Confessions & a Makeover

This week I moved, didn’t have internet for two full days, and found out that I’m having minor surgery on Monday. The knocked out kind. Not excited about that. 

And because all this stress sure has brought out the best in me, I confess…

That I screamed at the Comcast customer support person and then used the metaphor “if you hired a babysitter to watch your children and then you came home and the babysitter was gone, would you pay her? No! And you would be pissed!” Evidently the internet is my child. I’m not good with not having internet for two days. Not. Good.

I’m kind of in love with the backyard of our new apartment. I’ll be reporting directly to Home Depot to get some adirondack chairs today. They’ll go great with the stemless wine glasses I just bought.

As I typed this, Archie just burped out loud and it was so disgusting that I totally lost my train of thought. Just in case you thought he was always adorable, so not the case. 

I forgot to move the coffee creamer from the old house to the new and I could seriously have a melt down at any moment. That would only by my 5th of the week. I’m on a roll, people.

With half my clothes still in boxes, I couldn’t find anything to wear this morning so I’m rockin some cutoff denim shorts like I’m 17 again. 

My idea of packing and N’s idea of packing are wildly different, which made moving interesting. Men.

I’m hosting a giveaway over at Sophistifunk. There have been some strong opinions in blog land about giveaways recently and here are mine: I like them on occasion but let’s not get too crazy with them. Mmkay? So head over here to enter to win a $15 gift card to Forever 21 from yours truly!

And lastly, new home, new blog design! How do you like the new look? Laura from Sophie and Rory did it and I’m completely in love. Check her out if you are looking for a new design for your blog. She is incredibly talented, super patient, and I loved working with her.

Lastly, I’m long overdue to introduce you to Bri from Back to Bliss.

Bri is one of my very favorite people in blog world and has been a true friend to me. Bri is a runner and her posts regularly inspire me to get out there and at least give it a try. Need some inspiration? Check out this recent post about Bri’s journey from a former fat kid (her words, not mine!) to a fit and healthy mama. She even recently threw out her scale!

Bri also has some grand summer plans, the cutest baby (with a totally normal name), and great taste. So head over and check out Back to Bliss or follow Bri on Bloglovin!

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