran the wires to come out at the bottom of the wall to the right of where the tv will be. I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of shelf unit we can get to put the boxes on that won’t look weird in the corner. I really like the shelf unit you’ve got. Is it one of the ladder type shelves and where did you get it?

  • LOL! I feel like usually “Cozy” is just another word for small, but in this case it’s totally the perfect word to use! Your new place really is so adorable and welcoming – I bet you will make lots of awesome memories there 🙂

  • Tina

    Pretty! Looks good so far. I also have hard copy books and trinkets in my small apt. It’s the little things, right?

  • Cuuuuuuuuute. It’s certainly “cozy”, but you’ve done a great job decorating. Plus small spaces are SO much easier to keep clean!

  • Tiny but adorable. Definitely looks cozy!

  • Super cute! And your kitchen looks fantastic! Ours hasn’t been updated in a while, so there’s definitely wonky things like certain outlets not working and the faucet sometimes being a bit touchy and absolutely no storage. 😛 Also: love all your books! In my mind, a house isn’t a home until there’s lots of books around.

  • Very cute! I love the anchor magazine rack by the door that holds your yoga mat and the map picture on the wall!

  • Super cute! I love small and cozy places. Maybe it’s because I grew up near Chicago and have lived in a million apartments since graduating college. Idk. I also love buildings have have their own quirks… even if they make you fear for your life. But I love them! And I think you’ve used the space you have well – it looks awesome!

  • It is adorable, so so cute!

  • Your home is very cozy and inviting — too cute!

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